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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE I   Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:31 pm

The scene opens to an unfamiliar face in a backstage area. The man had yet to be seen in action anywhere, but surely had the build to compete. He begins talking, with a great deal of arrogance, far past confidence.

My name... Is Jack Jones, and I am better than each and every one of you.

The crowd boos. Hell, I'd boo too, this guys' an ass. Irregardless, he continued to talk.

If you're looking for the purest wrestling imaginable, you don't have to look for Kurt Angle, or Davey Richards, or Eddie Edwards... In fact, you don't have to look any further, than right here.

Jones motions his hands to show that he was talking about himself, and smirks as the crowd boos him even louder than before.

If you people boo me, you're booing this whole company... You see, I wasn't born this way. Nobody is born six foot one, two hundred thirty five pounds of pure integrity. Nobody is born the greatest wrestler in the world today. No, you have to train to be this way. And you're looking at the first man to graduate from the MWA training facility.

There is a mixed reaction as Jones arrogantly nods at himself. The crowd is a fan of MWA obviously, but not so much the attitude of Jones.

Tonight, is the first night, on my quest to be not only this company's first graduate, but it's first champion as well. I don't even know who they're trying to throw in front of me, but they have absolutely no chance. Talk is cheap, I'm just going to have to go out there and show every one of you why I'm the best wrestler this industry has ever seen!

Jones laughs to himself as the scene fades to black.

The fireworks cue! The camera films the jam packed arena in Queensland, Australia and then pans to the announcers' table.

Jim Ross: Good evening and welcome, folks, to the first ever MWA Saturday Nightmare! We are coming to you from Queensland, Australia and we have one hell of a show coming.

JBL: And I've heard some rumors about what we might see tonight! Just wai--

The crowd goes wild as the lights dim. Chris Jericho is turning his back to the ramp, wearing his trademark vest and tights, and with his arms wide open to each side as the countdown on his Titantron comes to a close. As it reaches zero he turns around, taunting. The crowd cheers him on as his fireworks cue on the Titantron. Jericho grins as he starts making his way down the ramp with a microphone. His theme song stops as he starts speaking while walking.

Well first off there's something I need to get out of my chest...WELCOME...TO MWA...IS...JERICHO!!!

The crowd pops insanely as Jericho smiles, he then rolls into the ring, and gets back to his feet while the crowd calms down. He looks out at the crowd before he speaks...

As you all may know by now, the Extreme Wrestling Empire is now defunct...And to be honest with all of you...I really couldn't care less. The crowd boos... Whoa, whoa...Don't get me wrong, my good Jerichoholics...It was good while it lasted...But now it's time for me to write a new chapter in my career...It's time for me to write a new chapter in this business itself and I'm going to do it here in none other than Matt Striker's MWA. Starting tonight.

The crowd cheers now...

All of this time I've been worried about putting on a good show...And I did...Although Empire went bankrupt three times because there are some fans that can't appreciate a good show, aren't there? Well it's over now, and as I said before I couldn't be happier because I was given a chance to put on a good show without having to rely on anyone!...I can do it myself! For all the Jerichoholics out there, here in the arena AND at home, I am simply back to running the show with a different kind of power, setting in a different set of rules...Putting on a different kind of show. And I'm not here tonight nor will I ever be out here to talk about the past. Although I am the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion...And many many more... The crowd laughs... And I'm not going to come out here to talk about the future like many of the guys do, I can't just make up a future for myself, cross my fingers and hope it happens my way! Oh no...I'm going to come out here to talk about the present! To talk about right now! And later tonight you're all going to witness it when I bring back none other than the Highlight Reel, HERE IN M, W, A!

The crowd goes wild!!! Jericho smiles and nods...

So...Earlier tonight I was backstage and I was wondering who the hell could my first guest be? I wondered and wondered...Maybe CM Punk? THE CROWD GOES NUTS!!! Yes, you heard me. CM Punk, after all the rumors that've gone around about him signing over to MWA WITH the WWE Championship. He's at the arena right now, actually...

Jericho nods as the crowd is blowing the roof off the arena with "CM Punk!" chants.

You just wait...

Jericho drops the mic as the crowd cheers, and we cut to backstage. The scene fades to Sheamus and Finlay walking through the backstage area. Sheamus is dressed to compete, with his Celtic Cross around his neck on a silver chain. Finlay is dressed in a black, long-sleeved button up shirt, a pair of jeans and some dress shoes. The two men come to a stop in front of a wooden door. As the camera pans around the door it reveals a golden plaque that clearly reads 'Matt Striker - Chairman of the Board'. Sheamus and Finlay nod at each other, then push the door open. Once inside, it can be seen that the office is nicely decorated, and sitting in a comfy looking leather chair behind large desk, is Matt Striker himself. The Chairman is filling in some paperwork and he briefly glances up at both men before looking right back down and resuming his work.

Sheamus, Finlay, what can I do for you two gentlemen?

