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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE VII   Sat Oct 01, 2011 1:33 pm

The scene fades in as the fireworks are on cue. The crowd cheers loudly. The camera pans around and show some of the many signs in the crowd. The fans are buzzing to see the first match of the event, Justin Roberts climbs into the ring as the first competitors begin to make their way out.

Jack Jones and Rob Conway walk out onto the stage, they look around at the audience, not displaying the arrogant smirks they usually do. As a matter of fact, they both look extremely put out and angry.

Justin Roberts: The following Tag Team match is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, at a combined weight of 469 pounds, the team of Rob Conway and ZEUS! Jack Jones - GloboGym Corporation!

Jones and Conway begin their descent down the ramp, Jones holds his face in pain after the events of what happened at Victorious the past week ago.

JBL: Well all I can say is, it sucks to be GloboGym right now!

Josh Mathews: That's right John, not only did Jack Jones lose his opportunity at the MWA Heavyweight Championship due to thugs coming and literally destroying Raven, they lost one of their prized members in Single H!

The two get into the ring. Conway flexes his muscles on the top rope and Jones does a victory lap around the ring. They both point and shout at fans that are booing them. Their music dies down and the fans wait to see who the two are facing.

The fans give off a small cheer as the music of HHH plays over the PA system. Triple H walks out onto stage, a water bottle in hand as always, he looks up and shakes his hair around, spraying water all around.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, first, from Greenwich Conneticut, weighing in at 255 pounds, he is the Game, Triple H!

Triple H walks down the ramp and waits at ringside for his tag team partner to come out.

Goldust slowly walks out onto a stage, recieving a much bigger pop than Triple H. He is wearing a long, golden gown and a golden wig.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Hollywood, California, weighing in at 241 pounds, Goldust!

Goldust walks down next to HHH and then gets into the ring, Triple H goes on the apron and does his signature water spit and then climbs in himself, the two teams stare eachother down. Jack Jones slaps the hands of Rob Conway as he climbs out of the ring and stands on the apron. Goldust does the same leaving Rob Conway and Triple H to start things off. The referee calls for the bell...and it rings. Rob and Triple H stare each other down for a while, they lock up and Triple H immediately gets the upper hand with a side headlock. He backs Conway into the ropes and then irish whips him to the opposite end of the ring. Conway re-bounds and comes straight at The Game with a clothesline. Triple H ducks it and Conway goes into the ropes again, he re-bounds once more and Triple H catches him with a high knee. The fans cheer and Goldust claps his hands. Triple H picks Conway up, Conway pushes his hands away and gets a shot to the face which sends Triple H stumbling into the corner. Conway stays on him, getting up on the turnbuckle and hitting shot after shot to the head.

Josh Mathews: Two powerhouses going to work here, shot after shot to the face!

JBL: I call em' roid monkeys.

Triple H pushes him off and Conway hits the floor, doing a backwards roll. He gets back up and runs at Triple H, he tries to go for another punch to the head but HHH blocks it and hits one of his own. Conway steps back but comes at him again. He hits a gut kick followed by a huge suplex. Triple H lands hard on his back and screams out in pain. Conway picks him back up and hits another gut kick. He this time falls back on the ropes, re-bounds and hits a shoulder block on The Game. Triple H crawls over to his corner, trying to make the tag but Rob gets there first, picking up Triple H by the knee and slamming him back down on it. Triple H rolls over holding his knee in pain. Rob Conway laughs and stomps on his chest before tauting the audience.

JBL: That surgically repaired knee of Triple H just got slammed!

Josh Mathews: And Conway doesn't seem to care at all, just look at that arrogant face.

Rob picks Triple H back up. Triple H hits a gut kick out of pure instinct. He grabs Conway by the neck and throws him into the corner. Conway goes straight through the gap between the turnbuckles and slams into the steel ring post shoulder first. He yells out and holds his shoulder in pain as he dangles out of the ring. Triple H crawls over to Goldust and makes the tag. Conway gets himself out of the gap and leans in the corner. Goldust comes and runs at him, hitting a corner clothesline. Conway falls down to the mat, Goldust hits an elbow drop to his back and gets back up immediately, taunting, waiting for Conway to get up again. Conway gets back up and falls right into the waiting trap of Goldust, Goldust gets him in a headlock and then hits an impressive corkscrew suplex which leaves Conway on his chest. Conway looks up at Jack Jones who is holding out his hand, trying to get the tag. Their fingers only just brush eachother but it is just enough to be an official tag. Jones jumps into the ring.

JBL: And here comes Jack Jones, a man that took a hard hit at Victorious.

Josh Mathews: He was DDT'd from a Shooting Star Press! I'd say that was worth the footage the PPV providers were forced to cut because of Raven!

JBL: Yeah it was a shame but don't forget... The Victorious DVD will feature all the matches that weren't shown last night!

