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 HHH Interview

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Triple H
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PostSubject: HHH Interview   Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:51 pm

[As come back from a commercial, the scene fades into the backstage interview area. John Laurinitis is standing by with the "King Of Kings" Triple H. The crowd immediately cheer when they see him.]

Hunter, I want to thank you for joining me here today. People have been debating whether or not your performances performances have warranted you being the Legends title tournament fatal four-way elimination match tonight, and that tonight you will have to prove yourself. Can I get your reaction on that viewpoint?

[At that moment the capacity crowd let out a loud cheer in favour of Triple H, who is smiling in return.]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
What you're telling me isn’t news to my ears, I’ve actually been hearing this crap for a long time now and it really pisses me off, no matter how much I’ve been tested and no matter what I’ve been through the fact remains that not everybody is gonna’ be satisfied. I’ve also got used to the criticism because lets face it, there are alot of people who would like to see me fail. You see John, what people don’t realise, yourself on that list most likely, is you’re not going to please everyone, hell, I’ve stood in-front of twenty thousand plus fans too many times to not know that and a lot of guys, a lot of guys have grown to accept it.

[Hunter pauses for a moment before continuing.]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
There are certain Superstars who are jealous of everything I’ve done in my career. I mean you go on and have yourself a long look at our good ol’ roster, and as talented as they all are, sure some more than others; you’re still not gonna’ find one single guy that wouldn’t exchange their entire careers for even half of what I’ve done in this business. But what these guys fail to notice, not like you or me John, because ya’know it's the open minded type of people that get far in life don’t you think?

[Triple H nods his head as John looks confused.]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
What they fail to see is no matter what type of advantage I’ve been allegedly handed to me, I still have to go out to that ring tonight and get the job done first and foremost, ya’see that’s the part those meat stains love to leave out.

[Hunter clenches his standing fist as he grinds his teeth and breathes heavier. After a moment he looks set to continue once more in a less intimidating mannerism.]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
To answer your question as bluntly as possible, people think whatever they’re gonna’ be thinking and I cant change that, but what I have done thoughout my career, and what I’m for damn sure gonna’ be doing later on tonight…is proving each and every one of those critics wrong, and showing my opponent tonight, why they call me "THE GAME!"

[John, noticing that Hunter calmed down slightly, wastes little time asking his next question.]

Does being one of the more experienced Superstars give you an edge against your opponents in this match tonight?

[Hunter looks at the ground momentarily as he gathers his thoughts]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
Being one of the wiser guys, or more experienced guys, I know what being a Champion means, and if you don’t have the credentials needed to be a Champion you can step right off and give someone real a chance at the grand prize! John, you know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about that “never say die” attitude, that willingness that can almost be perceived as arrogance in your own ability that makes you push that much harder to go the extra couple of moves, or enable that one last kick out you have in the locker. That, and that alone is what it takes to be the Champion.

[Hunter pauses momentarily as he continues on]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
Hell, just looking at my opponents tonigh,t I can tell you right now that they don’t have what it takes to be the best, I mean looking at Chris Masters, and trying not to laugh in the process…but ya’know he isn’t the crème da la crème, at anything besides making sure that he looks good for himself. We then have Christian, who talks and talks... and talks a bit more, because he thinks he’s a winner, more than anything or anyone else. As far as The Mizz goes, he is still a kid trying to prove he has the talent to out perform the other guys.

[Hunter bites his lip as his frown deepens, shaking his head slowly and thinking to himself.]

.:: TRIPLE H ::.
But have they got what it takes mentally? Because God given talent sure as hell isn’t enough in a match like this; if they doon't have that, tonight’s match is gonna’ be hitting them like a tonne of bricks! More so guys, I’ll be hitting on all of you like a tonne of bricks because one thing that annoys me is phoney Contenders! John, tonight’s match isn’t about Triple H, or about whether or not I need to justify winning this match. Tonight is all about finding out whether “They can play the Game".

[Helmsley stares at the camera then slowly fades to black.]
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HHH Interview
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