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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE II   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:50 pm

The scene fades in to show the complete Highlight Reel set in the ring. The crowd is cheering.

Jericho does his usual taunt as his fireworks cue. He is wearing a black velvet suit with a white shirt.

Jim Ross: What a great way to open the show, Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, welcome everybody to MWA's Saturday Nightmare! We are coming to you from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in another sold-out arena!

JBL: And tonight we will find who our first MWA World Champion is going to be. Hold on there and don't change channels, now!

Jericho makes his way to the ring as the crowd cheers him. He walks up the steel steps and then on the apron, where he taunts again with his trademark bouncing on the ropes. Following this with entering the ring and getting tossed a microphone at, which he catches with style. Chris Jericho sits on a stool as his theme song fades out.


The crowd cheers loudly! Jericho, who had stood up during the last sentence, paces from side to side while speaking...

I have a very interesting video to show my Jerichoholics here in the Jeritron 5000. A video that shows me Spearing Sheamus and pinning him for the 1, 2, 3. And I'm now in the Semi-Finals to face a man that is also my guest here tonight...But without further ado ladies and gents, here it is.

JBL: The Codebreaker didn't get it done. Now it's time to go into the bag of tricks.

Jericho sits with a look of shock on his face. A move that had taken out so many men in the past, failed to get the job done this time. Without thinking, he rolls Sheamus over on his back and tries to pin him again.

1...2...Sheamus kicks out again!

Jericho gets to his feet, searching for answers. He walks across the ring and stands at the opposite corner of where Sheamus is. He leans against it, almost sitting down as his opponent staggers up to his feet.

Jim Ross: What's he doing here?

JBL: Looks like he's looking for a Spear! Shadows of fellow Canadian, Edge!

Sheamus gets to his feet and turns around to face Chris Jericho, who takes off running and hits him with a huge Spear! He pins him.


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner! Y2J, Chris... Jericho!

Jericho sits up on his knees and gets his arm raised by the official.

The crowd cheers loudly!

Thing is...I adopted the Spear after my good ol'friend Edge taught me how to hit it properly...But no, I didn't do it for him...Jericho puts on a Rikishi impersonation. I did it, for The Rock...I did it...For the people. The crowd laughs loudly. Either way, guess who also won their matches last week? Single H and Raven. Tell me, did any of you bet on Single H to beat CM Punk last week? I need no answer, no, you did not. The guy overcame the odds and boom, he beat CM Punk. But the thing is, why do I have to go through him and either Raven or Jack Jones, if I'm going to have to defend my title in a Triple Threat, in which I don't even have to be pinned in order to lose my championship gold, against two men that lost right on their first Tournament match?

The crowd let's out a "Y2J!" chant...

It's pretty simple...It's because I'm the victim, of a company-wide conspiracy!

The crowd laughs once again...

And I'm just joking around here. I'll go through Single H tonight, I'll go through Raven or the new guy later, and I'll go through the Triple Threat next Sunday at Execution and retain my championship...Because that's just how I roll. Now Ladies and Gentlemen please give a warm round of applause for my guest here tonight...SINGLE H!

Jericho smiles and claps as the crowd boos loudly.

Single H appears on the stage wearing his official Single H T-shirt. He walks down the ramp with a smile on his face, the fans boo him viciously but he doesn't seem to care in the slightest. SH enters the ring and is handed a microphone by Jericho. The two stand facing each other in the middle of the ring.

Please sir, have a seat.

Jericho laughs but does what he is told, SH sits down at the same time. They stare at eachother for a while longer, Jericho looks like he is about to say something but H cuts him off.

That's a nice TV you got there.

It's not a TV it's a Jeritron 5---

It looks expensive, does it have Tivo?

Jericho waits for a while without saying anything, Single H continues to look questionably at him.

So anyway, Single H, welcome to the highlight reel! First of all, let me ask you a question; how does it feel to be in the semi-finals for the MWA World Championship? Do you agree with what the people are saying, that it was just a fluke?

Of course I don't. Beating CM Punk was easy, did you see how easy I managed to do it? I've said it before and I'll say it again, Punk is nothing more than a blatant rip-off of me, except I'm cooler than him.

The fans boo.

But SH, with all due respect, CM Punk has been called one of the greatest wrestlers in the world! Don't get me wrong, I'm still best in the world, but Punk is close... Never mind, let's take a look at how you won that match, roll the footage!


The crowd cheers as Punk turns Single H around and takes a few steps back...He runs forth and jumps high, hitting a knee to Single H's jaw, he taunts in the corner as the crowd cheers him--He grabs Single H by the neck and drops down, runs and hits a Bulldog!

Jim Ross: That's classic Punk right there.

JBL: For a moment there I thought you were going to say vintage.

Punk gets up and outstretches his arms, shouting, as he taunts for the Go To Sleep! Single H is getting up...Kick to the gut, Fireman's Carry...SINGLE H SLIPS AWAY. Punk turns around, Single H jumps, Dropsault!

Jim Ross: Single H might be going for his finishing maneuver here!

Single H taunts as the crowd boos and he gets on the top rope, 270 SPLASH!!!


The crowd boos Single H as he gets up and has his hand raised by the referee as the bell rings. His theme song hits the PA System as he taunts Punk.

The footage ends and Single H develops an arrogant look across his face.

I told you, Chris. That match was so easy it was easy! Tonight will be no different. Jericho, I've had a bone to pick with you for quite some time now. Ever since I joined EWE, you had it in for me. You buried me, forced me to the B-list show, Genesis...

Jericho and SH shudder.

You can joke around saying you are part of a company wide conspiracy... I'm going to say that and mean it, because I was, back when you were in charge. The only title I ever managed to get was the EWE Tag Team Championship, and hell, you did everything you could to get that off me didn't you, let's re-cap. First of, you put me in a match with my partner, then you OBVIOUSLY framed me or something, because he hated me! And third, in my time with Hassan in Africa, the titles were taken away from me by airport security...

SH pauses mid-sentence, a light bulb appears to have gone off in his head.

Those guys weren't airport security at all were they? I guess I shouldn't be surpried, I'll bet you have those tag-titles locked away in some cabinet of yours.

Jericho grins and says with a joking tone.

Of course I do, they're in my medicine cabinet back home...

The crowd laughs, so do Jericho and Single H, but as soon as Y2J stops laughing and does a serious face, so does SH.

I'm not joking.

You son of a--

Whoa! Calm yo'tits, junior!

The crowd laughs again!

EWE was closing down, I couldn't just have my Wrestlers take my gold, it's that simple. Plus, Hassan hated you for a couple o'reasons, but he had your back. And no matter what, if you think Punk was easy, you're in for a treat tonight, junior, I'm going to break you in half. You CAN'T stop me from reaching that title belt, you ricockulous assclown!

Single H looks angrily at Jericho.

WHAT!? MEDICINE CABINET? Chris, those titles belong to me still, I never lost them in a fair fight. EWE or no EWE, I'm getting them back and I'm holding onto them until the day I die. You can't stop me from re-claiming that gold, just like you can't stop me from beating you tonight and winning the MWA championship! Think about it, three titles in my repitour!