Sheamus immediately walks to the hardwood desk and places his hands on it, leaning over to Striker.

Stop with the small talk, fella. Y'know why I'm here.

Striker sighs and puts his pen down. He puts his hands together and looks up at Sheamus.

I'm assuming you want a contract then?

Sheamus slams his fists down on the desk as Finlay walks over, trying to calm him down.

What Sheamus is tryin' to say, Mr. Striker, is yes, we both want contracts.

Sheamus shoves Finlay aside.

Striker, stop playin' these games... Y'know that you need someone like me around here. I can't believe you didn't go signin' me in the first place.

Striker nods, contemplating what Sheamus just said.

Fair enough. Why don't you both explain to me exactly why I should sign either of you?

Sheamus stands back up straight and turns to Finlay, laughing.

Yer' kiddin' me, fella. Y'know that I'm reliable, I'm a top draw and I can get the job done in that ring. Ye' saw me in Rapture back in EWE, didn't ye'? Ye' saw the impact that we made and ye' saw how we ran the entire show. Ratings were through the roof, fella. I was a main eventer on Genesis and I took the International Champion to his limits. That was one hell o' a show, and I can put on more shows just as good. Ask yer' self, can ye' resist the offer, Striker? Do ye' want this place to fail before it even takes off? Can ye' invest that heavily in Chris Jericho and CM Punk? Ye' know they're the only big names ye' got. Aside from those fellas, ye' have a bunch o' no name indy stars who couldn't draw a dime fer' this company. Ye' need me.

Striker doesn't react, he simply turns to Finlay and motions to him.

And you? I thought you weren't wrestling any more, and I recall Sheamus hitting you in the head with a crowbar.

Finlay smiles and steps forward.

He did hit me with a crowbar, and he cracked me noggin wide open, but it takes more than that to put down an ol' dog like me.

Finlay laughs audibly and Sheamus grins.

Y'see, Mr. Striker, Sheamus and I came to an understanding and we reached an agreement together. We're both Irish, that's a rare thing ta' see in this business. We realized that we shouldn't be tearin' each other apart. We should be helpin' each other out. Now I'm not applyin' fer' a full-time wrasslin' position... I'd like ta' manage Sheamus, however, if the need arises, I can lace up my boots again. With my help, Sheamus will be risin' to the top o' the food chain around here very quickly... That's if you sign us of course.

Sheamus folds his arms, awaiting an answer.

So, fella... Whadd'ya say?

Sheamus extends his hand to Striker, waiting for a shake. Matt Striker shakes the hand of Sheamus as he rises up to his feet. He turns his back on the Irish pair of superstars to pick up two untouched contract clipboards, and he puts them both on a table.

Well..."Fellas"...Consider yourselves signed to a Main Eventer and Semi-Active Wrestler slash Manager contracts. Respectively.

Striker bends down to sign his name on both contracts. He then pushes him forward on the hardwood desk and spins them around, turned to Sheamus and Finlay.

Go ahead.

Sheamus takes the pen that Striker put on top of his contract, and bends down to sign his name on the dotted line. He hands the pen to Dave Finlay, who does the exact same on his directed contract. Striker nods with a smile. They both turn around.

Sheamus, could I have a private word with your manager? After looking over his shoulder, Sheamus turns his head and shrugs as he walks away, chuckling. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Sheamus stops by the doorway, but then realizes he's now under contract and just walks away. Striker sits back down.

Finny...Make sure to your...Client...That he's aware that I signed him to a Main Event contract, and he has to perform up to his actual duties. Not like when he was the, "leader" of the Rapture, and was outshined by each and every single one of his lackeys. Other than that remind him, that he's one of the top three in the company, but not to get overconfident and fuck up my show. Here in MWA you don't just cross the boss and get away with it, eh. Now get out.

Finlay nodded his head, grinning at Striker as he warned him.

Of course sir. Y'know Sheamus is a very confident lad, but I'll keep 'em in check just for ye', eh?

Finlay turns around and starts walking out of the office.

Maybe ye'll change yer' mind when he's the world champion. But I thank ye' for signing us both respectively. Ye' won't be disppointed, I assure you o' that.

Finlay adjusts his sleeves and then walks out of the door, slapping Sheamus on the arm as he leaves.

What'd he say ta' ye' in there, fella?

Finlay grins as both men walk down the corridor.

He said yer' one of his top three stars, and ye' need to focus and not get overconfident... But that doesn't matter, lad. What matters is ye'll be winnin' the world championship soon enough. Then ye' and I will be on top o' the world. Now let's get ta' yer' new locker room... I need a drink before yer' match.

Both men start laughing as they enter a random door and the scene fades to black.

he audience boo as he walks out into the building with his arms outstretched. He laughs at the fans booing him as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring. SH asks for a microphone, on getting one he tests it out by tapping it and then raises it to his lips.


The audience boo and chant 'You Suck'.

What? What have I done to anger you people now?! I was going to be nice today, but you all boo me before I even get out of the curtain! Now if that's not premature judgement I don't know what is.

