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PostSubject: EXECUTION 2011   Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:29 pm

There's a knock on the door.

Come in...

The crowd boos as they see John Laurinaitis walk in the Chairman's office.

I should've known...So, you've come for a job, huh?

Striker chuckles as Laurinaitis closes the door behind him and sits on the chair in front of Striker.

Well let me tell you...You're one crappy talent relations operating officer...And I have no room for that...Everybody hates you...why the hell should I hire you?

Striker, in a rush, cuts off Laurinaitis just as the latter tries to speak.

Look all I have is a spot as Backstage Announcer, take it or leave it.

Laurinaitis ponders for a moment then shakes his head and clears his throat.

Surely you've got something better for me Mr. Striker... Maybe the Director of Talent Relations?

Laurinaitis continues to talk in his unusually husky voice that sounds like he smoked over ten thousand packs of cigarettes in his youth.

People don't hate me, they just don't understand what it takes to be a high-ranking official like myself. I guarantee that if they were in the same position as me, they would have failed miserably. I mean, I managed to renegotiate with Rey Mysterio in WWE! Sure, I let all those other guys like Shelton Benjamin, Chris Masters and Vladimir Koslov slip through my fingers, but they didn't have IT! And I know what IT is because I'm a former competitor myself... Trust me when I say this... I had IT.

Laurinaitis adjusts his suit jacket and tie then smiles like the fucking asshole that he is.

I'm sure you understand that I'm much more qualified for a higher ranking job... Not some backstage interviewer! You do a very good job by the way. I've watched MWA since it's inception and I was very impressed! Did you do the booking? I must say that you have a very genius intellect and-

Striker cuts Laurinaitis off by raising his hand. There is a feeling of relief in the air, as Lauranaitis has stopped making that God-awful sound he calls a voice.

Backstage announcer. Take it. Or leave it.

Laurinaitis is shocked, but he lets out a sigh then nods.

Alright I'll take it...

Laurinaitis extends his hand, but Matt Striker doesn't shake it. He quickly puts his hand back in his pocket.

Look Mr. Striker, with all due respect, I think you can give e something better. I know you do a very good job and-

Striker slams his fist down on the desk and points to the door.

Get the fuck out.

Laurinaitis quickly makes for door as Striker laughs. The scene fades.

The fireworks cue and the cameras pan around the arena, showing the full capacity crowd with some customized signs and MWA Wrestler T-Shirts. The cameras then focus on Jim Ross and JBL.

Jim Ross: Good evening everyone, we are coming to you live on Pay-Per-View, from Northamptonshire, England, MWA Execution night! I am good ol'JR, Jim Ross, alongside John "Bradshaw" Layfield!

JBL: And let's just hope those nasty riots don't reach us here, tonight!

JBL chuckles... The commentators are cut short by a frenzied crowd as the scene fades in live to the backstage area. Where we see CM Punk, his back to the camera, wearing his ring attire and his trademark shirt. He's standing in front of a vending machine with his championship around his waist. Punk places a couple of coins and presses a couple of buttons. A cling sound is heard as he reaches for his Pepsi can. Punk opens the can, while turning around to face the camera. CM Punk takes a sip, he then chuckles.

I wrestled around the world, won titles, earned gold and built a legacy. I've been called the best wrestler of my generation and the best in history. However, it all caves in comparison to the sweet taste of cold Pepsi.

CM Punk drinks some more.

I've seen it all and I've done it all. I've reached the top of my career, there's no where else to go from there. All I'm doing now is maintaining my position at the top of the mountain. It's lonely here at the top, though, everyone else is barely six feet off the ground.

CM Punk motions his hand through his hair.

Tonight should be fun, going against the self-acclaimed best in the world at what he does. It's been a decade since you've been the best, Chris, it's been a decade since I've took that from you. Now I don't know what makes you think you'll ever become a champion again; you've ran your own company and have only been overshadowed by ever other wrestler in that very same company. And now, you think you'll be able to legitimately restore your old glory? Stevie Richards has a better chance of becoming the Legend's Champion once more. In fact, by the way that Striker is running this place, I won't be surprised if he does.

The crowd laughs. Punk takes another sip of his beverage and then proceeds.

Then we have the walking circus, Sheamus. Don't let this sober Irishman fool you, he's a heavy alcoholic.

Punk places his left hand over his mouth, while gasping. Faking surprise of what he just stated. The crowd laughs some more. Punk lowers his hand and continues to speak.

It's disgusting: drowning your sorrows and failures with a bottle of cheep alcohol. You think that'll change a think? You're only making yourself less of a man. You're losing the only shred of manliness you have left and becoming more of a bearded lady. I feel nauseated having to look at you, let alone having to step into the ring with you. I planned on knocking you into a coma last week, but rumors have it that you're still walking. However, if you do manage to sober up and find the ring, you won't be as lucky.

Punk takes one more long sip, before throwing the Pepsi can out of camera sight.

The likes of you disgust me. Instead of cleaning your messes up, you think you can drink them away or smoke a cigarette and it will all be better by tomorrow. You let down your friends and family, now I know you don't have those but think of your little man friend. He deserves a little sweet talk before you ask him to bend over. Find a new lifestyle, Oscar Wilde, you're not the only talent-less human out there.

Punk sighs.

I hope this isn't Striker's idea of a joke, hiring a stereotypical Irishman and a stereotypical blackman. I just tripped on a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken on my way here. And for a "Coach" he can't recognize nor manage talent.

Punk takes off his WWE Championship and places it on his shoulder.

But tonight, Jericho, I want you to forget about the drunk bearded Irish lady, ignore the watermelon throwing contests, oversee the gun-slinging commentators and try to focus on yourself losing your place on top of the world.

Punk walks out of camera view as the scene fades out and we go back to ringside!

Rory McAllister comes out of the backstage area to the cheers of the fans. Robbie McAllister comes out right behind him. They stand on the top of the stage and give out a strong Scottish yell as the fans go wild.

Jim Ross: What was that?

JBL:Are you white...Blue or bloody re--Oh, you said something, JR?

Jim Ross: What was this!?

The McAllisters make their way down the ramp, wearing their kilts.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way down the ramp, accompanied by Robbie McAllister, from Oban, Scotland... RORY McALLISTER!

They both reach the bottom of the ramp and slide into the ring. Robbie raises Rory's hand and shouts some unclear words, as the crowd cheers.

Randy Orton comes out as the arena is filled with boos. Robbie McAllister leaves the ring, while Orton is making his way down he ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missour, weighting in two hundred and fourty five pounds... The Viper, RANDY ORTON!

Rory starts mocking Orton. The latter sprints the distance left to the ring and slides to the ring. He immediately gets up and is chest to chest with McAllister. Instead of stepping back, McAllister psyches Orton causing the crowd to cheer louder.

Jim Ross: Never seen before courage while going against the Viper.

JBL: For a righteous person, you sure lie a lot.

