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 The Scromble

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Eddie Marques
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PostSubject: The Scromble   Mon Sep 26, 2011 7:56 pm

The crowd cheers as Matt Striker walks out, wearing a khaki shirt and his trademark vest, while taking another to the ring with him on his right hand. Striker walks down the ramp, smiling, and walks up the steel steps as the fans applaud him. Striker enters the ring and smiles...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Saturday Nightmare. Tonight we are entering the road to our next Pay-Per-View event, MWA High Voltage, the most dangerous event in Wrestling History. Why, exactly, am I calling it the most dangerous event in Wrestling History, though? Don't worry, you don't have to wait and find out, I'm out here to tell all of you, why it's the most dangerous, event, in Wrestling. History. Basically, there won't be one match on that card, that has a low-risk basis stipulation. Do expect the return of the Tables for Everybody match, the Hell in a Cell...And most interestingly, the MWA Scramble!...

The crowd sounds intrigued.

The MWA Scramble is an idea by Jonathan Coachman that he left on my desk before leaving for ESPN again...Striker chuckles, he takes out a piece of paper from his back pocket and unfolds it, then reads...It's based more or less as the regular Scramble match. But the one different stipulation, is that every wrestler, as they come out, will bring a weapon, of his choice, with him. And ladies and gentlemen this can be any weapon of choice. But I added a part of my own, and this is where it gets interesting...You can be eliminated, and to be eliminated, you have to be busted, open. There's no other fall to eliminate you, submission, pinfall, anything, they goes as a regular falls that award you the title of Current Champion, but if you bust someone open...They are eliminated from the contest, AND if just in case, one of the wrestlers eliminates the rest of the wrestlers in the ring, be it one, two, three or all four, the match will be over!...Of course if there's three and he eliminates one, the match continues, but if, for example, in the first five minutes, one wrestler eliminates the other, then the match will be over, and the one that is standing will be the NEW MWA Heavyweight Champion!


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The Scromble
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