Jones runs right for Goldust and hits a side kick to the leg. Goldust kneels down and Jones re-bounds from the ropes. He hits a dropkick to the face of Goldust who falls down completely. Jones grabs his arm and locks in a cross arm breaker submission hold. Goldust screams and tries to reach the rope with his free hand but fails to do so. He looks like his is about to tap out when Triple H tries to get into the ring, the referee stops him and Rob Conway runs in himself, he gets a cheap shot on HHH and the two begin brawiling on the outside. The ref desparately tries to stop them but to no avail. Goldust reaches the ropes and the referee calls for the hold to be released. Jones holds on to it for a little longer and let's go on the 4 count. He gets back up, ignores Goldust and watches HHH and Conway fighting on the outside, he runs up to the turnbuckle and jumps from the top rope onto HHH. The referee shouts at him and begins to count Jones out...


Josh Mathews: And just look at the brawl going on out of the ring! Goldust is the only one not involved!

Jack Jones rolls into the ring and is instantly nailed in the face by Goldust. Triple H hits the pedigree on Rob Conway on the outside. Goldust waits for Jones to get back up and hits a Curtain Call, he tags in Triple H, HHH picks Jones up again and hits the Pedigree, the fans go insane. Conway tries to get up and Goldust leaps from the apron to Conway, hitting a flying elbow. Triple H goes for the pin...

1...2...3!!! The bell rings!!!

Triple H gets up and does his signature taunt, Goldust comes into the ring and the two shake hands, Triple H raises Goldust's hand and they both get on separate turnbuckles. The crowd cheer loudly. Jack Jones rolls out of the ring and accompanies Rob Conway who pushes him to the floor.

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, Triple H and Goldust!

Josh Mathews: A great match there, and the luck doesn't get any better for GloboGym.

JBL: It's obviously Jack Jones' fault.

White Goodman shows up on the Titantron as Triple H and Goldust celebrate, they leave through the crowd as Jones and Conway both look up on the ramp. On White's side is Riggins, Kerwin and Greg Steele.

Hey pal. You know, at first I really saw potential in you, Jack, I thought you'd take the chance I gave you and squeeze it like a ball, until juice would flow out. But NO...You just had to be the black sheep, but don't worry, I have the solution.

Riggins approaches the camera with clamps, and folds and unfolds them.

I am going to break your hands. That way your crappy ass Spinning Backfist might actually do some damage, what do you think!?

He lets out an evil laugh as Jones starts running.


Rob Conway runs after Jones as the scene fades out. We come to a darkened room. Wade Barrett is sitting on a steel chair. Only he can be seen. He looks up at the camera and smirks.

Good evening fans of MWA. My name is Wade Barrett and tonight I get a shot at the Legends Championship in singles action against Christian. The Legends Championship, a title I've been trying to gain since my arrival in this business. Why? Because The Legends Championship is for just that, legends. People like me, people... That like cheques. For now though, I'm not going to talk about Christian, my match tonight or the Legends Championship. I'm going to talk about my match at Victorious, the Elimination Chamber. A match where I did not win the title but did manage to complete one of my secondary goals, which was to injure Goldust... And of course, his family. Now I know you didn't see what happened backstage at Victorious due to technical difficulties... You're probably confused. Let me shed some light on the whole thing...

Wade snaps his fingers and the lights turn up to full. He is sitting in a locker room, not his own. A large HDTV stands, ready to play. The camera fades into the footage on the screen. It is of the backstage events of Victorious...

The camera fades out to a locker room, we see Wade Barrett sitting on a steel chair, applying wrist tape, getting ready for the upcoming match he is in, he doesn't appear to notice the camera watching him through the blinds. There is a knock at the door and the crowd pops as they see who it is. None other than 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes! Wade notices Dusty walking into the room and stands up, a smirk upon his face.

Well if it isn't The American Dream. What are you here for, Dusty? Do you want to witness me beat your son into a pulp later tonight in the Elimination Chamber? Or do you have hope in your kid?

Wade laughs at the latter question. Dusty chuckles to himself and then goes all serious.

Well actually, Wade, that's not the case at all. Y'see I watched the show last week and I hearded ya'll disrespecting my family, disrespecting me!

Let me guess, let me guess. You're here to teach me a lesson for not only the things I said last week, but the things I did. Well Dusty, let's get it out of the way, I've got a match to get ready for, a match in which your son will be locked into an unforgiving steel chamber with me and two other people that don't matter in the slightest. What matters, Dusty, is that I'm going to take your son, Goldust, out of the game for life.

Dusty looks like he's about to say something in return but Wade holds up his hand to stop him from talking.

But the thing is, Dusty, I don't want to hear what you have to say. I take no interest in listening to a single thing you have ever said, not back when I watched you as a child, not now. But since you're here, my friend, maybe we can talk a little more about your family, the family you take such pride in, Mr. Rhodes. You've brought up some great children, just look as Goldust!

Wade laughs again and takes a seat, continuing to tape up his wrists.

No, no, I understand, I wouldn't want to look at him either. Oh, how about your other son, Cody! Cody Rhodes. Man, if there's one thing that boy didn't inherit from you, it's your fat.

Dusty stands in the room, looking extremely angry at Wade. Wade looks up at him and chuckles.