The referee splits the two off and asks for the bell to ring. The match is underway. Orton walks closer to Rory, the latter quickly spits in his opponent's face. Really pissed, Orton wipes the spit off of his face and charges at McAllister. Rory dodges and puts out his knee for a knee to the gut followed by right jab. McAllister then bends over Orton by holding his head down with the left hand and hits him with a right elbow to the back, followed by another. Orton falls on his chest. McAllister steps on Orton's back before running to the ropes. Orton pushes himself up, as Rory hits the rebound and eats a slap to the chest, knocking him to the mat. He immediately gets up and gets hit by a clothesline.

Jim Ross: The viper is finally in the ring!


McAllister gets up quickly once more, this time he receives a few punches from Orton until his back is to the corner. Randy Orton Irish Whips him to the opposite corner and McAllister hits it chest first. He bounces back, BACKBREAKER!


Rory doesn't fall, but immediately bounces on his feet and leans chest first on the ropes. Orton starts taunting for an RKO.

JBL: Finally, this match is ending and we can get the pay per-view started.

Rory turns around and hits Orton with a Big Boot to the face! Pin!


Jim Ross: Rory McAllister looks awfully familiar.

JBL: You've been watching too much porn, JR.

Rory gets up and climbs the top rope. He takes too long and Orton is already on his. Rory leaps once he notices Orton, DOUBLE AXE HANDLE TO THE CHEST!

JBL: He's so drunk, he can't aim!

Jim Ross: That's Irish, he's Scottish!

JBL: You are a racist, JR.

Orton falls on his back, pin!


Both wrestlers immediately get to their feet and are chest to chest. Rory grabs Orton's head quickly, HEADBUTT! ORTON IS OUT COLD! The referee starts counting.


Jim Ross: This might end in a count out.


Robbie tosses a bottle of water to Rory and cheers him on.


Rory drinks a little of water and then squirts the rest on his beard before handing it back to Robbie.


Rory is talking to his Robbie, while Orton is getting up behind him. Rory turns around, SCOOP SLAM! Orton starts slamming the mat, taunting for an RKO. Rory gets up, RKO! NO, RORY DOESN'T BUDGE! Orton falls on his ass. McAllister grabs Orton's head and places it under his kilt.

JBL: Yep, definitely porn.

Rory lets go of Orton. The viper turns around, wiping his face. McAllister grabs him in an inverted headlock. He lifts him up, slingshots him off the ropes, INVERTED SUPLEX! Pin!


Jim Ross: I can't believe Orton lost.

JBL: We are entering the Age of McAllister!

Rory McAllister is dancing in the ring, quickly joined by Robbie. They lock arms and start kicking the air. After a while they both stop and spit on the face of a dead viper. They then pick him up, lock him up in a double inverted headlock. SCOT DROP! They roll out of opposite side of the ring and meet at the bottom of the ramp, laughing their asses off. They make their way up the ring while singing with the crowd: "NA NA NA NA... NA NA NA NA... HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE". We go to the backstage interview area. Todd Grisham is standing by with none other than Single H. The crowd immediately boo as they see SH.

Ladies and Gentlemen, standing with me at this time - Single H. Now H, you have been booked in the main event tonight to face Raven for the MWA Championship, this is your first ever PPV main event, are you at all nervous?

Single H takes the mic and looks at the camera.

No John, I'm not nervous. This may be my first ever main event title match live on PPV, but I have confidence. Last week on Saturday Nightmare, Raven managed to get the win against me and become the MWA champion. I'm not going to stand here and say it was a fluke or anything, he won. But that was last week, my mind was too consumed with the EWE Tag Team Championships which I plan on getting back still. For now though, I am going to concentrate fully on the match in hand and become, not only your EWE Tag Team Champion, but your MWA World Champion too.

Well speaking of the EWE Tag Team Championships, Chris Jericho is reported to be in the building tonight with those very titles!

I don't want to hear about Chris Jericho, John. I've already proved to him, already proved to the world that I am better than he is. He may have stole my championships, but I know that I'm going to get them back, one way or another. Next week on Nightmare, Chris, The Highlight Reel is once again booked... And I am once again your guest. Now I'm not sure if you're a man of your word, but you said you would hand me those titles personally.

SH laughs.

Ah who am I kidding, if you don't I'm sure I could just put you through another table or something! Enough about Jericho, I want to talk about Raven, my opponent tonight. I know that Raven is probably going to do some promo later on tonight that nobody understands, a load of complete bullshit about stars alligning and the moon turning blood red. He's going to quote old poems and shit, we've heard it all before. What Raven needs to do is get his head out of his own anus and just compete dammit! Take off the damn make up, tidy your damn hair and get some fashion sense man! You don't see me walking down to the ring in a kilt!

H puts his leg on a table and points at the tights he is wearing.

You see these, these are what a real champion would wear, that's textiles at their best. These boots, only the best! What do you have? Oh that's right, the same stinkin' pair of boots you had back in the ECW days.

He takes his leg back off the table.

Raven, if you're the champion, the person that is currently representing this company, you need to stop looking like a damn hobo and get your act together. Quote the Single H, Nevermore.

Now H, if I could just get your opinion on Jack Jones, who was going to be a part of this match before he was taken out for reasons we cannot speak of live on PPV.

Well it's a sad day aint it? Tough luck. Jones didn't deserve to be in this match anyway, he lost in the tournament, just like Jericho did. I am the only number one contender for that belt and after tonight, I'll tell ya, it's gonna be me representing this company. So finally, for all the people that have tried to hold me down, noteably Chris Jericho, look at me now. I'm going to win that belt tonight and stick it to the man.

Thank you for your time, Single H


The crowd goes wild!

As the countdown reaches 2, the fireworks cue and the lights show the stage area, where Chris Jericho, dressed in orange and purple tights and vest, and holding both the EWE Tag Team Championship title belts on each shoulder, does his trademark taunt before spinning around and starting to make his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is a Triple Threat Match and it is for the W...W...E...CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The crowd cheers. Jericho walks up the steel steps...

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in 226 pounds!!!...Y2J...CHRIS...JERICHO!!!

Jericho does his taunt on the apron before entering the ring, bouncing on the ropes. Y2J walks in and asks for a microphone as his theme music dies down. He looks out at the crowd with a smirk as he waits for the jam-packed arena to calm down so he can say his words.

First of all I'd like to thank you all for comi--Oh wait this isn't my show anymore...Scratch that. The crowd laughs. Seriously now. I'm really interested, why am I wrestling for a title that...Isn't even an MWA title?...I mean, for that I have these two little beauties here...

Jericho turns to each sides and kisses his championship title belts. Then smiles as the crowd cheers.

I seriously don't, get it. One, I don't need that title belt, second, I don't want that title belt to get in the way between me and the MWA World Championship title belt, and most of all, I can't be assed with fighting Martin Luther King and Ronald McDonald to get that fucking title belt.

The crowd laughs.

But hey, I was put in the match, I did my homework, and actually, I've worked my ass off this week. Actually I can show you, if my Jerichoholics want to see it, that is.

The crowd cheers...

Alright, alright. Roll the footage!


The camera starts rolling, it shows Chris Jericho in a Gym facility. Y2J is wearing a hoodie, like a total asshole, and looking at the camera with a smile.