Single H stands up and so does Jericho.

How are you gonna get those titles back when they're all the way back in Winnipeg? Let me re-phrase it... Why would you want those out dated, EWE championship belts?

Shut it Chris, you shut you mouth, fuck you! I want those titles back because they're mine, no two ways around it. You stole them from me and I'll be damned if I don't steal them back, HUZZAH!

Jericho gets to his feet, so does Single H, they keep their distance though.

First and foremost...It's repertoire, not repitour. The crowd laughs. Single H seems frustrated still. Second of all, if you really want those titles, I'll bring them to you next week. I'll invite you back into the 'Reel, and I'll hand them to you, there. It's not like I need them anyway. Especially after I'm the MWA World Champion.

Single H now has a large grin on his face.

Now...I know that you're confident leading onto our match tonight. But I just want to make sure there's no hard feelings between us once I beat you, junior.

The crowd cheers again.

And let me assure you, after the asskicking you're gonna get here tonight, you and your insignificant little career will be forgotten forever and you'll just sit in the corner of your room back home and never leave house again, you won't show up at my show and you'll still be a disgrace for your entire life. As I said, you have potential, but potential is not what stops the Y2J problem. The Rock had potential, Stone Cold had potential, they didn't stop me from becoming the Undisputed Champion either way, did they? The first ever Undisputed World Champion in Pro Wrestling history. You're no Rock, you're no Austin, Single H, you're nothing compared to me, and you're going to have to realize that the hard way.

Single H seems frustrated again.

I'm actually considering walking around with the EWE Tag Team titles and the World title just so I look more golden...It's a good idea, don't you think?

I'd love to stay here and chat with you, to exchange insults but I've been on forums on the internet, I know what to do in this kind of situation, I'm going to be the bigger man here and leave this argument, I am mature, you need to grow up and stop arguing too just like me.

Single H goes to leave the ring a second time.

Fine, I'll see you in the ring when you're laying on your back and I'm on top of you, advancing to the finals!

SH turns round quickly.


The crowd laugh along with Jericho.

What happened to being 'The better man'?

Single H looks at him for a long time, eventually, he turns round and leaves the ring. On his way up the ramp, he raises the microphone for a second time.

Next week, Chris, I expect my EWE Tag Team Championships personally handed to me in that ring. For now, I'm going to enjoy seeing your face when Matt Striker hands me the MWA Championship personally... You can't stop me Chris, you can only hope to postpone me, and you've had your fair share of that in EWE. Now it's time for justice, freedom and hope... For all.

SH drops the mic. Jericho sneaks out of the ring as Single H turns around and heads up the ramp. Jericho stops a few feet from Single H...

Hey Hale!

Single H turns around...SPEAR!!! SPEAR ON THE RAMP! THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!


The crowd laughs hard! Jericho spreads his legs and crosses his arms, over Single H as the crowd cheers wildly! Jericho just smiles as we fade out. The scene opens up to a filthy children's room of what looks to be a condemned building. The camera finds Raven walking through the room, sifting through the debris with his foot. Raven turns to face the camera and begins to speak.

"'Is something wrong?' she said. 'Well of course there is. You're still alive' she said. 'And do I deserve to be? Is that the question'" Do I really deserve to be alive? Do I deserve to be alive after all the sins that I have committed against my fellow man?

Raven sits, and looks down...

Probably, but the fact of the matter is that I am still here. And I still have an unquenchable thirst for blood. One is not many and many is never enough. But I guess I'll make do with tearing 'em apart one by one.

Raven looks back up, at the camera.

Jack Jones, I bid you welcome to my own personal playground. But in order to take advantage of the fun that this park really has to offer, well, you'd have to be me. And the sad reality of it Jack, you're not me. Jack, not even Jehovah can help you now. You have been shoved into the lion's den, the door is locked and there is no means of escape. I'm sorry Jack, I did not choose your fate for you. I am just the war hammer that's used to destroy you.

Raven laughs for a split second...

Actually, come to think of it, I actually don't have any sorrow for you. But I tell you what I do have. About two years worth of vent up ruthless aggression that's begging for a target to unleash on. Last week, with Hunter, that was just a short preview of things to come. I am going to pick apart the Modern Wrestling Association and the next step is the undoing of Jack Jones.

Raven stands up and walks towards the camera, very slowly.

From breaking his limbs to stopping the beating of his heart. And even then I will continue to destroy what used to be Jack Jones. Just like the energizer bunny, I will keep going and going and going until there is nobody left to stand in my way. Nobody left to oppose my destruction. The MWA will be nevermore. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. No one is safe. Quoth the Raven...Forevermore...

The scene fades after zooming into Raven's face.

We hear Saturday Nightmare's intro music before we fade to ringside... As it finishes, we see that Phillip Phillips is in the ring, wearing was a zebra print singlet with the usual boots, elbow and knee pads, and a single fingerless glove on his right hand, all black.

Jim Ross: And here is MWA's newest member, Phillip Phillips! What will he have to say?

P2 holds the microphone to his lips.

Hello, Saudi Arabia! You may no longer worry about this awful roster boring you to death... because Phillip Phillips is now here. And, he's already got a title shot for... You guessed it, the Legends Title! And do you know why I'm competing for that title, out of all the others here in MWA? Because I am a legend. And I'm certainly a better one than all those other losers in my match. Heck, I have more talent than Randy Orton, Christian, The Miz, Chris Masters and Triple H combined in my pinkie finger. And that's why, not only am I getting a title shot, but I'm winning it.

Phillip pauses and strokes his moustache, seemingly oblivious to the crowd's reaction. Once again, the crowd overwhelmed with boos after the new guy insulted some of their favorite, better-known wrestlers.

Hey! Fuck you! You'll regret this later, believe me. Because guess what? I'm better than all those assclowns that think they are so great. So mark my words: one day, you'll be cheering me!

P2 drops the mic and grins, being soaked in boos, as we fade to commercial.


Matt Striker is sitting in his office as usual, he is not aware a camera is watching him for he is being filmed from the blinds outside. Matt hears a knock on his door and signals them in, it is none other than Single H, holding his chest from the spear he recieved earlier couresy of Chris Jericho. SH storms into the office and sits in a chair before being asked to take a seat.

Matt, I need to talk with you over something that's extremely important to me, I'm assuming you saw what happened just now?

Sorry Jake, I was too busy signing the company new, fresh talent.

He takes a sniff in the air.

Smells fresh doesn't it? Anyway Jake, what can I help you with?

I'll tell you what you can help me with, that douchebag Chris Jericho is still trying to bury my career. BURY IT! He's had the EWE Tag Team Championships all this time and it's took me this long to find out! You gotta punish Chris for this Matt, not only for stealing my championship belt, but for assault on that ramp! Watch the footage, HE SPEARED ME!

Ok, ok, calm down. First of all, why do you want the EWE Tag Team Championship belts back? They're defunct now and you have the chance at getting something much better, the MWA World Championsh--

SH leans over the table, almost scaring Striker.


