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 Have No Fear, P Squared is Here

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PostSubject: Have No Fear, P Squared is Here   Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:07 pm

Phillip's music blared through the arena. He walked down the ramp with a microphone in his hand and a smile on his face. The crowd exploded with boos and harsh chants upon seeing the rookie's arrival.
Phillip was wearing his wrestling gear. Today, it was a zebra print singlet with the usual boots, elbow and knee pads, and a single fingerless glove on his right hand, all black.

Jim Ross: And here comes MWA's newest member, Phillip Phillips! What will he have to say?

He held the microphone to his lips.

Hello, Saudi Arabia! You may no longer worry about this awful roster boring you to death... because Phillip Phillips is now here. And, he's already got a title shot for... you guessed it, the Legends Title! And do you know why I'm competing for that title, out of all the others here in MWA? Because I am a legend. And I'm certainly a better one than all those other losers in my match. Heck, I have more talent than Randy Orton, Christian, The Miz, and Triple H combined in my pinkie finger. And that's why, not only am I getting a title shot, but I'm winning it.

Phillip paused and stroked his moustache, seemingly oblivious to the crowd's reaction. Once again, the crowd overwhelmed with boos after the new guy insulted some of their favorite, better-known wrestlers.

Hey! Fuck you! You'll regret this later, believe me. Because guess what? I'm better than all those assclowns you think are so great. So mark my words: one day, you'll be cheering me!

Across the Nation played again, and Phillip stepped over the rope and began to walk back up the ramp.

JBL: Well, someone's cocky. But that is a good subject. Who will be the new Legends Champion at Saturday Nightmare II?

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Have No Fear, P Squared is Here
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