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 Legend killer

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Wade Barrett
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PostSubject: Legend killer   Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:31 pm

The camera fades out to a locker room, we see Wade Barrett sitting on a steel chair, applying wrist tape, getting ready for the upcoming match he is in, he doesn't appear to notice the camera watching him through the blinds. There is a knock at the door and the crowd pops as they see who it is. None other than 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes! Wade notices Dusty walking into the room and stands up, a smirk upon his face.

Well if it isn't The American Dream. What are you here for, Dusty? Do you want to witness me beat your son into a pulp later tonight in the Elimination Chamber? Or do you have hope in your kid?

Wade laughs at the latter question. Dusty chuckles to himself and then goes all serious.

Well actually, Wade, that's not the case at all. Y'see I watched the show last week and I hearded ya'll disrespecting my family, disrespecting me!

Let me guess, let me guess. You're here to teach me a lesson for not only the things I said last week, but the things I did. Well Dusty, let's get it out of the way, I've got a match to get ready for, a match in which your son will be locked into an unforgiving steel chamber with me and two other people that don't matter in the slightest. What matters, Dusty, is that I'm going to take your son, Goldust, out of the game for life.

Dusty looks like he's about to say something in return but Wade holds up his hand to stop him from talking.

But the thing is, Dusty, I don't want to hear what you have to say. I take no interest in listening to a single thing you have ever said, not back when I watched you as a child, not now. But since you're here, my friend, maybe we can talk a little more about your family, the family you take such pride in, Mr. Rhodes. You've brought up some great children, just look as Goldust!

Wade laughs again and takes a seat, continuing to tape up his wrists.

No, no, I understand, I wouldn't want to look at him either. Oh, how about your other son, Cody! Cody Rhodes. Man, if there's one thing that boy didn't inherit from you, it's your fat.

Dusty stands in the room, looking extremely angry at Wade. Wade looks up at him and chuckles.

That's enough Wade, man to man I have had just about enough of you insulting me and ma family, I've got a good mind to come down to that Elimination Chamber tonight and defend ma sonny boy in a fight. I'd just love to come outta retirment for one night only, come down to that ring and teach you a lesson you'll nevva forget!

Wade scratches his chin.

You honestly think you could take me on in a fight, bear in mind, not just a fight, a fight in one of the most unforgiving structures in the history of wrestling. Dusty, is that what you think?

Hell yeah, I think I could---

Wade slaps Dusty round the face, the crowd boo loudly as Wade gets to his feet and looks at Dusty who has turned his back, holding his face. The camera pans to Dusty's face which has gone a shade of white in anger.

What's the matter Dusty? Are you angry at me for calling you fat?

He pushes Dusty slightly, Dusty seems to be boiling inside.

Your wife was a lesbian whore.

Dusty's eyes go wide.

Your kids... Are faggots.

Dusty can't take it anymore, he turns around and hits Barrett right in the face, Barrett holds his jaw, looks back at Dusty with disgust, runs back at him and hits a big boot, the crowd boo viciously as Wade stands above Dusty, an angry look upon his face. Wade picks him back up and lifts him onto his shoulders, he walks over to a table of water bottles and other supplies and wastelands Dusty straight through the table.
Wade watches Dusty squirm around on the floor for a while before cutting off the end of his wrist tape and laughing as he leaves. As soon as Wade leaves the locker room, a bunch of medical officials pour into the room to tend to Dusty.

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Legend killer
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