Striker pushes SH back down into his seat.

Alright alright, I have no argument with you H, you're right, those belts do belong to you and Jericho had no right to take them away from you while you were still under EWE contract. I'll bring him to justice, don't worry about it.

I have a suggestion, Chris said to me that he might keep MY titles when he wins the MWA championship, how about you just take him out of the match and advance me to the finals by default? That way I can win the MWA Championship quickly against Raven or that wannabe of me, Jack Jones. Next week, Chris is going to give me the titles in the ring personally but that doesn't change anything, I still want him punished for stealing them in the first place, I want RETRIBUTION DAMMIT!

Matt Striker laughs...

...Look H...Chris Jericho is still a big draw, I can't just do that. But what I can do is let you choose a different stipulation for tonight's match against him... You can pick anything, and consider it done. What do you think?

Single H has a semi-smile on...

...I can do with that...Yeah.

He seems to think for a bit...

Hurry up and pick something then...I don't have all night...

Single H sits in the chair and thinks for a good while before looking up at Matt with a smile on his face.

Let me get this straight... The match can be... Anything?

That's what I said isn't it?

Well in that case, I do have something on my mind... You see my ribs still hurt from that spear earlier and, well, I just don't think I'd be comfortable competing in two wrestling matches tonight. Don't get me wrong, being a superb athelete I could easily handle it, I just don't feel like it.

What are you saying...?

What I'm saying is, I want to face Chris Jericho in a FOOT RACE.

As SH says this, Jericho walks by the office with a smile on his face. The smile quickly changes as he hears Matt Striker agreeing. He turns on his heel and bursts into the office.

Foot race, are you fucking kidding me, man? What the--Striker! You're not going to put me in a foot race with this troll are you?! I mean come the fuck on!

Matt Striker, looking amused by the situation but in a hurry, quickly replies.

No, you two aren't going to have a foot race for crying out loud. I am going to pick the stipulation myself, as long as I can make it a lesser heavy match, since Single H is now in clear disadvantage. I am going to have to think it through, really. It obviously can't be a beer drinking contest since one of you is heading on to the finals later...and I'm sure as hell not going to pull of a ridiculous dancing contest. Just go on, get the hell out of my office and you'll see it out later.

They both get out at the same time, getting stuck in the door, then pushing each other out aggressively. Single H slams the door as Y2J grins at him...

I'll see you later...junior.


We come back to see Chris Jericho and Single H ready for their match, unbeknownst to the stipulation said match will occur on.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just received notice that the following match is a Tables Match!!!

The crowd goes nuts!!!

Justin Roberts: However, taking into consideration the attack of Chris Jericho on Single H earlier, Single H will have to be put through a table twice in order to lose this match!

The crowd boos! Single H smiles. The bell rings. They lock up. Jericho gets a Standing Armbar in.

Jim Ross: There he goes with the Armbars again...

JBL: He's the Master of the Armbar, what's your problem, JR?!

Jericho now with a Single Arm Takedown. Both Wrestlers get up at the same time and Single H lunges at Y2J only to get kicked in the gut and tossed outside the ring! The crowd cheers loudly! The Controller gets to his feet, Slingshot Splash!! NO!!! Single H dodges and Jericho goes chest first into the announcers' table! The fans let out a huge "OH!!!". Jericho holds his chest as he bends over the Announcers' table. Single H starts smashing his head against it, and finishes up with a Mat Slam!!!

JBL: And the Controller starts dominating, here!

Single H turns to the booing crowd and taunts some selective front row fans. A fan yells "YOU SUCK" and Single H yells back "YOU HAVE A VAGINA!" some of the fan's friends laugh at him, Single H disregards the front row fans while being showered with more heat from the whole capacity crowd, and turns around only to get a chop to the chest. He holds his chest in pain while Jericho takes a second to recover. The crowd cheers!

Jim Ross: If he spent a little less time taunting the fa--

JBL: What the hell do you mean, JR?! That, was, genius!

Jericho holds Single H in a Spear position and shoves him against the Announcers' table, kidney-first. Then holds him up in a Spinebuster position and shoves him right against the steel ring post. The crowd cheers! Chris Jericho puts down Single H, who leans back against the steel steps, and taunts him. Single H, feeling insulted, lunges at Y2J, who just sidesteps him and tosses him against the opposite steel steps! The fauns enter a laughing frenzy although Single H can stop the impact, by just holding himself with his hands.

Jim Ross: Here you see how the difference in experience, not just in talent, means a lot.

Single H turns around and starts throwing insults at Chris Jericho, still remaining calm, only to get slapped across the face! ENZUIGIRI!! The crowd is now cheering loudly as Y2J starts dragging out a table from underneath the ring apron. He sets it up near the announcing tables as Single H gets back up, Jericho's going for a Suplex! NO! Single H balances back while in mid-air and knees Jericho in the gut! Dropkick! Y2J leans against the table while Single H recovers. H rolls into the ring, and is about to slingshot himself right onto the Ayatollah of Rock n'Rollah!

JBL: What the hell is he doing!?


Jim Ross: THE IDIOT, SINGLE H, SET HIMSELF UP FOR THAT! Why'd he do that!?

JBL: Where's the logic in doing that!?

Jim Ross: It's in my ass! There was no logic! He's an idiot!

Jericho quickly rolls over to Single H and locks him in an Armbar! Jericho keeps a lot of pressure, and Single H is both hurting from the table crash and now the submission maneuver, yet he knows he can't tap because it's no use! Single H screams in pain as Jericho keeps the solid Armbar!

JBL: He calls this the Barack Armbarma!

Jim Ross: It's strategic! He is wearing off his right arm because without it, Single H can't perform his signature Cutter maneuver!

Single H taps and taps but Jericho doesn't leave the lock! He keeps pressure for another good while before releasing it. Single H quickly grasps his arm in lethal pain as Jericho gets up and wipes his hands on one another as the crowd cheers him on insanely!!! Y2J starts removing the monitors from the announcers' table!

JBL: God dammit, Jericho! Go destroy the other table!

Chris Jericho yells "FINE!" and goes over to the Russian Announcer table, where Boris and Yuri, the Russian commentators, run away through the crowd. Jericho takes out the monitors and the cover, as Single H gets up, still grasping his arm. Jericho lets his guard down for a little while as he taunts a bit more. Despite the pain, Single H pulls off some inner strength and runs at Jericho, jumping in front of him!...CUTTER!!! OUT OF NOWHERE! SINGLE H HITS THE CUTTER THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS' TABLE!!! THE BELL RINGS!

Jim Ross: Despite the final odds, Single H won!