That's enough Wade, man to man I have had just about enough of you insulting me and ma family, I've got a good mind to come down to that Elimination Chamber tonight and defend ma sonny boy in a fight. I'd just love to come outta retirment for one night only, come down to that ring and teach you a lesson you'll nevva forget!

Wade scratches his chin.

You honestly think you could take me on in a fight, bear in mind, not just a fight, a fight in one of the most unforgiving structures in the history of wrestling. Dusty, is that what you think?

Hell yeah, I think I could---

Wade slaps Dusty round the face, the crowd boo loudly as Wade gets to his feet and looks at Dusty who has turned his back, holding his face. The camera pans to Dusty's face which has gone a shade of white in anger.

What's the matter Dusty? Are you angry at me for calling you fat?

He pushes Dusty slightly, Dusty seems to be boiling inside.

Your wife was a lesbian whore.

Dusty's eyes go wide.

Your kids... Are faggots.

Dusty can't take it anymore, he turns around and hits Barrett right in the face, Barrett holds his jaw, looks back at Dusty with disgust, runs back at him and hits a big boot, the crowd boo viciously as Wade stands above Dusty, an angry look upon his face. Wade picks him back up and lifts him onto his shoulders, he walks over to a table of water bottles and other supplies and wastelands Dusty straight through the table.
Wade watches Dusty squirm around on the floor for a while before cutting off the end of his wrist tape and laughing as he leaves. As soon as Wade leaves the locker room, a bunch of medical officials pour into the room to tend to Dusty.

We hear the fans booing as the camera fades back in to present day. Barrett turns back round from watching the footage and laughs.

And the best part is, because we went off air before I did that, Goldust hasn't seen it until now. Well, Goldust my friend. How does it feel? How does it feel to know I took out your father, huh? I put him through a table and then squashed you in the Elimination Chamber. I know what you must be feeling, the same feeling you've felt through your entire career, and a feeling I have never felt - Failure. Goldust, I'll see to you after this week. After this week when I am the Legends Champion I will quite happily put my title on the line against you as much as you like. You see, everyone including me knows that you don't stand a chance when standing face to face with a bare knuckle fighting champion such as myself. It's a win win situation for me. You get publucly humiliated and destroyed, I hold onto my title and don't have to defend it against real competiton.

Barrett laughs and stands up from his chair, he leaves the locker room and begins pacing down the hallway.

But that's enough about the Rhodes family, I'll deal with them some more after my business tonight is over and done with. My business with a man known as Christian. Christian, a member of the famous Gang. A group of immature idiots, Christian is the smartest one of them all, yes, I said it. I'll tell you why, it's because Christian surrounds himself with people that are so much better than he is. This makes him look better and in the past, back when Jericho was in charge, gave him more opportunities. I commend the guy on that, I really do. If I was as bad as he is, I'd do the same.

He chuckles and turns a corner.

But fortunately for me, I am not as bad as Christian and don't have to worry about such things. Christian has a mind to be worried though, oh yes he does. Tonight Christian faces me in the ring, we all know the 24/7 rule by now. It means that if I win, I become Legends Champion. This is my first ever singles match for the title and trust me, I will not let this opportunity slip through my fingers. I will be damned if Christian walks out of the arena tonight Legends Champion and I will be damned if Christian ever sees this old place again.

Barrett raps on the door of The Gang's locker room, laughs and continues on his way. We come back to ringside. Justin Roberts is standing in the ring ready to announce the match that is about to take place. The fans cheer excitedly.

The fans cheer loudly as they hear the theme music of Christian blast over the PA system. Christian runs out onto the stage, he is wearing a "The Gang" T-shirt, he looks out onto the many fans watching and points at those that are holding up 'peep' signs. He looks down at the ring, a smile on his face. The Legends Championship shines around his waist. He begins to make his way down the ramp toward the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! On his way to the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds, he is the Legends Champion, Christian!

Josh Mathews: Here comes Christian, a man that put it all on the line at Victorious to win that Legends Championship back!

JBL: Not any match either, he won an Elimination Chamber!

Christian walks down the ramp, slapping the hands of the many fans in the front row. He runs up the steel steps and climbs into the ring. When in the ring he runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs it, pointing at all his fans, a huge smile on his face. He jumps down and un-clips the Legends Championship from around his waist. He begins to warm up as his theme dies down...

The cheers turn to boos as Wade Barrett walks out onto stage. He is wearing a trenchcoat and a flower. He raises his arm before beginning to make his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Manchester England, weighing in at 260 pounds, Wade Barrett!

JBL: And here comes another man that was involved in the Elimination Chamber match at Victorious!

Josh Mathews: He nearlly won that thing too, tonight we see him try to redeem himself against Christian!

