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 Goldust Visting a certain "Family"

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PostSubject: Goldust Visting a certain "Family"   Mon Sep 26, 2011 8:41 pm

*camera shows a man with a buzzcut standing front of the camera where you can only see the back of his head*

*The man slowly turns around he is in the middle of a superb where it appears to be in England*

Goldust:PHOOOOOOOOOOOOSH, Why Hello there, I probably don't need to tell you who I am but for those who don't know I am the oh so bizarre, Prince of Perversion, A man You Will Never forget the name of PHOOOOOOOOOOSH Goldust...

*Goldust licks his lips slowly*

Goldust: Now many of you who are watching me right now may be asking yourself? Where in the world is Goldust at? Well I will tell you just where Goldust will be making his next Oh So ravishing Grossing production, Right here, In Good Ole' Manchester England

*Goldust begins rubbing his chest slowly as he speaks*

Goldust: Now Manchester England, does that town ring a bell to any of you? It is the hometown of non other then "Mr. Wade Barrett, and tonight I am gonna give his good Ole' Mum and Pop a Visit from the prince of perversion non other then me PHOOOOOSH Goldust

*Goldust walks up to the door of the house he was standing in front of and walks up a few stairs, he proceeds to knock on the door until he gets and answer from a more elderly man*

???: Can I Help you?

Goldust: Yes, Do you happen to be the father of Professional Wreslter Wade Barrett?

Wades Dad: Why Yes I am, How can I be of an assistance?

Goldust: Please let me have a little bit of your precious time you still have left, and let me in.

Wades Dad: Well Alright, come on in

*They walk in the house*

Goldust: You may not know me but my name is PHOOOOOOSH Goldust, and your son Wade happens to know me "Very" Well and tonight Mr. and Mrs. Barrett he will get to know me oh so much better

*Goldust rubs himself as he finishes his sentence*

Wades Dad: I Beg your pardon?

Goldust: It's not how you were thinking....unfourtantely....Now, your son Wade disrespected my family last week, he disrespected me, disrespected my brother, but more importantly disrespected my own father

*Wades Father backs up slowly*

Goldust: So now he is going to find out age is like a fine wine and it only gets get better by age, your son is about to find out why he will never forget the name of PHOOOOOOSH Goldust....

*Goldust Throat Thrusts Wades Father as Wades Mother screams in the background, Goldust stomps on his father, then begins to yell at his mother*


*Goldust walks away from his father and walks slowly to his mother and gets behind her on her hands and knees*

Goldust: Oh My Mrs.Barrett I can see why your son Wade had an oh so eventful childhood growing up with you as a mother

*Goldust feels his mother up and spanks her lightly*



Goldust: Mr. Barrett is that a threat I hear? Don't worry I will get to your

*Goldust shoves Wades Mom out of the way and kicks Wades Dad back down, he then grabs a chair and some duct tape, as Wades Mom screams in the background, Goldust props Wades Dad in the chair and duct tapes him all around in the chair as he sits there as helpless as he could be*

Goldust: There you seem as marvelous as ever before Mr. Barret sitting there like a genuine statue of Art Let me add the finishing touch....

*Goldust rubs Wades fathers face gently and then plats a kiss right on his lips*


*Goldust then tapes over his mouth*

Goldust: This art is better seen then heard....

*Goldust then kicks the chair over and makes Wades Dad lay on his back helplessly*

Goldust: Oh Mrs. Barrett....Where do you think you're going I need more then ever

*Goldust rubs himself as he approaches Wades Mom*

Wades Mom: What do you want you freak please just leave our home haven't you had enough?

Goldust: *Chuckles* Oh My sweet clementine Goldust NEVER has enough, now do you have anything personal of Wades like a clothing or a personal belonging that I can have if you give me that then I will leave you and your filthy old pathetic husband alone

Wades Mom: No you will not get anything of my sons, that's his property Goldust that is not yours

Goldust: Then I will have to make it mine....

*Goldust Grabs Wades Mom and plants the biggest kiss on her lips, and shoves her to the ground as he walks more in the house and finds a room which use to be Wades long time ago*

Goldust: Look what we have here it happens to be Wades old room what do we have in here, a computer, a bed, a bookcase, and wait....what's this Wade are these dirty Magazines?

*Goldust holds up an old hustler magazine to the camera*

Goldust: Well I said I will take a personal belonging but I am also going to take this just for my own PHOOOOOOOOOOOSH pleasure, let's see what else we have in here,oh look an old yearbook let's look for good ole' Wade in her....Oh here he is most likely to be a scientist, Oh Wade you may have been most likely to have been a scientist but believe me I can show you some perfect chemistry

*Goldust lick his yearbook* and puts in in his handbag he has that he is putting Wades personal belongings in*

Goldust: Oh lookie here I think I found the perfect "Agenda" for your personal belonging, a journal, your very own personal Journal Wade

*Goldust flips through the book real fast*

Goldust: Oh My they always say you should do homework on your opponent but this, this is a little ridiculous Looks like I have a little bit of "study" to do Now Wade before I go I wanted to let you know, you brought family into this and this was all brought upon yourself and this week in our tag match me and Triple H will walk away victorious, now I know You will NEVER Forget the name of PHOOOOOOOOOOSH Goldust *Bite*

*The Camera fades as it goes back to ringside*
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Goldust Visting a certain "Family"
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