SH laughs and then continues...

Now in-case you don't know who I am... My name is Single H. The Controller, Single H. You may know me already, if you don't, you just got lucky. I'm a former tag-team champion... Have any of you been tag-team champions?

He holds the mic up to the audience who just boo him more.

Nope. That doesn't surprise me. No, no, no, it's not your fault don't get me wrong! You can't help not being like me, not many are... In fact, there is only one man on this earth that comes close to being as good as me, I think you all know him, his name starts with a C!!!

The fans chant 'CM Punk'.

That's right! Chuck Norris! In all seriousness people, I came out here to inform you as to why I'm back in this business. I joined EWE in it's final days, I never truly did my best. That's all going to change. When I broke out of that prison cell in Africa, I had only one thing in mind, and that was to track down Chris Jericho and give him a piece of my mind... Guess that's not gonna happen now, we're under new management.

SH winks at the stage.

And would ya believe it, the second Matt Striker takes over this company, I instantly get a shot at the MWA world championship! All I have to do is beat that... Punk, CM Punk. As always, I watched back tapes of Punk's matches and promos and it dauned on me that this CM Punk, this guy that everyone seems to worship is nothing more than a direct rip-off of yours truly. That angers me, I'm the most original guy you'll ever meet and you all know it!

The crowd laugh at the ignorance of SH.

In fact, I'll bet I can find 100 people backstage that agree with me, CAMERAMAN, CAMERA ME.

SH walks back up the ramp and to the backstage area, cameraman following closely behind, he appears on the titantron screen standing next to some random member of backstage staff.

Hey you! Random member of backstage staff!

The random member of backstage staff turns around.


Let me get your opinion, what do you think of CM Punk?

SH smiles and holds a microphone to the random member of backstage staff.

Well, I think he's a great wrestler and he has fantastic mic skills!

Single H quickly pulls the mic away and signals to the cameraman.

Cut cut! Edit that ready for the broadcast.

Ummm... We're live, there is no editing.

Well then CUT you damn fool!


We come back as a local wrestler is finishing up his entrance. He is already in the ring.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is the first match of the first stage of the tournament that leads to the first ever MWA...World...Championship...Match!!!...It is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in 190 pounds!...from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia!...MIKE...HAWK!!!

The crowd laughs at the hometown wrestler's name, but he doesn't seem to care. "When The Music Stops" hits as MWA's newest rookie comes out. Jack Jones makes his way down to the ring.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in 235 pounds...JACK...JONES!!!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Jones rolls into the ring. He looks death serious as he gets back to his feet.

Jim Ross: Jack Jones, this sport was trained by what is now the MWA Training Facility...

JBL: How the hell would you know?

Jim Ross: I AM the Director of Talent Relations, John...

Jack Jones trades an intense staredown with Mike Hawk before slapping him right across the face! The fans start cheering for their hometown "hero" at this moment, as they boo in that instant. The referee orders for the bell to ring as Jack Jones knees Mike Hawk right to the gut. And now a Front Facelock. Spike DDT! And a cover!


Jones seems frustrated for not being able to win so quickly!

JBL: HAH, rookies think they can win with one move...

Jim Ross: That was just sad.

Jones stays serious as he grabs Mike Hawk and brings him up to his feet...Irish Whip but Jones runs right at the same time in the same direction, even faster...And a One-Handed Bulldog!! He follows it with a Grounded Armbar. Releasing the pressure just as Mike Hawk shows intentions of tapping out. Jones, now relieved, gets up and wipes his hands on one another while grinning, taunting Hawk. He stomps on Mike Hawk and then Elbows him on the chest.

Jim Ross: I'm pretty sure he can just finish it now whenever he wants to, folks.

Jones gets up and pulls his opponent up now by the hair.

JBL: Truth is, JR, Mike Hawk is no wrestler, and Jack Jones was trained by the MWA Facilities...There's just no comparison.

Jones kicks Mike Hawk to the gut and puts him in position...BARRY WHITE DRIVER!!! The crowd boos loudly as Jones goes for the pinfall.

1...2...3!!! The bell rings.

"When The Music Stops" hits as Jack Jones gets up and has his hand raised.

Justin Roberts: And the winner of this match, advancing to the semi-finals of the MWA World Championship Tournament...JACK...JONES!!!


We come back from a commercial break to see the Highlight Reel set in the ring. Blue velvet mat, two leather stools and, of course, the Jeritron 5000 hanging from a low rafters imitation. Chris Jericho is sitting on one of the stools, wearing the same attire as earlier, and his sunglasses. The crowd is cheering and the Highlight Reel logo is situated on the lower left corner of the screen. Jericho raises his microphone up to his lips and speaks as he stands up...


The crowd goes wild!!!

And welcome to none other than the one, the only, the most interesting talk show in the history of Wrestling, NO...The history of Australia...No! The history of the whole Universe and some more!...Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel is back, pimps and whores, boys and girls, men and women, ladies and gentlemen, hermaphrodites...