Wade walks down the ramp and enters the ring, he looks around at the many fans and raises his arm high in the air, the fans only boo him. He smirks and looks at Christian, a look of utter disgust. The referee holds the two away from eachother, he checks both are ready to compete and on confirmation of this, calls for the bell to be rung. The bell rings. Christian and Barrett lock up, Barrett backs Christian into the corner, he punches Christian in the chest, making Christian bend over forwards, Barrett watches Christian walk out into the center of the ring before sliding down and chopping out the legs of Christian. Christian falls flat on his back, Barrett gets back to his feet and smiles as he stomps on Christian a few more times. Christian sits up, holding his chest. Barrett re-bounds from the ropes and boots him back down. Barrett takes some time to taunt the audience, he stretches his arms out and smirks as he recieves large boos from all those that are watching, it seems that nobody likes him at all.

JBL: Barrett is looking very impressive here-

Josh Mathews: Yeah but Christian will surely get back into it soon enough.

JBL throws his cup of water over Mathews.


Christian gets to his feet and once again locks up with Barrett, he manouvers to the back of Wade and maintains the hold, he releases and hits a dropkick to the back of Barrett. Wade falls forwards into the ropes, he leans against them and Christian comes running at him. Christian jumps clean over Barrett and out of the ring, he lands on his feet on the outside, looks up at Wade and hits an uppercut which sends Barrett down to the mat. Christian claps his hands, encouraging the fans to join in which they do. Christian gets into the ring and grabs Barrett round the head, he picks him up and irish whips him into the ropes. Wade re-bounds and is caught with a gut kick, DDT! Barrett falls down onto his head, Christian rolls him over and gets to his feet, he walks over to the apron and jumps over the ropes, he measures up Barrett and waits for him to get up. When he finally does, Christian leaps over the ropes and hits a sunset flip pin on Wade...


Josh Mathews: First pin of the match up and a bold kickout from Wade Barrett!

JBL: Of course he kicked out, Wade's not a pussy... Like you.

Christian gets up and goes to the corner. He watches Barrett slowly get to his feet also.

Josh Mathews: What do you mean I'm a pussy, I--

JBL: Tuff Nuff.

Josh Mathews: But I--

JBL: Tuff Nuff.

Wade gets up and Christian runs over to him, he gut kicks Barrett again and this time attempts to hit a suplex but Barrett is too heavy and ends up back on his feet. Christian backs into the corner. Barrett smiles and runs at him, Christian jumps through the ropes and hits a Pendulum Kick! Wade stumbles back as Christian ascends to the top rope. He measures up Barrett for a while before jumping high into the air, Crossbody! Christian rolls out of the crossbody and taunts as he waits for Barrett to get up. When he does, Christian grabs the arms and twists him round. Christian tries to hit the Unprettier, Wade pushes him away and Christian goes into the ropes face first, Christian turns round and is big booted by Barrett. Christian falls down to the mat and Wade laughs, he waits for Christian to get to his feet, Christian does so and Wade lifts him above his head. He hits the fallout powerbomb! A cover...

1...2...3!!! The bell rings!

Wade gets up and raises his arms, the referee tries to hold it up but Barrett shoves him away, he picks up the Legends Championship and holds it high above his head.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the new Legends Champion, Wade Barrett!

JBL: Symbolic there, of what is sure to happen soon enough.

Josh Mathews: I hate to say it John but you could be right! That was a very impressive showing from Barrett!

The camera shows a man with a buzzcut standing front of the camera where you can only see the back of his head. The man slowly turns around, he is in the middle of a suburb where it appears to be in England.

Why hello there, I probably don't need to tell you who I am...but for those who don't know I am the, oh so bizarre, Prince of Perversion, you will never forget the name of... He takes a deep breath in and out. Goldust...

Goldust licks his lips slowly...

Now many of you who are watching me right now may be asking yourself, where in the world is Goldust at? Well I will tell you just where Goldust will be making his next oh so ravishing grossing production, right here, in good ol'Chelsea, England.

Goldust begins rubbing his chest slowly as he speaks...

Now Chelsea, England, does that town ring a bell to any of you? It is the hometown of none other than Mr. Wade Barrett, and tonight I am gonna give his good ol'Mum and Pop a Visit from the Prince of Perversion, none other than me...Goldust.

Goldust walks up to the door of the house he was standing in front of and walks up a few stairs, he proceeds to knock on the door until he gets and answer from a more elderly man.

Can I help you?

Yes, do you happen to be the father of Professional Wrestler, Wade Barrett?

Why, yes I am, how can I be of assistance?

Please let me have a little bit of your precious time you still have left, can I come in?

Well alright, come on in.

They walk in the house. The camera stays outside and films the scene from the open window, hiding.

You may not know me, but my name is... Goldust, and your son Wade happens to know me very well and when he watches this, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett, he will get to know me oh so much better

Goldust rubs himself as he finishes his sentence...

I beg your pardon?

It's not how you were thinking...unfortunately... Now, your son Wade disrespected my family last week, he disrespected me, disrespected my brother, but more importantly, he disrespected my own father

Wade's father backs up slowly.

So now he is going to find out age is like a fine wine and it only gets get better by age, your son is about to find out why he will never forget the name of... He takes another deep breath in and out, typically... Goldust...

Goldust Throat Thrusts Wade's father as Wade's mother screams in the background, Goldust stomps on his father, then begins to yell at his mother.


