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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE VI   Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:22 pm

We see Maria backstage with Goldust...

Maria: This Week Goldust, you will be in a four man battle royal for the Legends Championship can you give me your thoughts on the match?

Goldust looks at the interviewer...

I need you to move your sexy little behind out of my spotlight please...

Maria moves out of the camera view, Goldust slaps her ass as she moves away.

Keep it Golden, baby...Now on a more serious note...This will be a big match for me and I think everyone knows my lust for gold and this week I will prove my how much I crave it, and how much I need it when I go out there and I win me my first championship, my first scent of, he breathes in, gold!...I will Qualify for the match at the Pay-Per-View. Now, Liger I heard your words in the back and I didn't hear any mention of The Prince of Perversion however you did mention Wade Barrett, I can see why you didn't mention me...

Goldust rubs himself as he breathes in deep...and then out.

It's because once you think of me, I burn in your brain like a dark frightful nightmare, and what happens in nightmares Liger? You tremble in a deep pile of your own fear and sorrow and this week when I get my first taste of many Championship Belts to win and I become the Legends Champion at the Pay-Per-View I will make sure you, Barrett, and anyone who dares to watch will NEVER Forget the name of...he takes another typical breath. Goldust.

Goldust looks in Maria's face and bites near her face, then walks away...

The scene fades in to show the sold out American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. Ready and set for another MWA Saturday Nightmare event. The camera pans around showing how freaking full the arena is.

Josh Mathews: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another showdown of MWA's talent, Saturday Nightmare!

As soon as Layfield is about to respond we fade in to see Wade Barrett looking into the camera, smiling. The camera zooms out to reveal Maria, standing with a microphone in her hand. The two are standing in front of a interview set-up, complete with small screen and curtains, as usual.

Maria: I'm here with a man that has been dead-set on becoming Legends Champion ever since debuing in MWA, Wade Barrett. Wade, tonight you ---

Before you continue, I would appreciate being addressed, 'Mr. Barrett'. Informalities are not a privalege you get when talking to a man such as myself.

Maria: I apologise, Mr. Barrett, tonight you are in a 6-man Battle Royal to determine the two to qualify for the 4-man Elimination Chamber match for the Legends Championship. How do you like your chances?

Wade takes a deep breath and looks into the distance, an epic look across his face.

The very fact that I have to qualify for said Elimination Chamber match sickens me. Matt Striker has some nerve placing me in a Battle Royal with such common filth. Now Maria, if there's one thing you'll ever learn about me, it's that I don't mix with the type of people I'm involved with tonight. The only reason I'm even going to go to the ring is because winning earns me a place in a match for the Legends Title, a title that I've had my eyes on since the beginning of my career in MWA. Although, this whole idea is completely ridiculous due to said title being under 24/7 rules, I suppose it does help my chances in winning the belt fairly and in a dominant way. Steel walls will surround me, Matt Hardy and two others that need not matter. Nothing will be able to hinder the pain I am going to deal out to win myself legendary status. Nothing.

Maria buts in, awkwardly.

Maria: Sorry to cut you off Wa- Mr. Barrett, but I have to remind you that in order to get into that match, you have to win the battle royal tonight!

Wade looks at Maria like she is a complete and total retarded idiot.

Are you sick in the head, Maria? Do you honestly believe that there is a chance of me losing tonight's match? A match against people like Goldust, people like The Highlanders. The whole thing would be a freak show if it wasn't for me being involved.
In fact, while I'm here, let's take an in-depth look at my opponents tonight...

Maria sighs softly, she still holds the microphone up to Barrett though. Barrett looks at her with fierce anger and swipes the microphone away.

Don't wanna stand through it, huh? Fine, go find a camera and shoot some nudes for MWA Woman Magazine...Hmph.

Maria's eyes light up and she walks away from frame, leaving Wade, talking into the camera.