The crowd laughs. Jericho paces from side to side slowly as he speaks.

Before changing the subject, let me just tell you people who my opponent for tonight is. He was signed to a contract like an hour ago and now he's a God damned "Main Eventer", none other than the Irish Retard and his shillelagh bearing 60 year old virgin manager, Sheamus O'Pussy--I mean O'Shaunessy. The crowd laughs. Come on, that was a bad joke. Either way. Apparently Striker called him a...Headliner...A face of this company. And because of such nonsense comparison to me and, well my special guest here tonight, I'm pretty sure that I simply am going to break his face into two tonight, and I might just use their damn shillelagh!...Now onto another subject.

Jericho pauses as he sits back on his stool.

My special guest here tonight...Well you know who he is. This man has my props, he seriously does. He's made such an impact lately that it's even left ME dumbfounded. I mean...He's evolved from a spineless, cowardly, jellyfish who got his ass kicked by some...Jericho air-quotes, "Legacy", only to see me replacing him in a match and becoming World Champion, on to a...Well...Guy with balls. The crowd laughs. And so I heard he is in negotiations with Matt Striker as of late...I was also shocked when I heard such... But I'll tell you, my Jerichoholics, one thing!...If he really is signed...I'm going to love facing him in this tournament finals...But I'll also tell you this, beating him will taste like heaven!

The crowd boos Jericho's last remark.

Come on, you all know that comparing him to a legend like I made myself become, building my own path, is unjust, and just plain ricockulous! The crowd boos louder, some chant CM Punk's name...Fine, you'll get to see for yourself...Ladies and Gentlemen...C...M...PUNK!!!

The crowd goes wild. Moments pass, the crowd is now quiet and on their feet, wondering if the Straight Edge Messiah has really signed with MWA and if he really brought the WWE Championship with him. Suspense starts to build in the arena and Jericho smiles with all confidence. No surprise to the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, CM Punk comes out on the stage wearing his wrestling attire and his new white shirt with the Straight Edge Society logo on the front and "I Am The Best In the World" on the back. The crowd cheer as they notice the WWE Championship around Punk's waist. Punk poses on the stage for a couple of moments, syncing in the love the crowd is giving him. He then starts walking down the ramp at a normal pace, taunting every once in a while. He reaches the bottom of the ramp and gets on the apron. Both CM Punk and Chris Jericho are smiling at each other. Punk enters through the ropes. He takes of his belt and hangs it on his shoulder. He leans on the ropes closer to the announcement table and grabs a mic from the timekeeper. Punk then looks at the crowd, gives a wide smile and lifts his championship for the crowd as they cheer. He turns around, still lifting it, to see Jericho offering a hand shake. Punk places his championship on his shoulder and tosses the mic to his left hand, then shakes Jericho's hand.

It's funny isn't it?

Jericho looks confused. CM Punk lets go of Jericho's hand.

One moment you're calling me a spineless jellyfish and the other you're shaking my hand.

Jericho immediately responds.

I wa--

Jericho is cut off.

Shhh... You were always a person that gave the people what they wanted. Right now, I think they want...Punk pauses as the crowd chants "CM Punk". Me! Chris, I'm not a big fan of backhanded compliments. May I remind you, that spineless jellyfish was your World Wrestling Champion. Besides, you're being a bit of a... What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yes, a hypocrite. You yourself were a slime, beaten around by rookies.

Jericho is still looking a bit confused.

Don't get me wrong Chris, I respect you, I really do. But this is the age of Punk. Right now, I'm the best in the world...At what I do!

The crowd goes insane. You can hear "Y2J" and "CM Punk" chants. CM Punk spins the 'W' in the WWE Championship as the crowd laughs.

The crowd's laugher quickly turn to boos as "Written In My Face" blasts over the PA System. After a brief moment, Sheamus struts out onto the ramp with a mic in his hand, dressed his ring gear and black shirt with a Celtic cross design on the front of it. Finlay follows closely behind Sheamus dressed in a black collared shirt and tie, some black slacks and dress shoes. He also has his trademark shillelagh in hand. Both men walk about halfway down the ramp until they come to a stop and Finlay motions for the music to be cut. Sheamus looks over at his manager and grins, taking in the negative reaction they're receiving. He turns back to the ring, then raises his microphone.

So it's true, eh? The great CM Punk has actually signed with MWA, joinin' the likes of us mere mortals. I'm so sorry, fella, I really am, but I'm gonna have to stop ya' right there. Y'see, ya' might think that your debut is the biggest announcement tonight... Well sorry to disappoint ya', but that just isn't the case.

Sheamus smiles down at CM Punk as Finlay laughs and claps. They walk closer to the ring, stopping at the end of the ramp.

As Jericho said before, I've signed with this company now, and that means both of you fellas are now standin' between me and the MWA World Championship. That's bad news for the both of ya' lads, because that gold is rightfully mine, and I'm gonna take it... No matter what the cost.

