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 Coming out of the closet

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PostSubject: Coming out of the closet   Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:40 pm

OOC - This rp starts off ok, then gets bad, then gets pretty good again, and then bad.. Enjoy

The scene opens to Jack Jones running down a narrow hallway, he is very sweaty and appears to be in a panic. He continues to run, the camera staying in front of him. A shadow appears behind him, coming from around the corner. The shadow is from a man, a man that appear to have a weapon with him. Jones is in a boatload of trouble, and needs to find a way out. But there are so many doors to each side of him that finding the exit would be completely impossible to find. He decides to try one to his right. He opens it, goes inside, and closes it quietly behind him. The camera then changes to show him in a supply closet, the only light coming in from the crack in the side of the door, which he has his eye over, looking for his predator. He is breathing heavily, and knows that the end is near.

Jack Jones
This guy is fucking crazy. I didn't think it would go this far.

Jones continues to breath heavily, before taking a deep inhale and trying to breath slower.

Jack Jones
Sure I haven't lived up to the hype, maybe I'm not as good as I thought, but we can fix it, this doesn't need to happen!

Jones has completely caught his breath, and continues to speak.

Jack Jones
So here I am... One last stand... I'm a broken man, and soon I'll be done for entirely... My whole life has been devoted to wrestling, but after today nobody is going to remember that. I'll be forgotten, dropped like a teen fad. Maybe its for the best, and this just wasn't for me...

Footsteps can be heard as a shadow blocks off the majority of light coming from the crack in the door. Jones shakes in fear.

Jack Jones
Hear we go...

The door swings open, showing White Goodman standing in the opening, He has what appears to be a large metal clamp of some sort in his hand.

-- White Goodman --
"There you are Jack! I've been looking everywhere for you!

Jones backs into the corner, shriveling in fear.

Jack Jones
Stay back! I'm warning you!

Jones grabs a broom that is leaned against a wall to his side and aims it at Goodman.

-- White Goodman --
"Look, this is for your own good. I'm just going to break your hand so you can get a cast! Then when you hit that shitty spinning back fist, it'll actually do some damage!"

Goodman takes another step towards Jones, who retaliates by hitting him with the soft side of the broom. White jumps back, and holds his face.

-- White Goodman --
"Jack, you're being stupid... You're supposed to be Zeus, Jesus' right hand man, do'er of all things good... What happened?"

Goodman looks at Jones with a serious face as he attempts to stand up using the wall for support.

Jack Jones
White, what the fuck kind of book did you get that from? Zeus didn't even know Jesus, and he was a complete scumbag!

Jones gets to a complete vertical bases, and wipes his pants free of all dust.

Jack Jones
And if you want to break my hand... Just know I'm not going down without a fight!

Jones gets into a fighting stance with the broom in his hand. Goodman stands still, and intense look has developed on his face.

-- White Goodman --
"You just made a huge mistake kid."

Out of no where Goodman hits a back flip, landing on his feet and doing a "Bring it" taunt towards Jones, who charges at him with the broom above his head. he swings down, but Goodman catches the broom with his clamps and breaks it in half. Jones stumbles back, and falls seated in the corner with no where to go. He puts his arms up to brace himself as Goodman stands over him.

-- White Goodman --
"Sorry.. About your DAMN luck!"

Goodman puts the clamps over Jones' hand, and snaps it! Jones screams out in pain as his hand goes limp and turns purple immediately. Goodman drops the clamps, turns around and walks out the door.

-- White Goodman --
"See you at work tomorrow Jack."

Contrary to that last statement, White Goodman would never see Jack Jones again. He walks out of the closet leaving only Jones rolling around in pain. The scene fades on Jack Jones for the last time.

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Coming out of the closet
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