Jesus Nails the Cameraman: What the fuck is he doing?!

Jesus Nails cuts the scene off and we go back to ringside. A shocked Wade Barrett drops his title belt on the floor and rushes out of the ring. Then walks up the ramp in large steps. With the most focused look on his face. Shocked in happiness, Christian grabs the Legends title and runs away.


We see the famous door of The Gang's locker room. The camera man's hand is seen knocking on it, the door is soon answered by none other than Single H. The fans cheer as Single H smirks into the camera, one of the EWE-MWA Tag Team Championships over his shoulder. He beckons the camera man in and brings him over to Chris Jericho who is sitting watching the TV.


Jericho springs out of his seat and quickly turns off what he was watching he looks at Single H and then at the camera man. He takes a deep breath out and stands up straight.

Interview time?

Interview time, let's go.

The camera follows Single H and Jericho all the way from their locker room to the main interview area. They spin around on the spot and land, facing the camera in front of the interview set up.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I'm Chris Jericho, this is Single H and this...

Maria walks up to the pair with a smile on her face. Single H smiles like a total pervert.

Is Maria.

The two take a step back and begin making sexual hand gestures behind Maria's back.

Thanks guys! Tonight the two of you put your titles on the line against Jushin Liger and Mr EWE, two people that won briefcases at Victorious to earn this opportunity. The two of you shocked the world by joining forces and sharing the belts, could you shed some light on that?

Well of course, Maria. Me and Chris here won the EWE-MWA Tag Team championships last night because we thought way ahead, since the very beginning of MWA, this has been our plan, and it worked like a charm. You see, none of the stuff we said or did to each other actually meant anything in the past few months. It was all a plot, a plot to make people believe we were against each other. We made it so easy to get the titles we could literally pick them up and walk away. Globo-Gym, I'd have thought at least one of them would've caught on closer to the event but they didn't! As you saw, everything went to plan, and now The Gang is unstoppable, and tonight we own nearly every title in MWA!

Chris Jericho nods and pats Single H on the back, Maria brings the mic back to her lips.

While we're on the subject of titles, how do you feel about your opponents in tonight's match?

We're so confident it's unhealthy, Maria. You see there's one flaw with the team of Jushin Liger and Mr EWE, they don't see eye to eye. They both have completely separate views from one another and when you're in a match for the tag team titles that could be your downfall. Me and Chris are Gang brothers, we know we can go out there and get the job done no matter what. We didn't spend such a long time plotting the re-birth of the Gang and it's rise to the top for nothing. And some Japanese version of Psychosis or a fanatical EWE fan isn't going to ruin all that time we spent. I can assure you that after tonight we will still be your EWE-MWA Tag Team Champions.

Well that's great to hear; you mentioned earlier that after tonight The Gang will own nearly every title in MWA, I'm guessing that means you have the same confidence about Christian winning?

Well to be frank, there's only one thing I really need to say. H, did you really feel the need to tell Maria about our little situation with the tag titles yesterday? Now Striker's gonna find out we lost the titles against two junkies on the street and then cashed in our rematch on a cliff...The crowd laughs as Jericho facepalms. Single H, I am disapoint.

Again the crowd laughs. He turns to the camera

But now onto matters that matter and put our necks on the line a little bit less. Maria, look at me.

She looks at him with a smile.

I am the best. In the world. At what I do. Do you truly think I'd let Christian in my former Wrestling federation if he wasn't the...He starts looking and counting with his fingers...sixth best in the world at what he does?!...Pfft. That just goes to show how much he still has to prove. He's great, he's a two times, TWO TIMES, Legends Champion. And it does. Not. Matter that the Legends title is the most low-tier championship in history, no!...Nor does it matter that even Stevie Richards held that title belt twice!...Christian is the best Legends champion ever...And so is Matt Hardy...They're both the best Legends Champions ever. And I'll tell you this, there is no shadow of a doubt that Christian is walking out unscathed. Now bitch please, let us go back to our workout!...Oh and by the way that offer to dinner is still standing.

Jericho winks and licks his lips like a total asshole as Maria winks back and walks away, only to have Single H slap her ass. They start conversing in front of the camera before it fades out. The camera fades back in to a wide view of the Tingley Coliseum. Suddenly, the lights turn completely off. The audience silences, confused and trying to figure out what is going on. L.O.V.E. Machine strikes the PA System, a song very familiar to everyone, as it was EWE's theme song. The crowd cheers, still confused... A spotlight is put at the beginning of the stage. Out comes the same figure wearing a black hoodie that was seen stealing Alberto Del Rio's EWE-MWA Tag Team title opportunity briefcase. He comes out, keeping his head down, shielding his face from the MWA audience. The crowd doesn't know whether to cheer or to boo. He slowly makes his way down the ramp, gripping the briefcase tightly in his right hand. At this point he's on the apron, about to enter the ring when he glances up at the arena without showing his face at all. He enters the ring and goes out the opposite side of the ring then calls for a microphone as his theme song fades off.