Sheamus climbs the steel steps whilst Finlay jumps onto the apron. Both men look at each other then enter the ring at the same time. Sheamus turns to Punk.

Ya' won the WWE title once and now ya' have this huge cult following? Tell me somethin', Fella. I won that title twice, why don't I have that many fans? Y'know why? It's because I don't waste me time panderin' to 'em and tellin' 'em what they wanna hear... Ya' made all the promises in the world about how pro-wrasslin' is gonna change now that yer' on top... Well one thing hasn't changed. Yer' still the same old bitter, arrogant, overrated wuss that ya' always were. I'm gonna enjoy the moment that I pin ya' fer' the three count... When all yer' fans realize just how wrong they were choosin' you over me. That title means nothin', fella... But the MWA World Championship does... And I'm gonna have that around me waist in no time.

Sheamus turns to Jericho, smiling.

Well, fella, this is my debut on The Highlight Reel! So why don't ya' sit down and don't say anything you'll regret. If I were you, I'd use this time wisely and sk the questions that really matter, like how quickly I'll be capturing the World Title...

Sheamus lowers his microphone and turns to Finlay, who is still gripping the shillelagh. Jericho seems to actually be taking Sheamus seriously as he forwards with a question...

I do have a question that only you can answer, Shamy.

Sheamus smiles confidently as he nods...

How was it like finally losing your virginity to a 60 year old man with a shillelagh?

The crowd goes wild!!! CM Punk is seen laughing loudly behind Chris Jericho. Sheamus looks ticked off as does Finlay.

Oh let me guess, lemme guess...Jericho impersonates Sheamus, T'was a hell o'a ride, fella! The crowd is still laughing loudly! Don't bother coming down here though, I'll deal with you later tonight, now back to you, Phil--

Jericho is cut off as soon as he turns to CM Punk.

Hold on a second fella!--

The crowd yells with Jericho as the latter turns back to cut Sheamus off...


The crowd now cheers once more.

As I told you already, you big...giant glass of milk. I'll beat you in the ring--I mean meet you...I don't wanna sound overconfident here...The crowd laughs. You seem frustrated there, fella, won't you calm down a bit, and I'll tell you what, after I beat you we can hit the tanning salon together tomorrow, what do you think?

A frustrated-looking Sheamus seems to be about to attack but he's held back by Finlay.

Yeah, very wise, old man, hold that manbeast down, you need him to give you his all later tonight.

Finlay now just simply hands Sheamus his shillelagh as Sheamus smiles. The Irish Warrior towards Jericho who strips his vest. Sheamus loses his grin and stops walking slowly as he was, just as soon as Punk stands side by side with Jericho, who looks to the side with a smirk.

No, Chris, I don't have your back if that's what you think. I'm just proving a point here, I'm proving that you Sheamus, no matter how big you are or how rebellious you think you are, you, you're the only cowardly spineless jellyfish I see in this company.

The crowd cheers. Punk turns to them...

Shut up. The crowd does, making Jericho chuckle...As I was saying, Sheamus...

The crowd gasps in surprise. Jonathan Coachman steps out of the backstage area and onto the stage, sharply dressed in a black suit and a blue tie and holding a mic in his right hand. Everyone in the arena is confused, including the three wrestlers.

Surprised to see me? What? You didn't think this place would run itself, did you? That's right ladies and gentlemen: I, Jonathan Coachman, am the general manager of Saturday night Nightmare!

The wrestlers have a non-caring look on their faces, yet intrigued on what the Coach has to say.

Striker had to find someone to help him keep watch on his wrestlers and there's a reason he chose me. It's not just because I'm the token black guy.

The crowd laughs.

But it's also because he and I share the same view of what pro wrestling should be. That vision being more action than talk. And all I've been seeing from you here tonight is talk, this needs to change. This is no longer EWE. I'm not sure what the E's stood for, but I'm sure one of them meant entertainment.

The crowd laughs again.

We have a wide vision for this company. That's why we signed you here. We have the extreme, the technical and the entertaining all in one ring right now. Do you see the possibilities? Of course you don't! Me and Striker, however, do. And our job is to turn these possibilities into something viewable for the whole world to see.

The crowd cheers.

Now, you guys have been rambling here about who's the best, who deserves the championship, who's the best... Well, to be honest, I wasn't paying any attention to what you were fighting over. You can't blame me though, manly because I'm your boss. Also, you guys were so boring, the crowd is not here to see you verbally assault each other.

The crowd boos.

They want to see you physically assault each other. You want to know who's the best of you three? I can help you with that. Two weeks from now, at MWA Execution, it'll be, Y2J, Chris Jericho versus, the Straight Edge Messiah, CM Punk versus, the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus!

Both Punk and Jericho grin, while Sheamus has a semi-poker face on. The crowd goes wild with cheer.

And if one of you manages to win the tournament and the MWA Championship next week, it'll be a triple threat match for the MWA Championship!

The crowd goes loud once more.