Hey Jerichoholics out there, I'm here at none other than...You guessed it, the new GloboGym Facility Center in none other than London, England.

An applause is heard from the Gym's PA System.

And you're probably wondering, what the hell is your Savior doing here in the GloboGym Facility Center? Well I figured... If the Big O takes his 'roids here, and Jack Jones works here as well, then this place is about to go bankrupt, so why not giving a little help, with a spice of Chris Jericho?

White Goodman shows up behind Jericho and gives him a pat on the back.

You made the right choice, champ! Goodman looks at the camera, pointing. Do you want to be a champion too? Call 1-800-555-GloboGym now and receive a 7 day free trial, for only 69,99!

Jericho shrugs...
We go back to ringside...

Okay you can fast forward now!


We see the highlights of Jericho sparring with none other than the MWA Training Facility's first trainee, Jack Jones. We see Jones lunging a Spinning Backfist, and Jericho dodging it by ducking down. Jones turns around and gets nailed with an Enzuigiri to the head. Goodman shows up in front of the camera, just "passing by"...

Facial reconstruction for only 1,900 dollars! That's pretty cheap, 1-800-GloboGym!

He winks at the camera and we go back to the sparring highlights. We see a Lionsault, a Liontamer, a Barry White Driver, and Jericho, looking exhausted after probably over an hour of in-ring action, hitting a Piledriver on Jack Jones, leaving him grounded. EMTs assist Jones as Y2J leaves the ring, to be met up with the one and only White Goodman.

You know, Chris...Liposuction is only 500,99 dollars!

He winks at Jericho, right before getting punched in the middle of the eyes.
We go back to ringside.

That's just us, joking around!...I'M NOT FAT, DAMN IT! The crowd laughs. Trust me, that guy is more full of shit than John Laurinaitis. Nice detail about John Laurinaitis actually...He's gone from being a top rated EVT of Talent Relations in this "Supposed-To-Be" huge Entertainment company, to being a starting promotion's backstage interviewer!...It's rickoculous, really...It's also sad really. I mean he went from letting people like Chris Masters, Batista and me slip out of that damn place with his lack of negotiating talent, onto being Josh Matthews' little bitch!

The crowd laughs. Jericho does an impersonation of John Laurinaitis.

"I'm John Laurinaitis, and these impersonations are overdone already. It's not even funny anymore! I am being mistrea--" JUST SHUT...THE HELL...UP!!!


But enough about assholes and assclowns, let's move on to a different class, let's move on to the first class fagbag!

Jericho points at the Titantron with his hand, which shows a picture of Single H wearing only jeans.

The typical guy, that you google him, and all you find out makes you feel like you're a gay man watching porn. The crowd laughs! I'm serious! I'm serious! All you find are pics like this!

The crowd laughs!

And this!

The crowd laughs loudly!!!

Who the fuck do you think you are? Britney Spears?

The crowd laughs even louder!

Aww don't look at me like that man...Don't forget I have "your" tag titles here.

The crowd's laughter seems like it's blowing the roof off of the arena!

Oh come the fuck on, you're not going to start pouting are you?...This ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is a first class fagbag. He's the kind of guy that, no matter how he wants you to think of him, he just wants to show off...Like good ol'Jordan Lane. Who is Jordan Lane, you ask? Well he's been known as many things, especially before he dyed his hair black and became a Brandon Lee ripoff... The fans now realize he is talking about Blackout. Ginger Ninja...Mr. GAY...Whoah calm down, lil'fags, I'm not insulting you, GAY stands for Gingers Around You Community! The crowd laughs again. The Sadistic Artist...Because he painted Slenderman on a wall. The Crow v5 and Sting v2...Seriously...I don't even--Jericho can't hold his laughter as he chuckles, and the crowd laughs with him. I mean the guy just never could keep his little tight ripped sweatshirt on, could he? He's a first class fagbag!

Jericho pauses...

Well before this match gets underway...I would like to bring out Mel Gibson's two cousins...One of them won a match earlier, hooray! The crowd laughs. Boys and Girls, here are the Highlanders, Robbie and Rory McAllister!

Some bullshit Scottish music plays over the PA system as The Highlanders step out onto the ramp and grab eachother's beards like two fagbags. They laugh like retards then headbutt eachother, strolling down the ramp and screaming to the fans. Both men slide under the bottom rope at the same time and get to their feet as their music dies down. Both men grab mics.


They grab eachother's beards again as Jericho looks on, laughing.


Robbie pushes Rory as the crowd cheer wildly.


Robbie slaps Rory on the chest.


Rory slaps Robbie in across the face, hard. Both men continue to scream at eachother. Jericho is doubling over with laughter now.


Robbie punches Rory in the face.


Jericho levels both men with a double spear! The crowd go crazy as Jericho swiftly removes both of The Highlanders from the ring by booting them under the bottom rope! Both men roll around on the concrete floor, clutching their stomachs as a couple of referees get them to their feet and help them to the back. Jericho stands in the ring, smiling as we fade backstage. The cameras start shooting right on Chris Masters' face...The Masterpiece stares right into the camera before starting to speak...

Last week, I impressed you...Didn't I? Well lemme tell you, that was nothing!

Masters grins...

Just like Caesar in Roman history...Christopher Masters came...Christopher Masters saw...And Christopher Masters conquered. I came, I saw and I conquered, getting one step closer to the coveted Legends championship...which isn't much, really...It's a step above from all I.."conquered" back in the 'E, which was absolutely nothing, but compared to what you all will see me conquer here, it's less than a small portion. LESS...than a small portion of what you will all see of me. You see...Masters chuckles. I'm much, much more than all talk...much much more than what you know or think...But what you do know and what you have seen, is that in front of a camera I speak soft, but when that bell rings, he snickers, shit hits the fan.

Some fans can be heard laughing.

Follow me, will you?

The camera follows Chris Masters as he starts walking.

What you're about to see, is what I mean when I joke about shit hitting the fan... He chuckles and sighs...we're going to visit this old friend o'mine, and have a little talk with him about our match last week. He lost...tonight he was in a Loser Leaves Town match too...with...Masters chuckles loudly. Rory, freakin' McAllister of the Hightowners or something like that...and the funny part is, he, a former like, what...15x World Champion or somewhat...Lost. and he's gone, he's probably packing his bags right now, we'll be lucky to catch him, I really just wanna say my goodbyes...

Masters opens Randy Orton's locker room door to find Orton showered and dressed up to leave.

Look, here he is!

Masters walks fast towards Orton, and Big Boots him in the face!!! The crowd gives a loud but mixed and shocked reaction. Masters just smiles at the camera like he doesn't care as he folds up a steel chair and waits for Randy Orton to get up, then busts him open with a swing, smashing the steel chair across his head, denting it big time. He chuckles before unfolding it and setting it up again, albeit it's completely dented, he sits down on it, and looks down at the Viper.

