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 Kris's promo written as an RP.

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Epic Fail Guy

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PostSubject: Kris's promo written as an RP.   Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:50 pm

We go to the backstage area and see none other than Kris Marquez. He is sharply dressed in a black jacket and shades, as always, the world famous Kriscut™ is profoundly sitting atop his head. Kris holds up three fingers and begins to count down.

3...2...1... It's detonation time

Kris adjusts his jacket and continues with what he is saying.

Blackie, I don't think you know what you got yourself into this time, I really don't. You're making a bet with The King Of Bets! You're making a bet with me, you forgot, you know the... You know, you've known me for over a year now... Well it's almost a year.

Kris pauses, looks down to the floor and strokes the Kriscut™ before continuing.

You should know already that I don't bet to lose. When I bet, I bet my ass on it, and when bet my ass on a bet, I bet to win! And guess what I do when I bet to win... I win, I don't lose, I've never lost a bet in my entire life and as much as I... I myself would love to see you win this bet, I would love to see CM Punk get out of the match the WWE Champion this sunday but it's just not going to happen! That is just not going to happen, you know why?

Kris pauses and extends his arms out, smiling.

That's just not how things go. Not in that company, not anywhere. Things don't go how they're supposed to go, things don't go how they should do... I wish they can, I really do.

The smile fades from the face of Kris, he strokes his chin and looks more seriously at the camera.

Blackie... This time, you dun goof'd. You really dun goof'd.

Kris laughs softly, suddenly, he points at the camera and shouts.

I MEAN YOUR FUCKING ASS IS ON THE LINE. After this Sunday you're going to be sporting a new... Haircut, like this, The Kriscut™ The FAMOUS Kriscut™ of Kris Marquez. I'm one of the Bastard Brothers, one of the biggest, richest men in this business... And one of the youngest as well. Forgot to mention that.

Kris develops a smile across his face once again.

Lemme just tell you this. I'm not here to brag, I'm not here to talk about myself, I'm here to talk about the bet we made for this Sunday. Summerslam, WWE, John Cena vs CM Punk! It's me vs you. Me, I'm going to win this. I'm not going to wear your stupid black and red tanktop with you stupid name on it with your stupid number on the end! You are going to wear my haircut.

Kris once again strokes the Kriscut™

Just like many did before. Like B00Bz, Johnny B00Bz, you know Johnny B00Bz of course you know Johnny B00Bz. Johnny B00Bz cut his hair to the Kriscut™. You know Matt, my brother, Matthew, Yusif done alright, now Matthew sports the Kriscut™. You know why? Because the Kriscut™ is the cut to wear. You know who agrees with me 100%? White Goodman - Owner of Globa-Gym Society, Globa-Gym center and facilities, Globa-Gym... Gym, basically... Whatnot, White Goodman, an entrepreneur in this business and I'm another, I'm another entrepreneur in this business and I made a bet to win, as I said before. You are going to fucking go down.

Kris points at the camera and carries on with what he was saying.

I don't like to bet now with my... My friends, I wish I could call you a friend, I can call you a friend can't I bud, or I'd just be calling you Mr. Jordan... Mr. Lane.

Kris laughs to himself once more.

It's just not going to happen. I've known you for too long to call you Mr. Lane, you've known me too long to think you're going to fucking win this. Things don't go the way you think they go.

Kris gives a small chuckle, adjusts his jacket and looks almost deeper into the lens of the camera.

Now that said, after this Sunday, I'm going to give your whore... I'm going to keep your hair... I'm going to keep the blathering name of your dignity and I'm going to chop it off, cut your hair myself, CUT YOUR HAIR MYSELF and make sure it's properly cut.

Kris removes his jacket, leaving just a floral shirt. He takes the jacket and swings it over his shoulder, he lowers his shades smiles.

And after you're sporting the Kriscut™, trust me, you'll be thanking me.

Kris winks at the camera, turns around and walks from the scene.

TBC - BLACKIE (When he does his on-screen promo)

Yeah, boredom is one hell of a thing huh? I copied this pretty much exactly from Kris's on screen promo, minus some of the lines that I couldn't understand, you'll notice that some of it is guess work as to what I thought it sounded like.

The actual promo is here, feel free to play this while reading to check for mistakes.

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Epic Fail Guy

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PostSubject: Re: Kris's promo written as an RP.   Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:15 pm

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Kris's promo written as an RP.
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