Heavy breathing. I will bring it back... He says this in a crackly voice, as if he was trying to hide his actual one. I am Mr. ... He points to the Titantron. E...W...E.

While he says that, the logotype appeared on the 'Tron. Mr. EWE drops the microphone and starts warming up for his match.


The scene fades in to show Jushin Liger standing in one corner of the ring, and Chris Jericho and Single H on the apron. On Jushin's apron is the new guy, Mr. EWE.

JBL: Mr. EWE...I bet it's fuckin' RoZo trying to surprise people again. And failing nonetheless.

Josh Mathews: As much ridiculous as he might sound, I have to admit, he seems like he means business.

The bell rings as Chris Jericho looks about to be starting the match with Jushin Liger. He looks amused by the fact that he's battling someone who is actually one of the most legendary and experienced men in the business, but all the while being completely out of his habitat, now in Jericho's. Y2J, the Tag champion looks as confident as ever. The bell rings, and Jushin Liger hurries to quickly get Chris Jericho in a Headlock, from which he slips to the back and gets Liger in a Standing Armbar. Liger drops down and tosses Chris to the mat. They both get up at the same time, and now Jericho jogs and hits a Running Arm Drag. Both wrestlers again get up and now Chris Jericho capitalizes with a Dropkick! Cover!


Josh Mathews: And remember, this is for the EWE-MWA Tag Team Championships ladies and gentlemen. Mr. EWE stole the briefcase from Alberto Del Rio and assured his spot in this match, will he capitalize?

Jericho gets up and kicks Liger down twice, with stomps to the chest. He then walks back, dragging Liger by a leg, and tags in Single H before dropping an elbow on his upper leg, followed by a Knee Drop by Single H. Y2J rolls out of the ring, and Single H pins Liger!

1...Foot on the rope.

Single H drags Liger to the center of the ring and covers him again in another pinning attempt.


Single H gets to his feet and walks backwards, then leans back on the ropes and waits for the masked luchador to get to his feet, but he just sits up. Single H takes the opportunity and runs, kneeing him violently in the back! Liger yells as he holds his back, Single H gets him to his feet, Reverse DDT! And the cover now!


JBL: Liger sucks.

Josh Mathews: Seems like our fans agree with you...

"LIGER SUCKS!" chants are heard. And Mr. EWE is actually cheered as he drops off the apron and walks away shaking his head. Single H just smiles as he gets Liger to his feet and Irish Whips him to the ropes as Jericho enters the ring, SPEAR!!! SPEAR TO LIGER! 270ยบ BOMB BY SINGLE H!!! PIN!


Single H and Jericho get to their feet and are handed the titles.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here are your winners, and still the EWE-MWA Tag Team Champions!! SINGLE H...AND CHRIS...JERICHO...Y...1...J!!!

Jericho and Single H make fun of a lying Jushin Liger as the scene fades out. The scene opens to Jack Jones running down a narrow hallway, he is very sweaty and appears to be in a panic. He continues to run, the camera staying in front of him. A shadow appears behind him, coming from around the corner. The shadow is from a man, a man that appear to have a weapon with him. Jones is in a boatload of trouble, and needs to find a way out. But there are so many doors to each side of him that finding the exit would be completely impossible to find. He decides to try one to his right. He opens it, goes inside, and closes it quietly behind him. The camera then changes to show him in a supply closet, the only light coming in from the crack in the side of the door, which he has his eye over, looking for his predator. He is breathing heavily, and knows that the end is near.

This guy is fucking crazy. I didn't think it would go this far.

Jones continues to breath heavily, before taking a deep inhale and trying to breath slower.

Sure I haven't lived up to the hype, maybe I'm not as good as I thought, but we can fix it, this doesn't need to happen!

Jones has completely caught his breath, and continues to speak.

So here I am... One last stand... I'm a broken man, and soon I'll be done for entirely... My whole life has been devoted to wrestling, but after today nobody is going to remember that. I'll be forgotten, dropped like a teen fad. Maybe its for the best, and this just wasn't for me...

Footsteps can be heard as a shadow blocks off the majority of light coming from the crack in the door. Jones shakes in fear.

Here we go...

The door swings open, showing White Goodman standing in the opening, He has what appears to be a large metal clamp of some sort in his hand.

There you are Jack! I've been looking everywhere for you!

Jones backs into the corner, shriveling in fear.

Stay back! I'm warning you!

Jones grabs a broom that is leaned against a wall to his side and aims it at Goodman.

Look, this is for your own good. I'm just going to break your hand so you can get a cast! Then when you hit that shitty spinning back fist, it'll actually do some damage!

Goodman takes another step towards Jones, who retaliates by hitting him with the soft side of the broom. White jumps back, and holds his face.

Jack, you're being stupid... You're supposed to be Zeus, Jesus' right hand man, doer of all things good... What happened?

Goodman looks at Jones with a serious face as he attempts to stand up using the wall for support.

White, what the fuck kind of book did you get that from? Zeus didn't even know Jesus, and he was a complete scumbag!