The Legend Killer, the Viper!...Well I'm a legend in the making Randy...why don't you stand a chance against me?...because you're a hollow-hearted, untrustworthy, treacherous, liar. Masters pauses...that's what you've always been. You played with my career like you had power over me back in the WWE, didn't you...well now it's my turn to end yours. You see, Orton, we were all friends, we used to hang out together until you turned your back on me. I'm only seeking for vengeance here...Seems like I got it, now. you're in the palm of my hands, but I'm not going to toy with you, I don't have time for bullshit, got your ass handed to you by Rory McAllister, yet you look to be looking forward to what comes next...while you should be hanging your head in shame. Say...How did that Masterlock feel last week? Masters chuckles once again, then takes a deep breath while pausing. This is a fresh start for me, it was a fresh start for you too, but you fucked up, and now your career is going to go down and down...But I don't really care. At first I thought the finals were going to be just you and me, one on one finally, but then I opened my eyes, and you're not even worth it.

Masters snickers as he stands up.

I'm not going to waste my time with you, Randall. Good luck.

He lets out a short laugh as he leaves the room, pushing the camera away.

Christian walks out onto the stage as the crowd cheers. He struts over to one end of the stage and looks at the crowd smiling. He beats his chest and walks to the center of the stage and heads down the ramp. On the way Christian walks to the right side of the ramp, he begins to high five fans as some slap him on the back. He walks to the left to the ramp and does the same. Christian gets to the ring and slides in. Christian goes on top of the turnbuckle. He stands with his arms at his side while the crowd cheers for him. Christian beats his chest with his right arm then puts his hand above his brow as he looks at the crowd. Christian jumps down and does the same at the opposite end. Christian reaches over the ring ropes as a crew member hands him a microphone. He stands in the center of the ring as his music stops. The crowd continues to cheer Christian as he stands there smiling.

Alright, alright, alright. I appreciate the love and support from you guys but it's time to get down to business. Due to time constraints last week, which was the week of my debut. I was not allowed to come out here in front of you guys to say hello. But if you will all bare with me...

Christian walks over to one of the turnbuckles and stands on it's first rope.

It is great to be back! Not only to be back in the ring. But to be back in front of my peeps over here in England!

The crowd cheers as Christian steps down from the turnbuckle.

When I returned last week I'd like to consider it a job well done. I was thrown into the Legends title tournament, and I survived until the next round, which is tonight! Though I survived, that's not good enough for me. That's not good enough for you, my peeps! You deserve more then to see me just skate by, I owe it to myself to do more then that. So tonight...

Christian pauses dramatically as the crowd stays silent.

...Tonight...At MWA's first pay per view, Execution! I swear that not only will I go on to the next round. But I will see to it that I am the one who pins one of my opponents and sends their ass packing!

The crowd cheers as Christian chuckles.

Not only will I be the one that makes the pin, but I will steal the show. I will put on such a great performance tonight for all of you, that you will forget about the main event, leaving you thinking, Raven who?

The thing I love about fatal four ways, is the choice I have. The choice of who I am personally going to take out of this tournament. I could take out the lord of the dork-os himself, The Miz.

Christian stops as the crowd gives their reaction towards The Miz's name.

Okay Miz, I get it, you're awesome. Really? Shut up I get it. I could go for The Miz but that would be too easy it would be like suplexing a toddler. I could go for the big man on campus himself Triple H.

The crowd cheers for Triple H as Christian waits to continue.

I don't even have to worry about Triple H, he's just going to blow out his knee again as soon as he goes after somebody. But don't worry folks he has his billions of dollars and a wife so ugly I wouldn't tap that with a fifty yard stick. That just leaves the lord of the roids himself.

Christian looks into the camera.

Yeah...I suggest you put down the needle wherever you are out back because I'm talking to you Masters.

Christian pauses as the crowd reacts to the final name.

You may think you are a big man right now, well figuratively 'cause literally you're huge. You may think you're the next best thing, you may be some modern day Adonis that only Michelangelo could have sculpted himself. Michelangelo was a famous sculptor from the Renaissance era Italy known for creating the statue of David. In case you are wondering that was a little explanation because I know your brains are just like mashed rice.

Christian laughs as he leans on the ropes next to him.

I'd call you down here and say this stuff to your face Masters, but I'm too afraid that you would have a heart attack on the way down because of the jacked roid monkey you are.

Christian heads towards the ropes to exit the ring.

Well kids the moral of the story is, don't do drugs or you'll end up a freak like Chris Masters.

Christian climbs out of the ring and continues talking.

Well that's it for me as of right now. Remember, like I said. I will be the one making the pin tonight. Now if you'll excuse me I need to use the bathroom, where I can actually see my penis due to not having shrinkage unlike Chris Masters.

Christian drops the mic as his music hits and the crowd cheers. He stands on the stage, turns around towards the ring. He beats his chest one more time then heads to the back.

Jim Ross: Guess he doesn't know his match is next...

JBL: You know that asshat, he's just joking around.

The crowd laughs wildly! Captain Charisma walks outside on stage making his second appearance for Modern Wrestling Association tonight. He slaps his chest, kisses his fingers and points at the crowd, his "peeps". He starts walking down the ramp as the bell rings.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for One Fall! It is another stage of the Legends Championship tournament!...Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in 227 Pounds...CAPTAIN CHARISMA...CHRISTIAN!!!

Christian rolls into the ring. He gets on his feet and does his signature taunt again.

The crowd cheers even louder now!! The green spotlights shine around the arena before focusing on the stage area. Triple H is seen as the crowd pops. He starts walking down the ramp now.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in 255 Pounds...THE GAME...TRIPLE...H!!!

Triple H walks up the steel steps, then paces onto the apron where he sprites his water onto the air, doing his trademark taunt, then onto the camera, before entering the ring and walking towards the corner, which turnbuckles he climbs to do another of his signature taunts. Lights go back to normal as he handshakes Christian in the middle of the ring.

The cheers turn into boos. The Miz walks out. Looking determined as he starts making his way down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And their opponent, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in 232 Pounds...THE...MIZ!!!

Miz reaches the end of the ramp and that's where he stays, waiting for the other opponent, so he's not outnumbered, little did he know, Chris Masters rushed behind him, AND HE LOCKS IN THE MASTERLOCK!!! The bell rings! Triple H rolls out as Christian just stands there laughing loudly at Miz.

Jim Ross: Well that was unexpected...And seems like Triple H himself wants a little revenge on Masters after he stole his victory!

JBL: Chris Masters did not steal anybody's victory. Orton tapped first, discussion finished.

Jim Ross: Well it's tough luck for Orton either way, he lost to..Rory McAllister.

Triple H knees The Miz in the gut, making Masters release the hold, Double Underhook, PEDIGREE!!!

JBL: That's how you start a match!

Masters and Triple H trade a long hard staredown. Masters smirks as Triple H doesn't even move a muscle, out of nowhere comes Christian with a Suicide Dive! Taking both of the other standing competitors to the ground! The crowd cheers as Christian stands up and taunts, while holding his upper body. He picks up The Miz, and shoves him right against the steel steps! He turns around and starts going on a stomping spree on both of the bigger-sized opponents, Triple H and Chris Masters, before picking the latter up and rolling him into the ring, then himself for the pin!