Single H has his left arm raised by the referee while his right one has clearly gone darker. Jericho stays grounded...We fade out. The scene opens to an almost entirely empty gym. The only people in sight, are Jack Jones, and his manager, newly signed, White Goodman. Goodman is wearing his sleeveless shirt to show off his muscles, where as Jack Jones is sporting a T-shirt that says "ZEUS" in large letters, and then his own name underneath of it. Really, the two of them together is a queer sight, but they mean all business. Goodman's body is glimmering with sweat, but Jack Jones seems just fine. A towel lays over the weight bench behind them, and its pretty evident that a workout just took place, although it seems as though Goodman was the man doing all the work. But none of that really mattered, all that mattered was that Jones was about to speak, and people were about to listen.

Last week, I debuted in front of millions of fans, and I completely DOMINATED my opponent.

He looks over at Goodman, who nods in approval. He smirks, then continues to speak.

And while that was great, I've been waiting all week to finally get some REAL competition... Then I realized that my opponent for this week is Raven...

Jones sighs, and then continues to speak.

Well, eventually you'll have to put me up against someone GOOD. But hell, I've got no problem with winning the championship without breaking a damn sweat, I just didn't think it'd be that simple. But maybe...

Jones stops for a short moment to think.

Just maybe, hey White.

Jones turns to face White Goodman, who acts surprised to have his name called. He gives Jones a small nod to show he's paying attention.

Is it possible, that maybe... Maybe I'm just so good, that there IS no competition?

A big smile develops across Jones' face, and he looks back over at the camera.

Yeah, that's it. I'm just SO much better than everyone else, that they all just seem like table scraps to me... That's why I put up the big bucks to get trained in the MWA training facility. It's not cheap in there, but obviously it's worth it. It's the only place you can go, to become completely ELITE in this industry.

The fans boo loudly, most likely at the fact that Jones has won one match... Against a jobber, and now believes he is "Elite"

That's alright, I know you all hate me... But instead of just sitting there bitching about it, why don't one of you stop me? Nobody's gonna step up? That's what I thought... You're all going to have to deal with me, until somebody does something... But I don't see that happening, any time soon.

Jones smiles and nods. Goodman does the same, standing right beside him. White Goodman smiles and puts his hand on Jack's shoulder.

Obviously no one has the balls to face Jack here because he's conditioned to his absolute limits? How you ask? Why, through the use of my Globo-Gym facilities of course! In fact, we're in a Globo-Gym Muscle & Fitness Center right now! Hi! I'm White Goodman! Founder, CEO and Chairman of Globo-Gym America Corporation!

Goodman starts to walk around the gym, looking at the camera and grinning the whole time as Jack Jones watches on.

Here at Globo-Gym, we focus solely on you and your needs! We understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders! Just like baldness or necrophilia, and you need to do something about it! That's where we come in! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just look at all the happy faces around here!

White stops in front of a jacked up guy lifting a dumbbell, puts his hand on the guy's shoulder then turns to the camera and grins cheesily.

How're we doin' over here, O?

Bite me.

White quickly moves on, ignoring what Big O just said. He then past a bunch of massage beds.

And with our competitively priced on-sight cosmetic surgery, we can turn that Frankenstein you see in the mirror every morning into a Franken-fine! Of course you'll still be you in a legal sense... But think of it a thinner, better, more attractive you that you could never become, without us!

White gives a cheesy thumbs up to the camera. he then walks back over to Jack Jones and stands behind, placing his hands on his shoulders and rubbing them in a non-homosexual manner.

But that's enough about me! Let's talk about the man of the hour, Jack Jones!

An applause sound effect is played over the gym's public announcement system.

Jack came to me a few days ago and he said "White, I need to get in shape man. I mean, I'm already in peak physical condition, but I want to exceed those limits and break those barriers!" So I gave him a free trial membership to Globo-Gym America Corp. Now, a few days later, just look at him!

White holds up an iPad with two pictures of Jack Jones on the screen.



Now you might say that it's the same photo, but then I'd call you a liar! Clearly, Jack is in much better physical shape than he's ever been! He's obviously ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead of him in whatever line of work he's chosen! That'd be... Umm...

Someone off-camera yells 'WRESTLING!".

Oh yeah! Wrestling! Now I know nothing about the world of wrestling, but obviously with the help of my Globo-Gym facilites, Jack is ready to take whatever guy he goes up against! But these facilities aren't restricted to guys like Jack! You can join Globo-Gym too! Just call 1800-555-661 and we'll get you set up as fast as we can to head down here and experience a full seven day trial! You'll love it! Until then folks, this is White Goodman signing off!

White playfully throws a punch into Jack's arm and starts to jump around as the scene fades out. The lights dim around the arena.


Triple H comes out from backstage sending the crowd into a frenzy. The cameras pan out of the ringside area showing a full view of the entrance ramp as a green spotlight beams in the center of the entrance area, Moments later and Triple H walks down the ramp and climbs into the ring and taking the microphone off of the announcer.

I have come here for two reason: the first is about all the talk I keep over-hearing talk between certain superstars backstage... Saying about how they believe that I'm not good enough anymore.... They say I should give it all up.... I say... FUCK YOU!!.

HHH slowly walks around the ring, as he continues to to talk.

Let me tell ya' this - I am multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, I have won almost every title in this company... everything I have done in and for this company, there is no superstar that can come close to what I have achieved, this is a fact.

Fans cheer on HHH has a serious look on his face, as he continues.

I could stand here all night talking about how great I am and so on...However, I'm just going to get to my main point... I'm one of the participating in the Legends Title Tournament match later tonight... I want my opponents to know, that I am going to do anything... And I mean ANYTHING! to ensure I win this match tonight. The world is gonna see a dangerous and ruthless side to me... that has not been seen for a long time... but now is the time... It's MY TIME.

Fans cheer for Triple H as he drops the mic, leaves the ring and heads backstage.


The crowd gives a mixed reaction as fireworks cue on stage, and Chris Masters walks out. The crowd now cheers. The Masterpiece taunts and makes his way to the ring. Where he is handed a microphone.

Ladies and gents the following match is scheduled for one fall! The crowd laughs. I am the Masterpiece, Chris Masters...but you all know me already, don't you? especially because I'm the Goddamn best wrestler in this goddamn business, and was never given my God...damn...shot. Not in WWE, not in OVW...nowhere! Actually the best I ever achieved've been tag team titles. Do I look like a tag team champion, or a world champion to you?

The crowd boos this sudden turn of attitude... Masters has a smug grin...

But don't think I will be held down here as I've been held down before, no. I understand what I'm going to do and what that is is start from the bottom and climb my way to the World Championship. but you just wait, because I'm a completely renovated in-ring Wrestler. I don't rely on a couple of moves like the usual Joe you see here in MWA... You've seen nothing of me yet.

Masters pauses...

You see management tends to complicate the careers of the wrestlers that actually give their all for their career, by judging them on weight, size, looks, and star quality...Well not only do I have all that, as also I have what many "main eventers" don't have, I have determination! I have poise and I am driven to change this company from down-up... He chuckles. And after I'm done tonight, I'll be leading the Legends championship tournament in my first match with this company.

The Masterpiece laughs...