Now that sounds about right. For now, though, I want you guys to head backstage and get ready for your matches. I'm paying you to participate in cock fights, not debate clubs.

The Coach heads backstage. We cut to commercials.


We come back from the commercial break, Single H and CM Punk are facing each other in the center of the squared circle. Punk looks death serious and Single H has a smug grin on his face. The bell rings. Punk and H lunge at each other but Punk is quickly outspeeded as H grabs Punk from behind, yet Punk drops down tossing H away across the ring, they both get up at the same time. The crowd sounds excited for this match.

Jim Ross: This match has all the potential to become an amazing contender for Match of the Year in my opinion, both the combinations of huge speed and technique that these two Wrestlers possess are outstanding, John!

JBL: You may've got that right, JR, but Single H is no match for Punk, we'll see the difference in quality in little details and Punk will get the win. Mark my words.

Single H speeds up and runs at Punk after a long staredown, Punk limits himself to give him a Spinning Kick to the Gut, outsmarting SH. And now a flurry of Muay-Thai typical kicks and elbows, followed by an Irish Whip from side to side of the ring. Punk runs at Single H, and a Flying Elbow to the Face! Punk gets up and taunts as the crowd cheers loudly!

Jim Ross: Punk has been getting the support of every single Wrestling fan as of late!

Punk gets in a Rear Chin Lock after sitting up Single H, but soon enough does the latter slip out of it. He gets up and quickly hits a Double Leg Takedown on Punk then gets up to recover and catch a breath. But he takes long enough for the Straight Edge Messiah to get up. Knee to the gut by the Controller! And a Headlock Takedown! H gets to his feet, Standing Moonsault! Pin!


Both wrestlers get up at the same time but Single H still has the upper hand. Arm Wrench and Pull, and a Kick to the Gut! H runs at the ropes, Springboard Moonsault!


JBL: Single H does have a future in this business though, and a bright one, actually he should ask me to mentor him, having a Wrestling God as a trainer equals profits, you know?

Jim Ross: I thought you were a Commentating God now...

JBL: I am.

Single H is stomping Punk down on the corner, he takes a few steps back and then runs forth to hit CM Punk with a boot to the face but the latter grabs his legs, making the Controller go face first into the top turnbuckle corner. Punk gets up to recover as Single H stays in the corner, CM Punk runs at him and hits him with a Double Axe Handle.

Jim Ross: Tables have turned. Time to see if Single H can stop Punk's momentum, and we all know what happens when Punk's on a roll.

JBL: People fall asleep.

Jim Ross: Exactly, with the devastating GTS.

JBL: ...That's not what I meant.

The crowd cheers as Punk turns Single H around and takes a few steps back...He runs forth and jumps high, hitting a knee to Single H's jaw, he taunts in the corner as the crowd cheers him--He grabs Single H by the neck and drops down, runs and hits a Bulldog!

Jim Ross: That's classic Punk right there.

JBL: For a moment there I thought you were going to say vintage.

Punk gets up and outstretches his arms, shouting, as he taunts for the Go To Sleep! Single H is getting up...Kick to the gut, Fireman's Carry...SINGLE H SLIPS AWAY. Punk turns around, Single H jumps, Dropsault!

Jim Ross: Single H might be going for his finishing maneuver here!

Single H taunts as the crowd boos and he gets on the top rope, 270 SPLASH!!!


The crowd boos Single H as he gets up and has his hand raised by the referee as the bell rings. His theme song hits the PA System as he taunts Punk.

Justin Roberts: And the winner of this match, qualifying for the next stage of the MWA World Championship Tournament...SINGLE...H!!!

Single H taunts a bit more, delighted, as the crowd boos.

We cut backstage. The scene cuts into Kevin Kelly standing in the interview area when out of no where Raven starts walking into the shot. As soon as the fans recognize Raven a huge pop is heard from the arena. Wherever he's heading, he seems to be heading with a purpose. Kevin Kelly tries to stop Raven for an interview

Oh my God, the guys rumored that you were back, but I just couldn't...Raven, can I have a...would you please sto...

Raven walks right past him.

Shortly after the sounds of cawing birds is heard over the PA system followed by "Angry Chair" and the crowd cheers again. Raven walks out onto the stage wasting no time on his way to the ring. Raven grabs a mic from a stage hand and climbs into the ring. The crowd quiets down and Raven begins to speak

July 30th, 2011. Today's date shall be remembered as history. Today marks the return of the Raven. The Raven Warrior pauses...Israel, Rome, England, EWE, all were huge. All have fallen. Now it is time for The Raven Warrior to be reborn in what has come to be known as the Modern Wrestling Association. And it seems that my destiny has already been chosen for me.

The crowd cheers.

You see, the EW...MWA powers to be have made an elimination tournament to crown the first ever MWA Heavyweight champion. These same powers to be have included myself in the first round. This week's Saturday Nightmare has put myself against none other than Hunter Hearst Helmsley. With the victor advancing in the tournament. And there's only one thing I really have to say to Hunter himself about our up coming match.