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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PostSubject: Re: EXECUTION 2011   Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:30 pm

1...2...Masters kicks out with ease.

He starts getting up as Christian rolls again out of the ring and shoves a knelt Triple H now into the ring. The Miz is still out as Christian goes and picks up the steel steps beneath him, then pushes them under the lower rope, into the ring.

Jim Ross: And not to forget, this is a Fatal 4-Way Match, meaning there are no disqualifications or countouts!

Christian rolls himself back into the ring only to get hit with a High Knee by Triple H! Who follows the momentum by hitting the ropes and now Clotheslining Chris Masters, who doesn't take nearly as long as Triple H wishes he did to get up, but the King of Kings pulls off another Clothesline, grounding him again, but now not releasing the short-arm, bringing him to the ground and delivering a flurry of punches within a Headlock. Triple H gets up and taunts. He turns around only to find himself face-to-face with Christian, who does not attack and neither does the Game. Instead, they both look at Masters as he gets up, and lunge at him with a Double Clothesline, MASTERS DUCKS UNDER! THEY TURN AROUND AND MASTERS HITS A DOUBLE DDT ON BOTH OF THEM!!! THE CROWD LETS OUT A LARGE "OH!!!"

JBL: Holy shit! That was amazing!

Jim Ross: Chris Masters said and said well, nobody's ever seen what he really has to show! But we're witnessing it right now!

Chris Masters taunts but the crowd boos him, yet he doesn't seem like he cares. He picks up the heavy steel steps with ease as he waits for Triple H to stand up, turning his back on Christian. The Game stands and gets nailed with a steel steps shot to the face! Yet Christian Chop Blocks the Masterpiece from behind, making him fall flat on his back with the steel steps on his face! Pin!


Jim Ross: I thought The Miz was forgotten about already.

Christian is attacked with forearms by The Miz, who ends up DDTing him to the mat! Following with a cover.


The Miz punches the mat as he gets up and targets the now-bleeding Triple H with a flurry of stomps. Making Triple H end up rolling out of the ring, he then turns to Christian, who is getting up and Irish Whips him to the corner...He goes for the Corner Clothesline, NO! Christian gets out of the way...PENDULUM KICK!!! The Miz is stunned...he walks over the other side of the ring, holding his face as Christian taunts him, kneeling on one knee...Miz turns around...CHRISTIAN RUNS...SPEAR!!! COVER!!!


The Game hits a short-arm Clothesline to Christian before getting himself back into the ring.

Jim Ross: And the Game is back in the equation.

JBL: And going for the pin might be enough...

He pins The Miz, taking his time due to the blood loss, though.

1...2...Chris Masters breaks the count!

Both Masters and Triple H are bleeding from either the nose or the brow now...their faces are almost covered in blood. They get up slowly and start trading slow punches...

Jim Ross: These two intend to leave it all in the ring tonight!

JBL: Wait a friggin' second...

Jim Ross: What's this?!

The tired wrestlers, HHH and Masters just lean back into different corners, shocked, while staring at the stage area...From the crowd comes none other than the Whole Fuckin' Show! Rob Van Dam comes from behind the announcers' tables, passes in between them and lunges himself onto a corner... THE CROWD IS GOING INSANE!!!


JBL: Shut up... I'm pretty sure he likes saying his own name enough, don't encourage hi--

DOUBLE CROSSBODY ON TRIPLE H AND CHRIS MASTERS AS THEY TURN AROUND! Christian, leaning against the security barrier, smiles at Van Dam, who points at him friendly... Captain Charisma reaches under the apron, getting a steel chair, which he throws at Van Dam, who in his own terms throws at The Miz who was getting to his feet, he holds the chair...VAN DAMINATOR!!! He does his signature taunt as The Miz starts bleeding, then leaves the ring. Christian rolls himself into the ring and pins The Miz!


The crowd cheers loudly as Christian looks at RVD, who, walking backwards up the ramp, smirks, before turning around and leaving.

JBL: What the hell just happened in there!?

Christian taunts as the bell rings.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner, eliminating The Miz...CHRISTIAN!!!

He does his trademark taunt as we fade backstage.

"Written In My Face" blasts over the PA System as the crowd erupt into a chorus of boos. Sheamus steps out onto the ramp with a mic in his hand and oddly enough, without Finlay at his side.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a Triple Threat match, and it is for the WWE Championship! Introducing first... From Dublin, Irela-

Sheamus cuts Roberts off abruptly as the crowd jeer him.

That's enough outta you, fella! I've got somethin' important to say before I defeat Chris Jericho and CM Punk for the WWE Championship! Now ya' may notice that my manager and friend, Dave Finlay isn't at me side tonight... That's because on Nightmare last week, some young Punk by the name o' Curt Hawkins decided to attack both myself and Dave after my match! Ol' Finlay is a tough fella, but that attack left him with a concussion and he's watching from a bed in the hospital... So I'll be dedicatin' my victory tonight to Finlay, and when he gets back, we're gonna turn this company upside down! Curt Hawkins, I hope you're watching... Because when I walk outta here tonight as the WWE Champion... I'll be hell bent on gettin' revenge on you! Face it! ya' don't stand a chance against The Celtic Warr-

'Dirty Walls' blares out of the PA System as Curt Hawkins steps out onto the ramp dressed in a 'HAWKINS' t-shirt, some denim jeans, white sneakers and a pair of stylish shades. The young superstar grins cockily and raises a microphone he's holding in his right hand. The crowd don't know how to react and only a small number of people in attendnce decide to cheer or boo.

That's it? That's all I get? You should all be ashamed of yourselves for giving ME such a poor reaction! What's the matter? Forgotten me already? Typical. I see it in all your faces, you slack jawed yokels have no idea who I am, do you? As always, you so called 'wrestling fans' find new ways to disgust me. Any true fan of this business would know who I was the moment I started walking down that damn ramp! If this is how it's gonna be, let me jog your memory. I'm Curt Hawkins, sound familiar?

The crowd boo Curt wildly as Sheamus laughs out loud and shakes his head.

Curt Hawkins, I'm surprised you actually decided to show your face, fella. This reaction you're getting is pathetic... You were a nobody in WWE and yer' a nobody here! Well this is good, because now not only do I get to win the WWE Championship... I get to smack that stupid smirk right off your face!

Sheamus starts to walk towards Curt, but Hawkins raises his hands motioning for Sheamus to stop.

Whoah whoah whoah! Hold up there, Gingy! Gee, you're an aggressive one, aren't you? Lemme explain something to you... I'm a former WWE Tag Team Champion... Former WWE 'Superstar'... I like that term, 'Superstar'... Truth is, that title couldn't be more appropriate! People complain about it, right? "Oh, they're wrestlers, not superstars!"

Curt laughs it off as Sheamus raises an eyebrow.

