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 Del Rio's First MWA Interview

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PostSubject: Del Rio's First MWA Interview   Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:36 am

The camera fades to John Laurinaitis, immediately following an ocean of heat.

John Laurinatis: Ladies & gentlemen, if you would introduce my guest at th---

Ricardo Rodriguez snatches the microphone away.

Ricardo Rodriguez: Usted debe estar loco para pensar que va a introducir en el futuro co-titular de la EWE-
MWA campeonatos del equipo de la etiqueta. Nasty las mujeres estadounidenses y ridículos los hombres estadounidenses,
Démosle la bienvenida al único hombre que se define MWA, ALBERTOOOOOOOOOO DELLLLLLL

The camera moves to a close up to an angry a seemingly angry Alberto Del Rio.

Esto no está bien! I should've had my match last week at Victorious! Matt Striker, maldita perra! Ha cancelado mi partido? And then you have me team with MWA's worst luchador? Justin Ligher, que hijo de puta, you better do your job out there. In the end, I should be EWE-MWA Campeón. And if not...

Del Rio does finish what he was saying, instead he leaves, being followed by Ricardo Rodriguez.

John Laurinatis: That was---

Laurinatis is cut off again by an Set-Up Enziguri. Del Rio goes & locks on the Cross Armbreaker on Laurinatis, taking out his frustrations before being grabbed away by security. He breaks away & stomps on the interviewer but security breaks it up. Del Rio breaks away again, but walks away. The camera goes to a close-up of a now smiling Del Rio. He looks at the camera & blinks as the scene fades out.
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Del Rio's First MWA Interview
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