So first up, a man that goes by the name of Goldust. Dustin Rhodes, son of The American Dream! He comes from a family of strange, common weirdo's but I believe he got the worse part of this obvious faulty gene. Goldust, a man that paints his face gold and wears latex suits. He walks around with a blonde female wig upon his head, acting, to put it simple, like a total faggot.
That's all I have to say about him, his half-brother's like it too, I don't know what Dusty did wrong, but it was definitely something.

Wade laughs and clears his throat.

Moving on, another newcomer, Jushin Liger. Yet another bizarre individual, or I guess you could argue that he's Japanese, and they're all fucking weird. He laughs again and we hear the fans booing. He came all the way from New Japan Pro Wrestling to be here in MWA. Last week he got his ass kicked by Bobby Lashley and Ted DiBiase, this week he's gonna get his ass kicked by 5 other men. Y'know maybe if he took that stupid mask off he'd actually be able to see what's going on and execute moves properly. Sure you could say he was amazing in NJPW, but that's only because you're comparing him to the other members of the NJPW roster, and that would make Kelly Kelly look good.

Wade develops a look of confusion.

Come with me, we'll go check the match card and see who else I'm going to have the pleasure of meeting in the ring this evening.

The camera follows Wade down the corridor and into a large area, we see the entrance curtain and a large whiteboard next to it, displaying all the matches for the night. Wade looks in it and smiles.

Ah of course! How could I forget! R-Truth. The very same guy I was forced to tag with last week and the very same reason that I lost last week. R-Truth clearly doesn't have any brains whatsoever. I suppose that's why he uses Bobby THE BRAIN Heenan right? Of course it is. Tonight I don't have to rely on Truth or protect him, I can treat him the same as anyone else and trust me, I will. Just because you all hate him as well as me doesn't mean we're automatically friends alright? It's not black and white like that... So to speak.

Wade looks back at the match card quickly.

Ah, and finally Robbie and Rory McAllister, The Highlanders. These two might be British, but for that sole reason I am not going to go easy on them. To be honest though, I have nothing to say about these two, they are literally too stupid to insult. I have nothing to worry about where they're concerned.

Wade looks down at his watch, removes it and places it on a steel chair next to the entrance curtain.

You've heard me run my mouth, now watch me back it up. It's time to walk a little bit further along the path... To Legend status.

We go back to ringside, Justin Roberts is standing in the ring.


MWA Woman Magazine Pic 1
MWA Woman Magazine Pic 2


JBL: That was quick.

Josh Mathews: I'm pretty sure she took those earlier in the week.

The scene fades in to ringside, to show all the participants of the upcoming Battle Royal in the ring.

Josh Mathews: And the last two man standing in this match will automatically qualify for the Legends Championship Elimination Chamber match at Victorious, ladies and gentlemen.

We see the Highlanders trading strategies, probably planning to use teamwork to end the match with both of them qualifying. We see Wade Barrett stretching out and Jushin Liger in a staredown with R-Truth, as Goldust sits on a corner. Bobby Heenan seems to be yelling instructions at R-Truth. The bell rings and surprisingly nobody moves until the Highlanders run at R-Truth from behind, and shove him right over the top rope onto his manager, Bobby Heenan. The crowd cheers.


They both then jump Jushin Liger, but on the other end of the ring we see Goldust and Wade Barrett engage in a tension-filled staredown before Barrett goes for a knee. He then tries to toss Goldust over the top rope, but the latter holds on and slides back in after being thrown over the top rope, with flow. Liger manages to take control and shove both the Highlanders into a corner, he runs to the opposite ropes for impulse and goes for a Corner Crossbody, but both Rory and Robbie McAllister dodge it at the same time.

Josh Mathews: The Highlanders seem pretty determined to me, John.

JBL: HAHAHAHA...Seriously...this is the funniest jobber match ever...IT'S ALL JOBBERS!

Robbie and Rory grab Liger and toss him over the top rope. Wade and Goldust let go of each other and trade some words, before going for a Double Clothesline on Robbie! Taking him out, leaving Rory, kick to the gut by Barrett followed by a Sitdown Uppercut, trademarked by Goldust. And Barrett throws a groggy Rory McAllister over the top rope, and both feet hit the ground, Goldust sends Robbie on to the apron, and the latter gets laid out with a Big Boot by the big man! Barrett and Goldust forget they are rivals for a moment, and share a handshake, as the bell rings. They then realize as their backs are turned to each other, the Golden one quickly jumps around to stare down Barrett, who's now grinning at his own ignorance and slowly turns around.

