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Johnny B00Bz
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PostSubject: THE CROWN AINT SAFE IN THE HOOD, WHATS GOOOOOOOOD?   Fri Aug 05, 2011 7:54 pm

The scene opens to an almost entirely empty gym. The only people in sight, are Jack Jones, and his manager, newly signed, White Goodman. Goodman is wearing his sleeveless shirt to show off his muscles, where as Jack Jones is sporting a T-shirt that says "ZEUS!!!" in large letters, and then his own name underneath of it. Really, the two of them together is a queer sight, but they mean all business. Goodman's body is glimmering with sweat, but Jack Jones seems just fine. A towel lays over the weight bench behind them, and its pretty evident that a workout just took place, although it seems as though Goodman was the man doing all the work. But none of that really mattered, all that mattered was that Jones was about to speak, and people were about to listen.

Last week, I debuted in front of millions of fans, and I completely DOMINATED my opponent.

He looks over at Goodman, who nods in approval. He smirks, then continues to speak.

And while that was great, I've been waiting all week to finally get some REAL competition... Then I realized that my opponent for this week is Raven...

Jones sighs, and then continues to speak.

Well, eventually you'll have to put me up against someone GOOD. But hell, I've got no problem with winning the championship without breaking a damn sweat, I just didn't think it'd be that simple. But maybe...

Jones stops for a short moment to think.

Just maybe, hey White.

Jones turns to face White Goodman, who acts surprised to have his name called. He gives Jones a small nod to show he's paying attention.

Is it possible, that maybe... Maybe I'm just so good, that there IS no competition?

A big smile develops across Jones' face, and he looks back over at the camera.

Yeah, that's it. I'm just SO much better than everyone else, that they all just seem like table scraps to me... That's why I put up the big bucks to get trained in the MWA training facility. It's not cheap in there, but obviously it's worth it. It's the only place you can go, to become completely ELITE in this industry.

The fans boo loudly, most likely at the fact that Jones has won one match... Against a jobber, and now believes he is "Elite"

That's alright, I know you all hate me... But instead of just sitting there bitching about it, why don't one of you stop me? Nobody's gonna step up? That's what I thought... You're all going to have to deal with me, until somebody does something... But I don't see that happening, any time soon.

Jones smiles and nods. Goodman does the same, standing right beside him.

TBC - White Goodman, or END
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White Goodman
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PostSubject: Re: THE CROWN AINT SAFE IN THE HOOD, WHATS GOOOOOOOOD?   Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:47 am

White Goodman smiles and puts his hand on Jack's shoulder.

-- White Goodman --
"Obviously no one has the balls to face Jack here because he's conditioned to his absolute limits? How you ask? Why, through the use of my Globo-Gym facilities of course! In fact, we're in a Globo-Gym Muscle & Fitness Center right now! Hi! I'm White Goodman! Founder, CEO and Chairman of Globo-Gym America Corporation!"

Goodman stands up and starts to walk around the gym, looking at the camera and grinning the whole time as Jack Jones watches on.

-- White Goodman --
"Here at Globo-Gym, we focus solely on you and your needs! We understand that ugliness and fatness are genetic disorders! Just like baldness or necrophilia, and you need to do something about it! That's where we come in! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Just look at all the happy faces around here!"

White stops in front of a jacked up guy lifting a dumbbell, puts his hand on the guy's shoulder then turns to the camera and grins cheesily.

-- White Goodman --
"How're we doin' over here, Charlie?"

-- Charlie The Muscle Man --
"Bite me."

White quickly moves on, ignoring what Charlie just said. He then past a bunch of massage beds.

-- White Goodman --
"And with our competitively priced on-sight cosmetic surgery, we can turn that Frankenstein you see in the mirror every morning into a Franken-fine! Of course you'll still be you in a legal sense... But think of it a thinner, better, more attractive you that you could never become, without us!"

White gives a cheesy thumbs up to the camera. he then walks back over to Jack Jones and stands behind, placing his hands on his shoulders and rubbing them in a non-homosexual manner.

-- White Goodman --
"But that's enough about me! Let's talk about the man of the hour, Jack Jones!"

An applause sound effect is played over the gym's public announcement system.

-- White Goodman --
"Jack came to me a few days ago and he said "White, I need to get in shape man. I mean, I'm already in peak physical condition, but I want to exceed those limits and break those barriers!" So I gave him a free trial membership to Globo-Gym America Corp. Now, a few days later, just look at him!"

White holds up an iPad with two pictures of Jack Jones on the screen.



-- White Goodman --
"Now you might say that it's the same photo, but then I'd call you a liar! Clearly, Jack is in much better physical shape than he's ever been! He's obviously ready to take on whatever challenge lies ahead of him in whatever line of work he's chosen! That'd be... Umm..."

Someone off-camera yells 'WRESTLING!".

-- White Goodman --
"Oh yeah! Wrestling! Now I know nothing about the world of wrestling, but obviously with the help of my Globo-Gym facilites, Jack is ready to take whatever guy he goes up against! But these facilities aren't restricted to guys like Jack! You can join Globo-Gym too! Just call 1800-555-661 and we'll get you set up as fast as we can to head down here and experience a full seven day trial! You'll love it! Until then folks, this is White Goodman signing off!"

White playfully throws a punch into Jack's arm and starts to jump around as the scene fades out.
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