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 The Wrathful hand of God

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PostSubject: The Wrathful hand of God   Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:24 pm

The scene opens up to a filthy children's room of what looks to be a condemned building. The camera finds Raven walking through the room, sifting through the debris with his foot. Raven turns to face the camera and begins to speak.

"'Is something wrong?' she said. 'Well of course there is. You're still alive' she said. 'And do I deserve to be? Is that the question'" Do I really deserve to be alive? Do I deserve to be alive after all the sins that I have committed against my fellow man?

Probably, but the fact of the matter is that I am still here. And I still have an unquenchable thirst for blood. One is not many and many is never enough. But I guess I'll make do with tearing 'em apart one by one.

Jack Jones, I bid you welcome to my own personal playground. But in order to take advantage of the fun that this park really has to offer, well, you'd have to be me. And the sad reality of it Jack, you're not me. Jack, not even Jahovah can help you now. You have been shoved into the lion's den, the door is locked and there is no means of escape. I'm sorry Jack, I did not choose your fate for you. I am just the war hammer that's used to destroy you.

Actually, come to think of it, I actually don't have any sorrow for you. But I tell you what I do have. About 2 years worth of vent up ruthless aggression that's begging for a target to unleash on. Last week, with Hunter, that was just a short preview of things to come. I am going to pick apart the Modern Wrestling Association and the next step is the undoing of Jack Jones.

From breaking his limbs to stopping the beating of his heart. And even then I will continue to destroy what used to be Jack Jones. Just like the energizer bunny, I will keep going and going and going until there is nobody left to stand in my way. Nobody left to oppose my destruction. The MWA will be nevermore. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. No one is safe.

Quoth the Raven

The scene fades after zooming into Raven's face
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The Wrathful hand of God
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