Raven pauses again...

Win, lose or draw, Hunter will NEVER forget exactly who he was in that ring with. 'Cause you see, I have grown tired of the worry of whether I win or lose. In fact, it has been eliminated from my mind altogether. I now have a much more morbidly magnificent thought that consumes my intense imagination...Spill the blood of many, for the glory of one.

The crowd cheers loudly!

I always used to think that was how to achieve gold. That it was only a stepping stone to my destiny. Now I realize that it IS my destiny. I know now that Heavyweight gold is not something I need to spread my gore-filled glory. Surely it's a perk, a plus, but by no means is it a necessity. What I do know is, Hunter shall be my guinea pig. He shall be my dummy to display my beautiful brutality. His face and body shall be gorgeously grotesque when I am done with him... Whether or not I advance in this tournament is still yet to be seen. But one thing is very, very sure. The MWA is my new personal playground. And my fellow employees, as they would like to think of themselves, are not my new playmates, they're my new playthings.

He pauses for his catchphrase...

Welcome to Raven's Clockwork Orange House of Fun...Where things will never...e-e-e-ever, be the same again...Quoth the Raven...FOREVERMORE!

Raven drops the mic and spreads his arms like wings to the crowd as we cut to commercials.


Both participants are staring each other down from opposite sides of the ring as the opening bell sounds off.

Jim Ross: And this match is under way!

JBL: Two seasoned veterans going at it! I say Triple H has the advantage in this type of competition, but it's still anyone's game!

They meet up in the middle of the ring, where Raven immediately eats a kick to the gut. Triple H puts his head between his legs, Pedigree already! No, Raven counters and pushes him away.

Jim Ross: It could've been over right there!

JBL: It could be over at any time, but Raven's a vet, he's not going to fall for that this fast.

They have another short stare down before meeting up in the middle of the ring a second time. This time Raven lands a kick of his own, and places Triple H's head between his arm and side. EVENFLOW DDT! No, Triple H counters and pushes him away.

Jim Ross: Both competitors going tick for tack with each other, so far in this match up!

Yet another stare down happens before they meet up in the middle of the ring, this time meeting up for a test of strength. After only a few seconds its obvious that Triple H is the stronger man. He backs Raven up into the ropes. He quickly releases his hold and lands a straight chop across his chest, and proceeds to irish whip him across the ring. Raven hits the ropes and bounces back, Knee Lift. Russian Leg Sweep!

JBL: Raven's completely squashing Triple H here!


Raven does not release the hold! The Raven Warrior keeps the Nevermore locked in for as much as Triple H taps out in vain! The referee tries to split them apart but Raven does not do so!

Jim Ross: He gets the win, this is enough!!

JBL: That's how Raven is, face it, plus, he's advancing to the semi finals.

Raven finally lets go of Triple H and gets to his feet, then does the arms spread taunt. The crowd starts a "Raven!" chant as the victor makes his way out through the audience.


We come back from the commercial break to an almost silent crowd. The only sound heard is some chatting in the audience, but nothing loud or organized. This continues for a few moments before "Written in my face" hits the PA system.

A cascade of boos can be heard as Sheamus walks out to the stage and taunts the crowd.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following match is scheduled for one fall, and is your main event of the evening! Introducing first, fighting out of Dublin, Ireland. He stands at six feet, six inches tall, and weighs in at 272 pounds! The Celtic Warrior! Sheamus!

Sheamus walks down to the ring, ignoring the crowd completely. He gets to the apron, and walks up the steps, before entering the ring between the middle and top rope. He stands in the center of the ring, and taunts one more time, generating one more strong response before he is cut off by "King of My World". The crowd goes wild with cheers.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, fighting out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Standing at six feet tall, and weighing in at 226 pounds! Please welcome, Chris... Jericho!

Jericho taunts at the top of the stage then walks down the ramp. He hops up onto the apron, landing on one knee, and taunts one more time before entering the ring. He stands at the opposite corner of the ring as his opponent. The crowd continues to cheer loudly as the opening bell rings. Both men meet up in the middle of the ring for a test of strength, which Sheamus wins easily, backing Jericho up into the corner. The referee starts a five count and forces Sheamus to make a clean break. Jericho rests in the corner while the ref lectures Sheamus.

Jim Ross: This match has just begun, and already Jericho has learned a lesson.

JBL: Yeah, I don't know what he was thinking there. Look at how big Sheamus is, there's no way he was going to move him!

Jericho takes a step out of the corner and immediately eats a clothesline that drops him hard on the mat. He rolls out of the ring to recover.

Jim Ross: Monstrous clothesline there by Sheamus. He may have knocked Jericho out cold!

JBL: From that clothesline? I've seen better...

Sheamus taunts in the ring as Chris Jericho holds his head and tries to recover on his feet. Sheamus then slides underneath of the ring and continues on the attack, clubbing him in the back of the head and sending him to one knee. A smirk develops across Sheamus' face, as he has Chris Jericho right where he wants him. He helps him up to his feet and knees him in the gut, then places his head between his legs.