And thing is...that's only going to be the beginning of an era. I'm not included in the world championship tourny, but I don't need to be...As far as that goes, I'll be the number one contender sooner than everyone else expects me to be...And as soon as I am the number one contender, it'll be only a small matter of time until I have the World championship gold...and even then I will not drop the Legends title that will belong to me soon enough...It's just a matter of dominating...And I dominate at dominating...

He drops the microphone. The scene fades to a crowded Irish pub. Sheamus and Finlay are both seated at the bar drinking some Guinness and dressed nicely for the occasion. Sheamus is dressed in some black slacks, a collared shirt, a vest and some dress shoes, whilst Finlay is pretty much wearing the same thing minus the vest. Sheamus downs whats left in his glass, then slams his fist on the bar to get the attention of the bartender.

Hey! Fella! Another round!

The barender quickly scurries over and grabs Sheamus' glass, filling it slightly. Sheamus slams his fist down again.

Fill up the whole thing ya' bastard!

The bartender looks extremely nervous and starts to shake as he tries to fill the glass, suddenly it slips out of his hands and shatters all over the floor. The bartender looks nervously at both Sheamus and Finlay then starts to walks backwards.

I'd walk away if I were you, lad.

The man attempts to run, but Sheamus stands up and grabs him by the shirt, pulling him onto the bar.

Not so fast, fella!

Suddenly a large, burly man walks over and grabs Sheamus by the shoulder, spinning him around.


Sheamus whips around and shoves the man, then immediately follows up with a brogue kick to the skull. The guy falls over onto a table, snapping it in half. Everyone in the pub stands up and their eyes lock onto Sheamus and Finlay.

I think we should go...

Sheamus shakes his head and raises his fists.

Not a chance! Any o' you fellas wanna do somethin' about me? I'M STANDIN' RIGHT HERE!

Everyone sits down and Sheamus lowers his fists, smiling. Both men then walk slowly out of the pub and start to walk down the street.

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||

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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE II   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:50 pm

Now that I'm warmed up, I'll be havin' no problems beatin' CM Punk tomorrow night. That fella thinks he's special just because he brought the WWE Championship into this company? ... Sheamus shakes his head and laughs... He isn't special at all! He's exactly what his name suggests... A Punk. The fella has no respect for anyone but himself, but he should be respectin' me... Because tonight... In the middle of that ring... I'm gonna kick his head off then pin him for the three count. Once I've disposed of him, I'll be movin' on to bigger and better things...

Finlay nods.

Y'see Finlay, I'm countin' on Jericho to win the MWA World Championship, because then at Execution, I'll be takin' it off his hands. Tonight is only the first step on my path to the title and CM Punk is just a steppin' stone. When I'm done with him, no one in the locker room is gonna have the balls to cross me! This is gonna be a fun night...

Sheamus and Finlay walks out into the dark as the scene fades to black. We come back to ringside. All of the competitors already in the ring. Christian's music is still playing as he finishes taunting in the corner. All the competitors stare down one another, until the opening bell rings.

Jim Ross: And this match, is under way!

JBL: We're in for a treat here, with what one can expect to be a complete and total clusterfuck of a match.

Jim Ross: How elegantly put John.

JBL happened to be right. All of the competitors went right after each other, landing various strikes back and forth. Triple H goes straight for Randy Orton, Miz goes right for Christian, and Masters goes right for Phillips. H gets the upper hand on Orton, and lands many punches on him as he leans against the ropes. Masters and Phillips battle back and forth. Miz irish whips Christian into the corner. He then runs across the ring, Swinging Corner Clothesline! No, Christian counters with a Pendulum Kick! Miz falls straight on his back as Christian heads for the top rope. But before he can jump down, Masters pushes Phillips back into the ropes, causing Christian to land dick first on the top rope. Phillips bounces back, and hits a cross body!

1...2...Masters kicks out easily.

Jim Ross: Again, this match is one fall. Whoever loses in this match, is out of the competition.

They both start to get back up to their feet. Meanwhile, Orton is hitting HHH with elbows to the gut to break free of him. He gets away, and holds his face. HHH runs at him, but he hits him with an elbow to gain separation again, and then hits a picture perfect dropkick. Masters and Phillips have both gotten up to their feet, and begin to exchange blows once again, while Christian continues to sit uncomfortably on the top rope. Miz gets back up to his feet, and jumps up to the middle ropes on the turnbuckle. He punches Christian in the head twice, and then climbs up to the top rope. He grabs him by the head, SUPERPLEX! Both men lay motionless in the middle of the ring.

Jim Ross: By Gawd! They've already stolen the spotlight!

JBL: No, what they just did was dumb. Now they're both out, all anyone has to do is pin them!

By this point, Masters has gotten the advantage over Phillips. He punches him back, so that he is now leaning against the ropes. He takes a few steps away, and then runs at him, hitting him with a clothesline and sending him to the floor at ring side. He points out at the fallen Philips with a smile on his face, before he is caught from behind, and tossed out by Randy Orton. Now Orton taunts, and stalks The Miz who is getting to his feet. He lays on the ground, pounding his fist on the mat waiting for him to stand up completely. But out of no where, Triple H runs over and hits him with a high knee! Now Triple H taunts, but is caught from behind with a skull crushing finale! Randy Orton rolls out of the ring. Miz goes for the cover!

1...2...Triple H kicks out!

JBL: Oh boy... If you're the Miz, what do you do now?

Miz argues with the referee, while Christian gets to his feet behind him. On the outside of the ring, Masters and and Phillips are fighting again, and Orton is starting to get to his feet right next to them. Miz notices Christian getting to his feet and goes after him, but eats a dropkick. Christian looks out at the now three men fighting at ring side. He bounces off the ropes, suicide dive! All four men are down!

Jim Ross: By Gawd! Christian putting his whole body on the line!

JBL: Again though, now he's going to be hurt, and could potentially lose this match.

Christian gets up to his feet and leans against the barricade, and taunts with the fans. In the ring, both Miz and Triple H have gotten to their feet. HHH walks groggily over to Miz, and takes a kick to the stomach. Spike DDT from the Miz, no! Triple H counters, and lifts him into the air and spins. AA Spinebuster out of nowhere! Triple H taunts, looking for the pedigree, but Miz rolls out of the ring. The crowd boos at this cowardly act. But Christian quickly helps him to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He then rolls in himself. Miz gets to his feet, and eats a punch from HHH. He spins around, and takes one from Christian, then another from HHH, and Christian, then a last one from HHH. Christian grabs him by the arms, and goes for the killswitch. Christian hits the Killswitch! Orton goes for the RKO ON CHRISTIAN! But Masters catches him, and holds him in his place, MASTERLOCK! Christian passes Miz over to Triple H, kick to the gut, PEDIGREE! Cover!

1... 2... Orton taps out! 3!

Justin Roberts: Randy Orton has lost, via submission, and is eliminated from the Legend's Title Tournament!

Jim Ross: I wasn't sure who was going to lose on that one! Miz made it, but just barely!

JBL: It doesn't matter how close it was, he made it. I can't say so much for Randy Orton however...

Chris Masters celebrates his victory as we fade to commercial.


