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 Who is Zeus?

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Eddie Marques
Fuck Yeah Guy

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PostSubject: Who is Zeus?   Mon Sep 12, 2011 8:45 pm

Zeus is the guy who tells the cripple ahead of him in line to hurry up.
Zeus is first to get to the window to see the car accident outside.
Zeus is the one who wrote your number on the mall's bathroom wall.
Zeus is a failing student who makes passes at his young, attractive English teacher.
Zeus is the guy loitering on Park Ave. that is always trying to sell you something.
Zeus is the one who handed his jizz-drenched clothes to Good Will.
Zeus is one who introduced you first to Goatse.
Zeus is a hot incest dream that you'll try to forget for days.
Zeus is the only one of your group of friends to be secure in his sexuality and say anything.
Zeus is the guy without ED who still likes trying Viagra.
Zeus is the best friend that tags along for your first date and cock-blocks throughout night. The decent girl you're trying to bag walks out on the date, Zeus laughs and takes you home when you're drunk, and you wake up to several hookers in your house who Zeus called for you.
Zeus is a friend that constantly asks you to try mutual masturbation with him.
Zeus is the guy who calls a suicide hotline to hit on the advisor
Zeus is nuking the hard-drive next time someone knocks on his door.
Zeus is the one who left a used condom outside the schoolyard.
Zeus is the voice in your head that tells you that it doesn't matter if she's drunk.
Zeus is the friend who constantly talks about your mom's rack.
Zeus is the only one who understands what the hell you saying.
Zeus is someone who would pay a hooker to eat his ass, and only that.
Zeus is the uncle who has touched you several times.
Zeus is still recovering in the hospital, after trying something he saw in a Hentai.
Zeus is the pleasure B00Bz feels guilty of when he tried playing with his anus during masturbation.
Zeus is wonderful.
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Johnny B00Bz
Forever Alone Guy

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PostSubject: Re: Who is Zeus?   Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:33 pm

MFW I am just like Zeus

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Who is Zeus?
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