Well guess what? I'M BOTH! In one hand I've got my raw wrestling ability that made me one of the most underutilized and underrated talents in that joke of a company, WWE... And in the other hand I have my looks, natural charisma and style that made me the most talked about free agent on the independent circuit... But no longer! I've just been signed to a contract by Matt Striker himself! MWA couldn't help but snatch me up, the offer was too good to pass on! But as usual, these people are too damn stupid to realize when something good is in front of them! ...The crowd boo Hawkins heavily... Just like you're too stupid to realize when you're in the presence of greatness, Sheamus! What's the matter? Did I smack you in the head a little too hard last week? I get it, you're jealous right? You all look at me and realize that you'll never have these looks... You'll never have my skillset! You may be a former WWE Champion, but you can't hold a candle to the things I can do!

Curt looks pissed off as Sheamus laughs.

Underutilized? Underrated? Fella, your career is what you make it! Up to this point, you've made nothin' of your career! Y'know whose fault that is? ...Sheamus shoves a finger into Hawkins chest... It's all your fault! So don't go blamin' the company, the fans or the other wrestlers for your own misfortune! It's pathetic! Ya' wanna make an impact, fella? How about ya' do it right now! ow abot ya' go toe to toe with The Celtic Warrior and see who comes out on top? I'm not knocked unconscious this time!

The crowd cheer for Sheamus as he throws the challenge out to Hawkins. Curt rubs his beard for a moment and removes his shades as Sheamus throws his mic to the floor, urging for Hawkins to make a move.

Alright! I get it! You want revenge for what I did last week, right? Well, if we do meet in that ring, it's going to be on MY terms, not yours. How about you just go down to that ring and compete in your match?

The crowd boo wildly as Hawkins walks back up the ramp. Sheamus shakes his head then starts to walk back down to the ring. The crowd boo wildly as Hawkins comes sprinting back down the ramp towards the unaware Sheamus!

Jim Ross: OH!

Hawkins levels Sheamus with his mic from behind! The Celtic Warrior drops to the floor as Hawkins begins to furiously stomp on his head and upper body! Hawkins grabs Sheamus by the hair and pulls him to his feet, but Sheamus fights back! Both men are slugging it out on the ramp as the crowd go crazy! Sheamus, the bigger man, gains control and grabs Curt by the hair, throwing him to the floor just below the ring apron. Curt crawls to the steel steps as Sheamus backs up... BROGUE KICK! NO! Sheamus kicks the steel steps as Curt dives out of the way! Curt quickly springs into action, grabbing Sheamus' head... SPINNING HANGMAN'S FACEBUSTER! Sheamus' head bounces off the concrete as Curt scrambles to his feet and starts to walk backwards up the ramp. The crowd boo wildly as Hawkins walks to the back in silence. EMT's rush down the ramp and sheck on Sheamus as we fade to commercial.


Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome our guest ring announcer...SIR SEAN...CONNERY!!!

Sean Connery gets one of the biggest reactions ever heard in a wrestling show, by far, as he approaches the ring from his seat near the announcers' tables. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring with a smile.

Sean Connery: Thank you, I appreshiate the warm resheption. It'sh great to be here.

The crowd cheers! "Straight Out Of Line" blasts the Public Announcement system as the lights dim, the countdown reaches "Y2J" as Y2J himself does his signature taunt.

JBL: Looks like he's brought some new music with him!

Jericho taunts and starts making his way down the ramp with a smirk.

Sean Connery: Introdushing firsht, the challenger, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada...Weighing in two hundred and twenty shix poundsh!...Y2J...CHRISH...JERICHO!!!

Jericho walks up the steel steps and then on the apron, where he fakes an entrance to the ring, and spins around bouncing on the ropes, doing his signature taunt. He then smiles and enters the ring, then grabs the ropes and shakes it up and down...

The crowd cheers as loud as before. CM Punk walks out with a smile and his customized WWE championship title belt around his waist. Jericho mouths the words "Nice belt" as the camera focuses on him. Then back to Punk as he starts walking down the ramp with his arms open.

Sean Connery: On hish way to the ring, from Chicago, Illinoish...Weighing in two hundred and twenty two poundsh!...SHIE...M...PUNK!!!

Punk walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. Then stares Jericho in the eye before unstrapping his championship title and raising it in the air, in front of Jericho.

Sean Connery: Ladiesh and Gentlemen Shheamush ish unable to compete, sho thish match ish now scheduled to be a Shinglesh Match.

The crowd cheers as the bell rings. Sean Connery and Justin Roberts both leave the ring as referee Jimmy Korderas enters. Jericho and CM Punk trade words before locking up. They do, quickly enough, CM Punk Irish Whips Jericho towards the ropes, Y2J bounces back and is lunged at with a Clothesline, Jericho quickly gets back up and counters another Clothesline with a Standing Armbar followed by a Hip Toss! Both wrestlers get up at the same time and another Hip Toss! Once again they stand up and Chris Jericho levels CM Punk with an Enzuigiri! The crowd cheers.

Jim Ross: That is classic Chris Jericho right there.

JBL: I took some of those myself in my time and I'll tell ya', they're no pleasantry to take.

Jericho gets CM Punk to his feet and slaps him with a chop across the chest, Punk walks backwards towards the corner, and another chop, and yet another chop. Irish Whip towards the other corner. Jericho runs and gets booted to the face! Punk meets Y2J in the center of the ring, running, and Shoulder Blocks him to the mat, he runs back to bounce off the ropes as Chris Jericho gets back up but the latter pulls down the top rope, making the WWE Champion stumble off the ring... Jericho wipes his hands on one another as if he'd just finished his dirty work.

Jim Ross: And right out of the ring goes Punk!

Jericho rolls out of the ring and grabs Punk, pretends to be throwing him into the ring then turns around and tosses him over the security barrier onto the crowd! The referee's count is at 2 but Jericho rolls in and out of the ring, restarting the count. He leaves the ring again--

JBL: Is Jericho thinking of wrestling in the middle of the--well he is.

1...Jericho grabs Punk and starts throwing repeated punches. 2...Jericho continues the assault. 3...Punk manages to push Y2J away, but holds on to his face, losing attention and getting kicked in the gut by Lionheart. 4...Jericho does his signature taunt as the fans nearby cheer loudly! He grabs Punk and tosses him back over the security barrier. 5...

Jim Ross: Jericho is ruthless tonight!

6...Jericho rolls Punk inside the ring and climbs onto the apron then on the top turnbuckle... Jericho taunts as he waits for Punk to get up... THE STRAIGHT EDGE MESSIAH WITH AN ELBOW TO THE GUT! Jericho is groggy as he's hit with a bunch of punches from CM Punk to the face. Punk climbs on the top turnbuckle and gets a double underhook in!


Jim Ross: He's going for the Pepsi Plunge!



THE CROWD CHEERS WILDLY! A "This is Awesome!" chant is heard! Jericho is starting to bleed from a likely broken nose. CM Punk just lies back on the mat as the referee starts counting them out.

JBL: If this ends right here, CM Punk will retain his championship...

1...2...3...4...Both wrestlers start getting to their feet. 5...6...Jericho falls back down as CM Punk stands and leans back in a corner. Jericho holds on to his face as he kneels and holds himself up with the other hand, Punk drops down! ANACONDA VISE!!! ANACONDA VISE!!! JERICHO PUNCHES PUNK IN THE FACE REPEATEDLY, FORCING THE RELEASE. Jericho rolls out of the ring and Punks hold on to his face which is now bleeding.