Both Jack Jones and Raven stand in opposite corners. The bell ring and Raven immediately runs for Jones. He succeeds and knocks him down with a big clothesline. Jones tries to get up quickly, but Raven catches him while he's on one knee with a headlock. But Jones gets to his feet anyway, and breaks his hold with two elbows to the stomach. He turns around and faces Raven, who is bent over holding his stomach. He grabs his head and goes for the spike ddt. But Raven counters, northern lights suplex! But he isn't able to hook him for the pin.

Jim Ross: Perhaps the old age of Raven is what kept him from getting the pin there. After all these years of wrestling his knees have got to be hurting.

JBL: Or maybe he just didn't want to go for the pin... It's not like he was gonna get the three count anyway.

Jones stumbles up to his feet holding his back, and is immediately dropped back down with a drop kick.

Jim Ross: It's been all Raven, thus far in this match up.

JBL: Maybe the MWA training facility doesn't teach you about defense...

Raven goes for the pin.

1... 2... Jones kicks out, and rolls out of the ring.

JBL: At least he's gaining separation.

The referee tries to keep Raven away from him, but fails. Raven slides out of the ring, and tries to grapple up with Jones, who is crouched over holding his stomach. But Jones hits him with an elbow to the face, which makes him stagger back a few feet. Jones then runs straight at him, and catches him with a drop kick to the knee. Raven falls straight to the ground, and grabs his knee, writhing in pain.

Jim Ross: Jack Jones has learned well, going straight for that injured knee.

JBL: JR, are you stupid? He doesn't have an injured knee, that shit just hurts.

Jones rolls into the ring, and then rolls back out, to restart the referee's count. He helps Raven up to his feet and rolls him into the ring, he then gets back in. Jones bounces off the opposite ropes as Raven gets to one knee, and connects with a drop kick straight to his face, and follows up with an armbar.

Jim Ross: Perfect form showed there by Jack Jones!

JBL: Yeah, but he's too close to the ropes, this won't do anything but a little damage.

After only a few seconds, Raven grabs the ropes, and Jones releases the hold right away. The referee tries to keep Jones away from Raven, but can only do that for a few seconds. As soon as Raven gets to his feet Jones walks over and knees him in the stomach. He then grabs him, and walks him over to the turnbuckle. He takes him by the head, and slams it into the turnbuckle, no! Raven counters, and instead slams Jones into it. He does it again, and again, until the referee finally breaks them up. But the damage had been done. Jones sits, almost completely knocked out against the turnbuckle. But again, Raven stays on the attack. He bounces off the opposite rope, and hits him with a knee lift straight to the head. Jones goes completely limp, Raven pulls him out of the corner, pin!

1... 2... Jones kicks out!

Jim Ross: I thought it was over right there!

JBL: Jones showing a great deal of toughness! That kick would've knocked most other men out completely!

Raven argues with the referee for a moment, but then realizes that it will do nothing. He then helps Jones up to his feet, and puts his head between his arm and side. Even Flow DDT! No, Jones counters and pushes him back! He hits the referee, and causes him to go down!

Jim Ross: Now the referee is down! All hell is about to break loose!

JBL: That's because when he's down, there are no rules! It's not illegal if you don't get caught!

Raven looks down at the ref, and then back at Jones who is walking towards him. Jones tries to grapple up with him, but is met with a kick to the gut, Even Flow DDT! Pin!

... ... ... ... ...

Jim Ross: The match could've been over right there!

JBL: But it's not, the refs down! Woulda, coulda, shoulda, but it's not!

Raven tries to wake the ref up but can't even get him to stir. He then looks back over at Jones who has gotten to his feet. He walks over to him, SUPERKICK! Both men are down, and the ref is getting to his feet!

Jim Ross: Both men are down!

JBL: No shit Sherlock!

The ref gets to his feet, and begins his double count out.

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... Jones starts to stir. 6... He pushes his self up to one knee. 7... He gets to his feet, and the match continues.

Jones taunts, and signifies that the match is over. Raven stumbles up to his feet and turns around. Kick to the gut, Barry White Driver! No, Raven drops down and lands on his feet behind him. He pushes him into the ropes and bends down. Jones bounces back, and stops right before getting to him. He connects with a kick to the face. Spinning Back Fist! No, Raven ducks as Jones turns around quickly...EVENFLOW DDT! NEVERMORE! JONES TAPS!!! The bell rings!!!

Jim Ross: What a counter!

JBL: This one's over! It's Raven vs Single H in the finals!!!

Raven gets up with a smirk and then spreads his arms like wings, doing his typical taunt.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner, advancing to the finals of the MWA...WORLD...CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT...RAVEN!!!

Raven leaves the ring and exits through the crowd as we cut to commercial break.


The crowd goes wild. CM Punk comes out of the backstage area, wearing his shorts and his trademark shirt. The WWE Championship is around his waist. Punk starts making his way down the ramp. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he approaches the steel ramp and uses it to get on the apron. One leg at a time, he enters the ring through the ropes. Punks walks closer to the commentary side of the ring and grabs a mic from an official. He twists the mic in his hand as he walks to the center of the ring.

Seems like all you gambling addicts that took the one-to-eight long shot last week are happy with yourselves...I'm not here to talk about last week, though. Nor am I here to talk about this week. I'm here...

Punk takes off his championship with his left hand, carries it by it's end and places it on his shoulder.

To tell you a little story about this. On the 17th of July 2011 in Rosemont, Illinois, CM Punk defeated the WWE Championship John Cena, earning him this very championship. Now, here's the kwinky dink, CM Punk's contract expired that very night. Now, CM Punk could have resigned with the WWE, they wanted their top championship and top wrestler back after all. That didn't happen. Our jolly hero decided to take a chance and sign with MWA.

Punk suddenly stops when he hears the crowd chanting "MWA". Punk starts twisting the mic again. The crowd is chanting louder and louder. CM Punk clears his throat into the mic.

Now, here comes the interesting part of this story, CM Punk and the WWE Championship have super powers! That's right, I shit you not!

The crowd laughs.

It brought this company the advertisement it needed, the ratings it needed, to take off the ground. And what kind of recognition do I get for it? None, none at all. It's barely even noted that I brought the top title from the top entertainment industry to here. Yet, there's been this huge promotion for the Legend's Championship.

Punk turns to face the ramp.

Matt Striker, you should be here kissing my feet right now for all that I've done for you.

The crowd cheers loudly.


Some boos are heard from the crowd. Punk doesn't seem to be happy. Jonathan Coachman comes out of the backstage area and stands on the stage. Wearing a red sweater, black trousers and a hat made of wool, with a mic in his right hand.

You didn't think you could just call out the chairman, did you? Are you mad?

The crowd boos.

Listen here, Punk, I'm the General Manager around here. Anything you want, you talk to me. You don't just come to the ring and call out Striker, understood? Moreover, you don't get to ask him to kiss your feet.

Punk lifts his mic up to talk, but Coach cuts him off.

