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 Fantasy Wrestling League

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PostSubject: Fantasy Wrestling League   Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:46 am

I came up with the idea of making a WWE Fantasy League for us to participate in. (If you know anything about fantasy baseball/football/hockey ect it will work like that)

How it will work is that we will draft superstars (draft is random. Your team will be randomly given to you but you can trade all you want) from the WWE roster to fill out our team. Your superstars will gain points for everything from just appearing on a show for low points, to things that will earn a lot of points like winning the world championship at a ppv.

Each "session" will be 3 ppvs at the end there will be a winner, where the winner will get a prize.

During the "sessions" you can do things like trade with other "players", add and drop superstars, and other things.

As of right now it's just WWE, if enough people want it I will include TNA as well.


These are the people who are participating so far.

Matt - Team Cigars
Trips - Team TBD
Blackie & Kris - My Name is Zeus and I don't Have A Soul and I'm Proud of It
B00Bz - Team Shenanigans
Myself - Team Legendary

if you would like to participate, or have any questions pm me or post below.

After the first session is over (3 ppv's) the winner will get to choose a benefit for the next session which are below (as of right now I have only thought of one)

FORCE TRADE: If you win you can force a trade between you and another superstar or if you feel like shaking things up a bit you can force a trade between two different people.

Rule - Can only trade one wrestler for another.

Rule 2 - As of right now a force trade must be equal and fair (ex main eventer for main eventer not upper mid for lower mid) but it's being put up to a vote.
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Fantasy Wrestling League
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