Jones gets to a complete vertical bases, and wipes his pants free of all dust.

And if you want to break my hand... Just know I'm not going down without a fight!

Jones gets into a fighting stance with the broom in his hand. Goodman stands still, and intense look has developed on his face.

You just made a huge mistake kid.

Out of no where Goodman hits a back flip, landing on his feet and doing a "Bring it" taunt towards Jones, who charges at him with the broom above his head. he swings down, but Goodman catches the broom with his clamps and breaks it in half. Jones stumbles back, and falls seated in the corner with no where to go. He puts his arms up to brace himself as Goodman stands over him.

Sorry.. About your DAMN luck! Stop squirming!

Goodman puts the clamps over Jones' hand, and snaps it! Jones screams out in pain as his hand goes limp and turns purple immediately. Goodman drops the clamps, turns around and walks out the door.

See you at work tomorrow Jack.

Contrary to that last statement, White Goodman would never see Jack Jones again. He walks out of the closet leaving only Jones rolling around in pain. The scene fades on Jack Jones for the last time.

The crowd cheers as Matt Striker walks out, wearing a khaki shirt and his trademark vest, while taking another to the ring with him on his right hand. Striker walks down the ramp, smiling, and walks up the steel steps as the fans applaud him. Striker enters the ring and smiles...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Saturday Nightmare. Tonight we are entering the road to our next Pay-Per-View event, MWA High Voltage, the most dangerous event in Wrestling History. Why, exactly, am I calling it the most dangerous event in Wrestling History, though? Don't worry, you don't have to wait and find out, I'm out here to tell all of you, why it's the most dangerous, event, in Wrestling. History. Basically, there won't be one match on that card, that has a low-risk basis stipulation. Do expect the return of the Tables for Everybody match, the Hell in a Cell...And most interestingly, the MWA Scramble!...

The crowd sounds intrigued.

The MWA Scramble is an idea by Jonathan Coachman that he left on my desk before leaving for ESPN again...Striker chuckles, he takes out a piece of paper from his back pocket and unfolds it, then reads...It's based more or less as the regular Scramble match. But the one different stipulation, is that every wrestler, as they come out, will bring a weapon, of his choice, with him. And ladies and gentlemen this can be any weapon of choice. But I added a part of my own, and this is where it gets interesting...You can be eliminated, and to be eliminated, you have to be busted, open. There's no other fall to eliminate you, submission, pinfall, anything, they goes as a regular falls that award you the title of Current Champion, but if you bust someone open...They are eliminated from the contest, AND if just in case, one of the wrestlers eliminates the rest of the wrestlers in the ring, be it one, two, three or all four, the match will be over!...Of course if there's three and he eliminates one, the match continues, but if, for example, in the first five minutes, one wrestler eliminates the other, then the match will be over, and the one that is standing will be the NEW MWA Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd cheers as the scene fades out.


We come back to ringside, Justin Roberts is already in the ring. The vacant MWA Heavyweight Championship sits next to the bell, on top of a red plush cushion.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the MWA Heavyweight Championship!

Sean O'Haire walks out onto stage holding the briefcase that he won at Victorious. The fans boo him but he doesn't seem to care.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, from South Carolina, weighing in at 270 pounds, Sean O'Haire!

Josh Mathews: Here comes a man that won the big one last week at Victorious!

JBL: He also got to injure R-truth which is always fun.

Sean walks down the ramp to the boos of many members of the audience. He climbs into the ring and hands the briefcase to the referee. The referee takes the contract out of the case, holds it up for everyone to see and then hands it to a member of ringside staff. The music dies down and the fans begin to cheer with excitement and suspense. Nobody knows who the mystery opponent is going to be. Suddenly...

Josh Mathews: OH MY GOD!


The audience go absolutely insane. The camera pans into one member of the audience suffering a seizure in excitement. John Morrison walks out onto the stage wearing his fur coat and shades. He taunts on the stage and everything goes into slow-motion, multi coloured pyro shoots from either end of the stage.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 223 pounds, John Morrison!

JoMo walks down the ramp, high fiving all the front row members of the crowd. He gets into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle, he does his signature taunt once more before removing his shades and coat and warming up for the match. His eyes dart from the MWA championship to Sean O'Haire. The referee calls for the bell...and it rings!

Josh Mathews: This is going to be amazing!

O'Haire and Morrison look at each other... They then start circling each other and finally lock up, Collar and Elbow Tie-Up. O'Haire overpowers Morrison and pushes him to the corner, but Morrison shoves him away after the referee splits them up. They trade some words before almost locking up again, which was what Sean O'Haire was heading for, but Morrison sidesteps him, and the Devil's Advocate goes straight back first on the turnbuckles. Morrison leaps on the second rope and hits a Monkey Flip! He tosses O'Haire across the ring! They both get up at the same time and the Shaman of Sexy nails him with a Clothesline before going for the cover.


JBL: Morrison seems to be in good shape for once...

Josh Mathews: He's always in good shape!

JBL: I don't mean physically you uncouth...

