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 Dominate at dominating

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PostSubject: Dominate at dominating   Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:18 pm

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as fireworks cue on stage, and Chris Masters walks out. The crowd now cheers. The Masterpiece taunts and makes his way to the ring. Where he is handed a microphone.

Chris Masters: Ladies and gents the following match is scheduled for one fall! The crowd laughs. I am the Masterpiece, Chris Masters...but you all know me already, don't you? especially because I'm the goddamn best wrestler in this goddamn business, and was never given my god...damn...shot. Not in WWE, not in OVW...nowhere! Actually the best I ever achieved've been tag team titles. Do I look like a tag team champion, or a world champion to you?

the crowd boos this sudden turn of attitude... Masters has a smug grin...

Chris Masters: But don't think I will be held down here as I've been held down before, no. I understand what I'm going to do and what that is is start from the bottom and climb my way to the World Championship. but you just wait, because I'm a completely renovated in-ring Wrestler. I don't rely on a couple of moves like the usual Joe you see here in MWA... You've seen nothing of me yet.

Masters pauses...

Chris Masters: You see management tends to complicate the careers of the wrestlers that actually give their all for their career, by judging them on weight, size, looks, and star quality...Well not only do I have all that, as also I have what many "main eventers" don't have, I have determination! I have poise and i am driven to change this company from down-up... He chuckles. and after I'm done tonight, I'll be leading the Legends championship tournament in my first match with this company.

The Masterpiece laughs...

Chris Masters: and thing is...that's only going to be the beginning of an era. I'm not included in the world championship tourny, but I don't need to be...As far as that goes, I'll be the number one contender sooner than everyone else expects me to be...And as soon as I am the number one contender, it'll be only a small matter of time until I have the World championship gold...and even then I will not drop the Legends title that will belong to me soon enough...It's just a matter of dominating...And I dominate at dominating...

He drops the microphone.
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PostSubject: Re: Dominate at dominating   Fri Aug 05, 2011 5:23 pm

OOC: Miz and P2, if you're reading this, THIS is how you write a damn debut promo. Great job.

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Dominate at dominating
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