Jim Ross: They should stop thi--


Punk gets up and holds himself against the top rope as Jericho starts to stand...PUNK SPRINGBOARDS...SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE TO THE OUTSI--CODEBREAKER!!!



THE CROWD IS GOING INSANE!!! Jericho barely manages to stand up, he pulls up Punk by the hair and rolls him into the ring...Cover!



Jericho turns around and sits up, he chuckles and passes his hand on his face, wiping the blood from his eyes, as Punk stretches away at the ropes to get up... Jericho grins at the fans, they know he's up to no good! Y2J lies down as Punk turns around to see Jericho "trying to get up", Punk steps out on the apron, still stunned as hell, and gets ready to springbo--SPEAR!!! JERICHO SPEARS PUNK RIGHT OUT OF THE RING AND ONTO CONCRETE!!!

Jim Ross: BAH GAWD!!!


The referee has no choice but to stop the match! The bell rings!

Sean Connery: Ladiesh and Gentleman, the match has ended in shtoppage...Yet shtill the WWE Champion!...SHIE...M...PUNK!!!

Punk and Jericho are immediately assisted by EMTs as we cut. The promo for next months PPV ends and the scene opens up on John Laurinaitis standing with microphone in hand in the interview area when Raven walks on screen with the MWA belt draped across his shoulder. A faint chant of 'ECW' is heard from the crowd.

MWA Heavyweight Champion, Raven, would you mi..

Raven grabs the microphone out of John's hand and gives him a cold, hard stare until he leaves

Jake Hale. Single H. The underestimated underachiever. Hale, I've seen your interview with John Laurinaitus. I watched and listened as you spoke of Chris Jericho and the tag team titles. As you spoke of Jones' tough luck. And I watched and I listened as you spoke of the Modern Wrestling Association and how you are the pretty face that this company NEEDS to respresent it. That is the kind of narcissistic thinking that could get one hurt around here.

Raven takes a deep breath.

To quote a buddy of mine by the name of Corey Taylor, 'Now I'm not pretty and I'm not cool, but I'm fat and I'm ugly and proud, so fuck you!' Underestimated, underachieving, might as well add underserving and unable. Unable to take away what rightfully belongs me. And undeserving of this oppotunity. Hale, I beat you for this gold, remember?

He looks at his championship title belt.

Not only did I beat you, but I broke your will. I made you submit. I made you tell the stripped monkey that you cannot beat me. I made you show the fans in attendence and at home alike that I am every bit better than you.

Raven looks back at the camera.

You see Jake, I heard you regurgitate your words. How this company needs a pretty face to put on posters. How it takes youth and charisma to be a great champion. It is exactly that kind of prima donna, narcissistic thinking that proves to everyone just how ignorant you are.

He pauses...

You see Jake, my ugliness is my beauty. My ugliness is the reason why I am MWA Heavyweight champion now and why I will be champion for years to come. The Raven's Reign shall be a long and prosperous one. And that is something that not even the great Matt Striker can derail. But all of this falls into the background. The focal point is tonight, Jake. You see, tonight I prove once again that you are not deserving. You are not deserving of my presence let alone a shot at my title...Now Jake, I know you have seen the card of Execution. I know what you have read. I know Matt believes what he scheduled is to be, but you have to understand that I have something a little more meniacal. A little more menacing. A little more riotous and rampageous--I shall walk you through a chaotic nightmare that you will never be able to awaken from. I shall drag you down to your own personal hell where escape will only be an illusion that your imagination might allow yourself, if only I'd quit returning you to reality. Legal, illegal, immoral even, but the fact of the matter is that you have stepped foot into my domain. You have now become my property and I shall do with you what I damn well wish.

Raven chuckles for a split second.

Once again I shall leave you in the middle of that ring a little more less of a man. A little more bruised. A little more broken. And most certainly, a lot more beaten, Jake Hale, and I would like to bid you a very special welcome. Welcome to Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun. Where you can count yourself lucky if you manage to make it out with your life still intact to your soul...Quoth the Raven, MWA Heavyweight Champion...FOREVERMORE.

Raven walks away from the camera as the crowd erupts and the cameras cut to ringside where the fans are awaiting the match.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our main event!

JBL: And look! Sean Connery is guest announcing again!

Sean Connery steps into the ring with a mic like a boss.

Sean Connery: Ladiesh and Gentlemen. The following contesht is scheduled for one fall and it ish a Clockwork Orange Housh of Fun Cage Match! Introdushing firsht... From the Boweriesh of Shhort Hillsh, New Jershey... Weighing in at two-hundred and forty five poundsh... He ish the MWA Heavyweight Champion!... THISH ISH RAVEN!

"Angry Chair" blares over the PA System as the crowd erupt into cheers. Raven steps out onto the ramp with his belt slung over his shoulder and non-nonchalantly walks to the ring, stepping into the cage. He walks to the sides and runs his hands along the cold metal, smiling subtly.

Sean Connery: And the challenger... From Washington D.Shie... Weighing in at two-hundred and thirty two poundsh... SHINGLE H!

Single H steps out onto the ramp to a hugely negative reaction, but he grins and laughs about it. As he walks to the ring, he stares down at Raven in the cage, smiling the whole time. H steps into the ring and immediately walks up to Raven shoving him. The bell rings! The match starts with both men walking towards each other, meeting up in the middle of the ring. They grapple up, but Raven quickly breaks it up with a knee to the stomach. He then irish whips him into the ropes. H bounces back, to a bent over Raven, and lands a kick to his face. Raven is stood straight up from the impact, and spins around 180 degrees, giving H the perfect opportunity for a backslide pin.


Jim Ross: That really could've been a short lived title reign!

JBL: That would've fucking sucked! What kind of a champion loses to a backshlide pin?

Jim Ross: Why are you impersonating Sean Connery!?

JBL: Because he's fucking epic and I want Justin Roberts replaced with him. Now!

Jim Ross: Well Sir Sean stressed himself that this would be only a one time thing...


H goes for a Clothesline but Raven ducks. H turns around, and eats a Clothesline from Raven! But he gets right back up to his feet, and Dropkicks Raven into the ropes, where he stays. H sees this as an opportunity and runs right at him. But Raven ducks down, and lifts H up over him, slamming him head first into the cage! Single H falls back down to the mat, and feels his forehead, which now has a small cut on it. Raven walks over to him, and helps him to his feet, holding him by his head and pants. He then spins, and throws him head first into the cage again! H falls to the mat, holding his forehead once again.

Jim Ross: We knew this one would be bloody, but who'd of thought it was going to happen this fast!

JBL: Well there's barbed wire and weapons all over the place! That little cut isn't enough, I want more!

Raven drops down, as if going for the pin, but then has second thoughts and gets back up to his feet. He walks across the ring, and grabs a chair that is hanging from the cage. But he doesn't go back towards H with it, he instead goes to the turnbuckle, and wedges it between the top and middle rope. Meanwhile Single H has already stumbled up to his feet. He walks over to Raven, who sees him at the last moment and lands a knee to his gut. He then grabs him up again and goes for the Irish Whip. But H stops him, and avoids any potential danger. He instead Irish Whips Raven into the corner on the opposite side of where the chair is. He follows up with a running elbow in the corner, and then a Bulldog near the center of the ring. He taunts as the fans boo.

