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 Viper, Viper...

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PostSubject: Viper, Viper...   Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:45 am

The cameras start shooting right on Chris Masters' face...The Masterpiece stares right into the camera before starting to speak...

Chris Masters: Last week, I impressed you...Didn't I? Well lemme tell you, that was nothing!

Masters grins...

Chris Masters: Just like Caesar in Roman history...Christopher Masters came...Christopher Masters saw...And Christopher Masters conquered. I came, I saw and I conquered, getting one step closer to the coveted Legends championship...which isnt much, really...Its a step above from all I.."conquered" back in the 'E, which was absolutely nothing, but compared to what you all will see me conquer here, it's less than a small portion. LESS...than a small portion of what you will all see of me. You see...Masters chuckles. i'm much, much moe than all talk...much much more than what you know or think...But what you do know and what you have seen, is that in front of a camera I speak soft, but when that bell rings, he snickers, shit hits the fan.

Some fans can be heard laughing.

Chris Masters: Follow me, will you?

The camera follows Chris Masters as the latter starts walking.

Chris Masters:What you're about to see, is what I mean when I joke about shit hitting the fan...Haha, he sighs...we're going to visit this friend o'mine, and have a little talk with him about our match last week. He lost...tonight he was in a loser leaves town match...with...Masters chuckles loudly. Rory, freakin' McAllister of the Hightowners or something like that...and the funny part is, he, a former like, what...15x World Champion or somewhat? Lost. and he's gone, he's probably packing his bags right now, we'll be lucky to catch him, I really just wanna say my goodbyes...

Masters opens Randy Orton's locker room door to find Orton showered and dressed up to leave.

Chris Masters: look, here he is!

Masters walks fast towards Orton, and Big Boots him in the face!!! The crowd gives a loud but mixed and shocked reaction. Masters just smiles at the camera like he doesn't care as he folds up a steel chair and waits for Randy Orton to get up, then busts him open with a swing, smashing the steel chair across his head, denting it big time. He chuckles before unfolding it and setting it up again, albeit it's completely dented, he sits down on it, and looks down at the Viper.

Chris Masters: The Legend killer, the Viper!...Well I'm a legend in the making Randy...why don't you stand a chance against me?...because you're a hollow-hearted, untrustworthy, treacherous, liar. Masters pauses...that's what you've always been. you played with my career like you had power over me back in the WWE, didn't you...well now it's my turn to end yours. You see, Orton, we were all friends, we used to hang out together until you turned your back on me. Im only seeking for vengeance here...Seems like I got it, now. you're in the palm of my hands, but I'm not going to toy with you, I don't have time for bullshit, got your ass handed to you by Rory McAllister, yet you look to be looking forward to what comes next...while you should be hanging your head in shame. Say...How did that Masterlock feel last week? Masters chuckles once again, then takes a deep breath while pausing. This is a fresh start for me, it was a fresh start for you too, but you fucked up, and now your career is going to go down and down...But I don't really care. At first I thought the finals were going to be just you and me, one on one finally, but then I opened my eyes, and you're not even worth it.

Masters snickers as he stands up.

Chris Masters: I'm not going to waste my time with you, Randall. Good luck.

He lets out a short laugh as he leaves the room, pushing the camera away.
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Viper, Viper...
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