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 Broken Expecations...Broken Backs

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PostSubject: Broken Expecations...Broken Backs   Sat Sep 17, 2011 1:34 pm

The scene fades in to show Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam in the latter's locker room, which he shares with some other guys such as Raven, Goldust, and who not. Jericho is holding up the punching back which the Whole Fuckin' Show is kicking the fuck out of.

Whoa, hold on Rob...We need to have a little talk here.

Van Dam stops and wipes his forehead with the towel Jericho hands him.

I know, we both know--everybody knows that you've been out of your game ever since Heyman showed up. Okay, I understand you beat Raven, but that guy's just on another crap downfall of his. Hmph, even Josh Mathews could beat him nowadays...

Josh Mathews: Hey, come on...

Van Dam just shrugs and walks away to sit down.

If that's how it's gonna be, whatever. You don't want these Tag Titles nearly as much as I do but yeah, let's not, fucking, care. You know what Rob? Get the fuck out.

RVD looks up...

Chris, this is MY locke--


Rob Van Dam just stands up and leaves. Jericho turns to the camera...

See what I have to deal with?...My partner couldn't care less about this match, and GloboGym can just rejoice on that, but for as long as they think they can, only. Because I'm going out there tonight...Even if I go alone, I'm going out there to beat the living shit out of those fagbags. I've dealt with Single H in the past, and Rob Conway? Please, wake me up when that assclown grows talent. But this is all beside the point. White, we both know this is between you and me, you practically begged Single H to say what you wanted to hear about me, to call me egocentric, like I ever cared what any of you think. But you're a smart player, you won't say the bullshit yourself because you don't want your little GloboGym corp.'s looks to be damaged...Well get your ass ready because after you see your two little pets getting their asses handed to them tonight, you won't even know what to do BUT respect me--It's funny how you all are so high on yourselves, and all your expectations are gonna be as broken as your backs after tonight, pals.

Jericho smirks and winks at the camera before leaving.

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Broken Expecations...Broken Backs
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