You've gotten more than enough time to speak for the voiceless. And if you don't leave the ring right now, you will be voicele--

The crowd gives a mixed yet loud reaction as Matt Striker walks out, Jonathan Coachman quickly calms down. Wearing an Armani black blazer and a t-shirt underneath, black shoes and black jeans, and with a microphone in his hand, Striker makes his way to the beginning of the ramp. He pauses there and starts addressing to CM Punk...

First off, Punk, it's Mr. Striker. That goes for you too, Coach.

The crowd laughs and cheers.

Second of all, I hired you because you have a shitload of talent, Punk, I don't really care if you're wearing the WWE title belt around your waist, you didn't win it here, so it's indifferent to me and to everyone else in the back.

The crowd now boos...

But I'll tell you this. You want that title belt to be paid attention, it's simple, defend it. Actually, next Sunday, the Triple Threat that involves you, Sheamus and Chris Jericho, will be for that championship. There, you have your highlight, bask on it as long as you can, Phil.

Striker chuckles, he leaves and we cut to commercial break.


The crowd cheers loudly as the Messiah of the Straight Edge Lifestyle, CM Punk, walks out on stage, now only wearing his trademark T-Shirt and ring attire. He gets on one knee and does his trademark "Sleeping Time" taunt as he yells the words and the crowd cheers. Punk starts making his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for One Fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in 222 Pounds...C...M...PUNK!!!

Punk reaches the end of the ramp and leaps on the steel steps, with a hand on the ring post, and then makes his way to the inside of the ring. He then crosses his fingers and warms his wrists up as usual as he waits for his opponent.

The crowd boos loudly as, with Dave Finlay by his side, gripping his shillelagh, Sheamus walks out, wearing only his black and green wrestling attire. He taunts on stage before making his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Dublin, Ireland, being accompanied to the ring by Finlay!...Weighing in 272 Pounds!...THE CELTIC WARRIOR...SHEAMUS!!!

Sheamus rolls into the ring and quickly gets to his feet. He goes close to his opponent, who he looks straight in the eyes, and then taunts near the ropes as Finlay points to him, and as both of them get showered with boos, the bell rings.

Jim Ross: And here we go for yet another match-up tonight!

JBL: Punk called Sheamus a coward, he won't stand for that!

Both wrestlers trade words as they engage in an intense staredown in the center of the ring, CM Punk quickly strikes a slap across Sheamus' face, Sheamus holds his face, then grins, and a kick to the gut on Punk! Sheamus follows with some forearms to the back and he Irish Whips Punk onto the opposite corner. Sheamus runs at him, Punk dodges it! He locks Sheamus against the corner now and hits a flurry of punches to the face, followed by yet another Irish Whip to the opposite corner. Punk runs at him with speed!


BOOT TO THE FACE!!! BOOT TO HE FACE WHILE PUNK WAS RUNNING FULL-SPEED! Sheamus holds his nose and then looks down, and covers Punk. although it's certainly too late...


Sheamus kneels up and pulls Punk to his feet by the hair, then knees him in the gut and pulls him over to the ropes. The Celtic Warrior gets on the apron and hits a hot shot on the upper rope, leaving Punk stunned as Sheamus rolls back in and hits a Chop Block! Pin!


Sheamus gets to his feet and runs at the ropes, Punk quickly gets up as Sheamus rebounds...ROLLING POWERSLAM! THE CROWD CHEERS LOUDLY! PIN!


JBL: Now that's a comeback right there!

CM Punk and Sheamus slowly get up at the same time, they engage in another staredown and lock-up. Collar and Elbow Tie-Up by Sheamus who pushes Punk to the corner and then keeps pressure on him, only to get kneed in the gut. Punk pushes Sheamus away and leaps back onto the second rope turnbuckle and quickly onto the apron... Sheamus regains his senses...SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! NO!!! SHEAMUS CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR! HE TWISTS HIM, BENDS OVER, FALLAWAY SLAM!!! Pin!



JBL: That's irrelevant, he didn't get pinned.

Sheamus mounts on top of CM Punk and delivers a bunch of punches to the latter's forehead until the referee forces him away. Sheamus argues with the official, giving CM Punk a bit of time to recover. But Punk gets up early enough and lunges at Sheamus, who was readier than he looked like, and delivers a huge Big Boot as a counter!

JBL: Hahaha! I taught him that!

And another cover!


The crowd starts an enormous "CM PUNK!" chant. Sheamus slaps Punk in the back of the head twice as the latter gets to his feet, kick to the gut! GUTWRENCH! CELTIC CROSS! NO!!! PUNK SLIPS OUT! Sheamus turns around! KICK TO THE GUT! DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER!


Jim Ross: I thought you didn't like Chicago?

JBL: I don't, it's the name of the move.

Both wrestlers are down! The referee starts counting them out!

1...2...3...They start rising...4...5...They're both up! Sheamus runs! BROGUE KICK, NO, CM PUNK DUCKS UNDER, KICK TO THE GUT! FIREMAN'S CARRY...GO TO SLEEP! PUNK HITS THE GO TO SLEEP! COVER!


The crowd cheers loudly as CM Punk has his hand raised by the referee.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your winner...C...M...PUNK!!!

Punk raises one arm in the air and then looks down at his fallen opponent. He exits the ring and picks up his WWE Championship from ringside, then walks up the ramp and takes a shortcut from the side to backstage... Sheamus lies out on the mat. Finlay is kneeling down trying to revive his client when suddenly a strobe light on the stage starts to flash.

JBL: The hell is this?

Jim Ross: I have no idea, John!

"Dirty Walls" rocks the PA system as the strobe light continues to flash and none other than Curt Hawkins struts out onto the ramp dressed in a air of denim jeans and ablack 'HAWKINS' T-shirt. The strobe light stops and Hawkins looks out at the crowd, smirking cockily. He then walks down to the bottom of the ramp, with Finlay watching him the whole time. Hawkins walks around the ring and grabs as mic as his music dies down. The crowd boo the newcomer, but it doesn't phase him as he jumps onto the apron and enters through the ropes. Curt looks down at Sheamus and then to Finlay, feigning concern.

Oh no! Finlay, is he alright?

Hawkins frowns at Finlay, then the frown slowly turns into a grin, which becomes hysterical laughter.

Oh man! You didn't think I was serious, did you, Dave? Look, be a good little manager and run along now, I've gotta introduce myself. Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is-

Finlay gets to his feet, red in the face and shoves Hawkins. Curt puts his tongue to his cheek, then looks back at the angry veteran.

Alright! Ok! I tried to be nice Finlay! I gave you a chance to take Sheamus and get the hell out of this ring! But you just couldn't take that chance, could you? You're just the same old, bitter bastard that you've always been... Y'know what I think about that? Lemme explain somethi-

Hawkins rushes at Finlay and smacks him in the head with the microphone. As Finlay drops to the mat, Hawkins falls to his knees and starts punching Finlay in the head rapidly. He gets the Irishman to his feet, then kicks him in the gut then grabs him by the shirt, running towards the ropes and tossing him over the top to the floor. Finlay hits the ground hard as Hawkins turns his attention to the unconscious Sheamus, kicking him until he can roll out under the bottom rope.