Jim Ross: He's only wasting his own time here, taunting like that!

JBL: What are you talking about? He's getting under his skin! And all the fans' here too!

Raven starts to push himself up, but at the same time Single H bounces off the ropes, and comes back, hitting a Dropkick straight to his head! Raven is laid out on his back, and it seems as though H has the match under control. But instead of going for the cover, he goes to the side of the ring, and picks up a chair that was laying there. He walks over to Raven with it, but doesn't strike him with it. He has an entirely different malicious intent on his mind. He holds Raven's leg in one hand, and the chair in the other, a smirk develops on his face.

Jim Ross: Wait a second, whats he thinking here?

JBL: It looks to me like he's trying to put this thing to an end right here. Do it!

He wraps the chair around Raven's ankle, no, Raven fights his way out of harm! He kicks at H until he releases his hold, and then kicks the chair straight into his face! Single H falls hard on the mat, and the chair lands beside him. His small cut has now become a large open wound with blood flowing out of it. Raven gets to his feet, and then helps H up to his. He tries to Irish Whip him, but H counters, and whips him into the corner with the chair. He then takes off and runs for him, Spear in the corner! No, Raven moves, and H goes head first into the wedged chair! Raven rolls him up!


Jim Ross: Brutal counter! I thought it was over right there!

JBL: JR, do you see those tables in the ring? I do NOT, want this thing to end, until each and every one of those is broken in HALF!

Raven turns to H, who is pushing himself to his feet. Raven grabs H by the hair and hauls him upright, before lifting him and planting him with a Scoop Slam. H sits up voluntarily, clutching his back and groaning. Raven charges toward the ropes and comes running back, attempting a Lariat, but H rolls out of the way. Raven scrambles to his feet as H gets to his as well. The two rush forward and lock up again, shoving one another back a pace or two, but no more. Raven drops to a knee and flips Single H over with a Fireman's Carry. Single H rolls up to his feet and they tie up again, pushing for an advantageous position once more. SH grabs the Raven's elbow then throws himself backward, flipping Raven down with an Arm Drag! He then boots The Raven Warrior in the head before he has time to recover! Single H smirks as the crowd roar with disapproval, then he walks to a turnbuckle and unhooks a frying pan that is hanging down.

Jim Ross: Single H has a frying pan!

JBL: No shit! I'm lovin' this!

Hale spins the frying pan in his hand then raises it as Raven gets to his knees... He brings it down with thunderous impact! Crack! Raven wobbles around, not knowing what the hell is going on... Crack! Another shot! Crack! A third shot from the now dented frying pan! H drops the pan then throws both arms up into the air taunting. He then brings his leg back, and throws it towards Raven's chest, but the champ catches it! He sweeps the challenger's leg out from under him and both men roll up to their feet, locking up! Hale steps to Raven's side and tries to flip him over with a Hip Toss, but Raven holds his ground. The champ hops over to Hale's opposite side and tries to throw him with a Hip Toss of his own, but Hale holds his feet as well. Single H knees Raven in the gut, then hooks him in a Front Facelock, before spinning him around slowly for a Neckbreaker. Raven counters and turns himself around grabbing Hale around the waist, he lifts him up for a German Suplex, but Hale tucks and rolls forward, hooks his feet under Raven's arms and drags him down into a roll-up!


Jim Ross: Almost over right there!

JBL: I don't wanna see this ended with a roll-up!

Both men pop back up, with Single H managing to do so first. He immediately runs to a corner and unhooks a steel chair, but before he can get to Raven, the champ retrieves a chair of his own! Both men stare each other down, chairs in hand as the crowd start a loud 'RAVEN' chant. Both men swing the chairs and they crack together, sending a loud bang throughout the arena. They do so again! And again! Single H drops his chair and shakes his right hand, which is obviously feeling the effects of the impact. Raven takes the advantage and swings for Hale's head, but he ducks and runs towards the ropes, rebounding off and Dropkicking the chair right into Raven's face! He covers Raven!


The Raven Warrior kicks out as Hale looks extremely frustrated. Before Raven can get up, Single H rushes to the turnbuckle and leaps onto it. He reaches up to the cage roof and grabs a loose length of barbed wire, pulling it down. Hale wraps the wire around his fist and then walks over to Raven, punching him square in the face! Raven flops to the mat, covering his face and screaming an agony as H rips the barbed wire from his hand, also yelling in pain. The challenger fights through it and grabs a table, shifting it to the center of the ring. Hale grabs Raven by the hair and gets him to his feet, throwing him onto the table. He punches Raven in the face again, making sure he stays still, then walks to a turnbuckle and climbs it. H stands atop the turnbuckle then leaps off... 270 SPLASH... THROUGH THE TABLE! RAVEN ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!

Jim Ross: BAH GAWD!


Raven crawls through the splinters and debris then throws an arm over Single H!


Raven looks frustrated as he pulls Hale to his feet and wrenches his head in for an Evenflow DDT! No! Hale spins out and whips Raven towards the ropes! Raven comes running back... Drop Toe Hold! Raven falls forward and his face smashes into the cage! Hale mounts Raven and throws punch after punch until blood is freely flowing from The Raven Warrior's head! Single H gets to his feet then limps towards a trash can filled with kendo sticks, clutching his gut. He grabs the trash can and empties the sticks, then throws it at Raven. The trash can narrowly misses, but Single H picks up a kendo stick and runs towards Raven smacking it across his back with a sickening crack! Single H turns around to the crowd and raises the stick as the boo him wildly. He turns back around... Raven smacks a beer bottle upside Single H's head! Glass shatters everywhere and blood streams down The Controller's face as he drops to the mat.



Jim Ross: NOES!


Raven gets to his feet clutching his head and he lifts the lifeless Single H into a DDT clutch... EVENFLOW DDT! Hale's head bounes off the mat, but Raven isn't done yet! He has the Nevermore locked in! Single H clenches his fists as he tries to fight out of it... He squirms fiercely, but Raven maintains his grip! Single H goes red in the face... Hale isn't moving and his arms fall limp by his sides... THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL!



Raven keeps the hold on for a few extra seconds before dropping Single H into a lifeless heap and struggling to regain his footing.

The ref hands him his belt as "Angry Chair" hits the PA System. Raven raises his title into the air as the crowd erupts with a "THAT WAS AWESOME!" chant.


Raven holds his belt into the air as the crowd erupt. The scene fades.

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||

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PostSubject: Re: EXECUTION 2011   Sun Aug 14, 2011 8:59 pm

AMG THAT WAS SO FUCKING EPIC! ACTION PACKED, FULL WITH EXTREME MOMENTS! I feel like this is the standard of what MWA PPVs are going to be compared to.
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PostSubject: Re: EXECUTION 2011   Sun Aug 21, 2011 6:21 pm

Epic main event right there.

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