Jim Ross: By God, a powerbomb on the outside of the ring?

JBL: We've seen Sheamus do this before, and I hope to God we get to see it again.

Sheamus lifts Jericho, no Jericho counters and stays on his feet! He flips Sheamus over him, forcing him to land hard on his back!

Jim Ross: And just like that, momentum has turned

JBL: That's why you can never count a man out of a match. It only takes one move to get things going his way.

Jericho gets to his feet and rolls into the ring. He takes a moment to rest on the opposite side as Sheamus starts getting to his feet. Sheamus recovers and slides into the ring, but Jericho runs right at him and hits a dropkick, sending him back to the outside.

JBL: And right there's the experience factor. Jericho's been in plenty of these matches, and you can see it in small things like that.

This time Jericho takes no time to rest, he rolls right out of the ring and stays on the attack, getting Sheamus to his feet and rolling him into the ring. He goes for the pin.

1...2...Sheamus powers his way out.

Jim Ross: And even though he won't get the win like that, he's forcing Sheamus to use his energy to kick out. Effectively tiring him out, early in this match.

They both get to their feet, and Jericho immediately hits a dropkick. Sheamus quickly gets back up to his feet, only to get hit by another. He gets up once more, Jericho goes for a kick to the gut but Sheamus catches his foot, ENZUGURI BY JERICHO. The crowd goes wild!

Jim Ross: Huge flurry of offense by Jericho!

JBL: Sheamus better make something happen or this one could be over.

Sheamus rolls out of the ring to slow Jericho down, and he does just that. Jericho stands a few feet away from the ropes and signals for him to come in as the ref starts his ten count.


Sheamus slides into the ring as Jericho bounces off the opposite. Clothesline, no, Sheamus ducks underneath of it! Jericho bounces back, powerslam! Pin!

1...2... Jericho rolls his shoulder up.

Jim Ross: I thought it was over right there.

JBL: And it could've been! You have to be extremely careful when you're in the ring, because you can lose at any time.

Sheamus helps Jericho up to his feet and backs him up into the corner. He picks him up and sits him on the top rope, and taunts before climbing up himself.

Jim Ross: Big point in the match here. Somebody could be leaving this one in an ambulance!

JBL: Calm down JR, they'll probably both just punch each other until they get down, no problem.

Sheamus positions himself on the top rope, and grabs Jericho by the head. He puts his head between his arm and side, obviously going for a suplex. But Jericho fights his way out of it, with a series of punches. Sheamus jumps down off the ropes and stumbles away. Jericho then gets to the top rope and jumps off. Senton, countered! Sheamus catches him in mid-air with a sitdown powerbomb! Pin!

1...2... Somehow Jericho is able to kick out!

Jim Ross: By God! How did he get out of that one? I thought it was over for sure!

JBL: Chris Jericho is one of the toughest competitors this industry has ever seen. He gives it all he's got every single match!

Sheamus gets to his feet and does his signature taunt to show that he's ready to put the match away. He helps Jericho up to his feet. He knees him in the stomach, and then lifts him over his head for the High Cross. He walks back all the way to the turnbuckle to be sure to execute the move properly. He runs forward, High Cross, countered! Jericho breaks free and lands on his feet behind him. Sheamus turns around, RIGHT INTO A CODEBREAKER! Pin!

1...2... He kicks out!

Jim Ross: Another kickout!

JBL: The Codebreaker didn't get it done. Now it's time to go into the bag of tricks.

Jericho sits with a look of shock on his face. A move that had taken out so many men in the past, failed to get the job done this time. Without thinking, he rolls Sheamus over on his back and tries to pin him again.

1...2...Sheamus kicks out again!

Jericho gets to his feet, searching for answers. He walks across the ring and stands at the opposite corner of where Sheamus is. He leans against it, almost sitting down as his opponent staggers up to his feet.

Jim Ross: What's he doing here?

JBL: Looks like he's looking for a spear, shades of fellow Canadian, Edge!

Sheamus gets to his feet and turns around to face Chris Jericho, who takes off running and hits him with a huge spear! He pins him.


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner! Y2J, Chris... Jericho!

Jericho sits up on his knees and gets his arm raised by the official.

Jim Ross: Impressive win pulled off by that man, and he'll be advancing to the semi finals as well.

JBL: An impressive win indeed. Now lets take a look at what our tournament brackett is looking like.

The image of the updated tournament brackett is shown on the screen for a few moments, and then we go back to looking at Chris Jericho in the ring, still celebrating his victory.

Jim Ross: So four huge tournament matches move us one step closer to deciding a champion, in the first episode of Saturday Nightmare!

JBL: Tune in next week as we move another step closer to crowning our first champion!

The show fades away, the last thing seen is Chris Jericho celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring.

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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Nice first show! Can't wait for next week.
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