JBL: Hey! I like this guy! Good job, kid!

Jim Ross: Bah Gawd that was uncalled for!

The crowd boo wildly as Hawkins gets up and dusts himself off, slightly out of breath.

As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted... My name is Curt Hawkins. I'm one of the most misused and underrated performers of the decade, but here in MWA, that's not going to be the same. Just moments ago backstage, Matt Striker signed me to an exclusive contract, so I decided to make my presence known as soon as I could, and I did exactly that! If there's one thing I know about, it's making a damn impact!

The crowd boo wildly as Hawkins soaks it all up.

I don't care if you boo me! You're all just like the other nay-sayers who said I didn't have a chance to make it in this business! Well here in MWA, my career will flourish into the career of a legend. No more being looked down upon... It's going to be a fresh slate. Tonight is the beginning of a new era in this company! The era of Curt Hawkins!

Jim Ross: Strong words from the newcomer, Curt Hawkins!!

JBL: That's how you make an impact, JR! You take down one of the tops dogs! Hawkins was gunning for Sheamus and he brought the big man down!

Jim Ross: Sheamus was already out cold when Hawkins got out here...

JBL: Shut up!

Curt drops the mic then leave the ring as "Dirty Walls" hits again. As Curt walks up the ramp, he spits on Finlay then walks backstage. The scene fades.


It's time for our finals. Both men stand at opposite corners. The bell rings and both men walks towards each other, and grapple up in the middle of the ring. Raven is quickly able to get a headlock in on Single H, and then takes him down with a snapmare. Single H lands straight on his ass, and then is met with a swift kick to the back. He writhes in pain before he is helped up, and then immediately dropped with a body slam. Raven wipes his hands clean, as if he had just finished his dirty work.

Jim Ross: The experience of Raven is really proving to be a factor here.

JBL: Well yeah, Raven has been in this business all of his life! Literally, the second he was born he was put in a match against Ric Flair, and you better believe he beat him!

Single H carefully gets up to his feet, facing Raven the whole time, and avoiding another attack. They both pace around the ring a little, making a circle and always keeping eye contact. Raven tries to grapple up with one hand going high, but Single H drops down to his knees and pulls Raven's feet out from underneath of him. This causes him to fall straight on his back, but he recovers quickly and gets to his feet, only to immediately be met up with a dropkick that sends him right back down. This time he's not so quick to get up, and crawls backwards, away from Single H before returning to his feet. Both men stare each other down a bit before the audience claps loudly for their latest sequence.

Jim Ross: You know John, we have some of the best fans in the world!

JBL: No doubt about it! These are fans that can REALLY appreciate great wrestling!

Raven looks out to the fans and claps a bit before getting back to business. He locks back up with Single H in the middle of the ring, again getting a headlock in. But H pushes him away with the arm that hasn't been injured previously by Y2J, straight into the ropes. Raven bounces back, and drops H with a shoulder thrust. He looks down at him, and then runs to bounce off the ropes. But H rolls towards him, and he has to jump over, and bounce off the ropes again. This time H has gotten to his feet and hits Raven with a perfect dropkick. Pin!

1...2...Raven kicks out!

Jim Ross: Single H is staying with that quick pace. He could've had him there!

JBL: The day I see a match end with a dropkick is the day I retire.

Both men get to their feet quickly, and although Raven expects a quick break, H isn't going to give that to him. Instead he meets him with a quick Clothesline. But Raven gets right back up. H goes for another Clothesline, but Raven counters with an armdrag. H gets right back up to his feet again, and comes running right back at Raven. But he hits him with a Northern Lights Suplex Bridge.


Single H arches out of it, and both men are now standing in an awkward situation where they are back to back. But H is able to move his arms to a more suitable position, and drops Raven with a Neckbreaker. Pin!

1...2...Raven kicks out

He rolls away, gets to one knee, and stares down Single H who stares right back at him, with a smirk on his face. The crowd gives them a standing ovation.

Jim Ross: There's just something special about the speed that Single H brings to the game, and the intensity that he wrestles with.

Raven gets to his feet, and walks back towards Single H, catching him with a kick to the gut. He puts his head between his legs, but H gets out and pushes Raven away. But Raven comes right back, into a kick to the gut from H. This time H puts Raven's head between his legs. But Raven counters, by grabbing H's legs and pulling up. He keeps a hold of them as H falls back first to the mat.

JBL: This could be it, he might be going for a Boston Crab, or a Sharpshooter, and Single H is too worn out from his other match!

Single H frantically kicks at Raven, connecting with one kick to the face that forces him to break the hold. Raven stumbles back so that he is now leaning against the ropes. Single H runs right at him, and hits him with a Clothesline that sends him right over the ropes! But Raven manages to keep a hold on the ropes, and lands on the apron. H doesn't realize this, and taunts with his back turned to Raven, who he still thinks is out of the ring. After a few moments he turns around, and walks right towards him. He tries to grapple up, but Raven ducks down and hits him with a shoulder barge to the stomach between the top and middle rope. H bends over in pain, so Raven enters the ring and rolls Single H up in a School Boy.

1...2...Single H kicks out!

Jim Ross: And this match continues to impress with it's high speed! One mistake, for either of these competitors, and this thing could be over.

Both men get to their feet once again, this time it's Raven who runs for Single H. But H has already learned from the earlier parts of the match, and catches Raven with an Arm Drag. He gets right back up, and is again dropped by a Dropkick. He gets up one more time, and they both grapple up. But Raven pushes H straight back. He bounces off the ropes, Front Flip Kick! No, Raven gets out of the way, and H lands hard on his back. COVER!


The crowd is on their feet!

Jim Ross: Somehow he kicks out!

JBL: Single H is making a name for himself here tonight, he's not going down!

Raven quickly helps H up to his feet, continuing the match's high speed. He kicks him in the stomach, and sets him up for a suplex. But H punches his way out of it, and gets behind him. Belly to Back Suplex! No, Raven manages to stay on his feet after being lifted up only a few inches. He grabs H by the pants and his head. Irish Whip, H jumps to the air, Springboard Clothesline, COUNTERED INTO A DDT!!! The crowd goes insane as Raven crawls his way to the corner.

Jim Ross: What a counter by Raven!

JBL: And you've got to imagine he's got the ending to this match in his sight.

Raven gets to his feet, and leans against the turnbuckle as Single H stumbles to his feet in the opposite corner. H turns around, still groggy, as Raven runs right at him. Knee to the Gut! EVENFLOW DDT! Cover!


Jim Ross: He got him! What an impressive win for Raven! He is the new MWA World Champion...As a matter of fact, he is the first ever MWA World Champion!

Raven climbs to the top rope and raises his arms in victory, and the crowd cheers loudly as we fade out.


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||

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I IS RUSSIAN COMMENTATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For best outcome, read while eating pre-microwaved popcorn
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Im surprised with the show, it's great! 10/10 Very Happy

PS- I WON !!!
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