Mathews mouths the word "Ouch" as Morrison is pulling O'Haire to his feet...Irish Whip, he rebounds and gets hit with a Hip Toss! They both get up, Dropkick by JoMo da HoMo. Pin!

1--Foot on the rope.

Morrison rolls out of the ring, grabs O'Haire's leg and brings it down, smashing it on the apron twice! He then curls it on the bottom rope and pulls it, as Sean O'Haire yells in pain. Morrison rolls back into the ring at the count of three and holds himself gripping the top rope as he repeatedly stomps Sean O'Haire violently on the chest.

Josh Mathews: He seems more violent, too!

JBL: I suppose you'd call him hardcore wouldn't you?... Being a retard and all.

John Morrison finally stops with the stomps and walks over to the other side of the ring. He yells out and runs at Sean who has backed into the corner. Sean rolls out of the way and JoMo crashes into the turnbuckle with nobody home. He stumbles backwards and Sean O'haire takes advantage of this by getting up, running at him and hitting a huge clothesline. Sean grabs Morrison round the head and lifts him back to his feet. He picks him up and hits a Pumphandle Suplex. John lands on his head and Sean goes for a quick pin...


Sean gets back up, an angry look upon his face. He lifts Morrison back up and goes for another variation of the Suplex but Morrsion counters with a back kick, he then runs into the ropes, re-bounds and hits Sean with a inverted Dropkick.

Josh Mathews: Sean O'Haire really wants to make all that he went through at Victorious worth it in the main event here tonight.

JBL: Of course he does, but John Morrison isn't going to let that happen with ease... Just kidding, he always messes up.

John picks Sean back up and hits him in the face. Sean falls back against the ropes and comes back at Morrison, attempting to hit a Big Boot. Morrison moves out of the way and Sean looks around and is hit in the back by Morrison. Morrison hits a few more elbows to the back before jumping up onto the top rope and hitting a Springboard Dropkick that sends Sean over the top rope and out of the ring. The crowd cheer at this. Morrison waits for O'Haire to get back up and then runs for the ropes, Frosby Flop Moonsault! The crowd go crazy, Sean O'Haire falls down and doesn't move, neither does Morrison. The referee begins to count the two out...


JBL: I've never seen Morrison do anything like that!


John gets back up and drags Sean back into the ring, the referee stops the count. JoMo re-bounds from the ropes and hits a kick to the face of Sean. Sean falls down and Morrison goes to the corner of the ring, he puts his hands on both sides of the turnbuckle and looks back as Sean for a while, the fans go crazy. He jumps up onto the top ropes, swings back with a corkscrew onto Sean. Starship Pain! JoMo goes for the pin...


JoMo rolls out of the pin with a really shocked face. The fans go nuts.

Josh Mathews: WOAH THERE!

JBL: Surprised? It's a shit move anyway.

John gets up and picks Sean O'Haire up too. Sean comes back to life with some punches to the face, he follows it up with the Big Boot that he had tried to earlier. JoMo falls to the ground hard and Sean O'Haire begins to relentlessly beat on him. He lifts him back to his feet and Irish whips him into the corner. He runs at JoMo, full force, and crashes into him with a turnbuckle clothesline. John stumbles forward, Sean grabs him and hits a German Suplex, John smashes back into the turnbuckle and falls forward. Sean laughs and drags him to the center of the ring.

Josh Mathews: It could be all over very soon!

JBL: He's going for a submission hold!

Sean locks in a hold that he doesn't usually do, the Boston Crab. John's back cracks backwards and you can see the pain in his eyes. John tries to reach for the ropes but can't. Sean locks it in harder and harder. The fans cheer and try to encourage John to escape the hold and get back into the match. John begins fading, the referee checks he is ok and gets no answer. Just when it appears that Sean O'Haire has won the MWA Heavyweight Championship, Morrison looks into the camera and smirks, he builds up a load of energy and attacks, literally pushing Sean off his back, running into him and nearlly beheading him with a kick to the face.


Josh Mathews: FUCK HULK HOGAN!

The two commentators look at each other long and hard as John Morrison picks Sean O'Haire up, grabs him and hits a C4 out of nowhere, the fans go crazy and John goes for the pin...

1...2...3!!! THE BELL RINGS!

Josh Mathews: NEW CHAMPION!

JBL: There was obviously going to be a new champion, idiot.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner and the NEW MWA Heavyweight Champion, JOHN...MORRISON!

John is handed the MWA title, he kneels down and looks at the belt for a while as the fans shit themselves with happiness and excitement... Literally. He gets up onto the top rope and holds the belt up high for everyone to see, the Gang all run down to the ring to congratulate him, they hold him up on their shoulders as he holds the belt up high.

Josh Mathews: It's official. The Gang now has every MWA Championship in their hands, they're unstoppable!


JBL tries to get up but Josh Mathews stops him from doing so.

Josh Matthews: Thanks for watching, we'll see you all next week!

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE VII   Sun Oct 02, 2011 9:42 am

Another epic show but I'm confused on one thing...

Who's the Legends Champion?
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Oh never mind, I get it now.
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