Josh Mathews: Well, that was some impressive teamwork. One has to admit it, and I will.

Barrett puts his hands on his waist and smiles, then strangely enough, he goes for a handshake. Goldust, reluctant, looks Barrett in the eyes, for a while before actually shaking the hand of the British Brawler, who then raises the veteran's hand and points at him, much to the pleasure of the crowd!

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here are your winners, qualifying for the Legends Championship Elimination Chamber Match...GOLDUST...AND WADE--BARRETT!!!

KICK TO THE GUT! BARRETT ASSAULTS GOLDUST NOW! And a bunch of repeated forearms to the back before he sends the Golden One shoulder-first against the ring post.

JBL: I totally saw this coming!

Josh Mathews: Of course.

And again and again, the British Brawler continues on delivering stomps to the fallen wrestler, Goldust, he then taunts to the loud-booing crowd. Wade Barrett gets Goldust to his feet and puts him knelt, with his head between his legs...He makes a lift-up...FALLING POWERBOMB!!!

JBL: Looks like somebody learned a new move!

Josh Mathews: Maybe the "Wasteland" wasn't working.

Barrett stands up and taunts.

The British Brawler spreads out his arms as the crowd boos loudly, like he cares. He smirks, he then looks down at Goldust and spits on him!

JBL: Now that's just blatant lack of respect! 'Bout time someone grew an attitude around here though.

Josh Mathews: Out with the old, and in with the new.

JBL: You would know, you got JR fired.


The scene fades in to Matt Striker's office. Someone opens the door without even knocking...

What the--Oh it's you...What do you want?

Jericho quickly walks over, pulls back the chair and sits on it.

I'm sure you watched the DVD and stuff... Matt Striker, who goes back to signing stuff, signals him to proceed... Well my idea would be to give mine, Christian and Matt's locker room away, that'll save you some money in the arenas...All we want is the premium locker room in each arena. I've been there and I've seen it all, all arenas' are alike, Striker...Pool table, jacuzzi, private gym, private bathroom, it's amazing!...And it's gonna save you some money, renting the premium locker room instead of three high quality ones...You know...

Striker cuts him off.

Stop telling me stuff I already know...If you win the titles Sunday, you have it. If not, I'm gonna do that for GloboGym...Who for that matter already asked the same thing you're asking right now...

Jericho clenches his fist and whispers...

...White... He turns back to Striker...Uh I'll get going, looking good Matt, almost as good as me.

Jericho gets up and buttons up an accidentally unbuttoned sleeve on his velvet blazer. The scene fades out as Jericho leaves the locker room. He closes the door. We fade back to see Chris Jericho as he opens his locker room door to see Matt Hardy and Christian in a heated argument, and the Legends championship title belt on top of a box...but curiously enough, there's another Legends championship title belt on Matt's waist...

No! You had no right to take my title belt!

It's the Legends Championship, everybody can have a go at it!

Christian holds back from strangling Matt...

You're supposed to be my friend! Why did you do it!?

Jericho steps in between them.

Because fuck you!

Jericho interrupts the shit out of everything.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!...Why the hell are there two Legends Championships here!? And why the hell are you here?

Christian explains.

This dumbfuck took my title so I ordered in a replica. Obviously because I'm the rightful champion.

Jericho signals him to wait and walks over to the box...

That's a pretty good replica...

Both Matt Hardy and Christian stand behind Y2J...

That's not the replica. He has the replica...

Jericho looks absolutely confused now...

What the f--WHY?

Hardy almost seems offended.

Because fuck you!...Actually it's because it's newer and shinier.

Jericho grabs the replica from Matt's waist and tosses it out the window, both Christian and Matt Hardy run to the window...


Déja-Vú much?

What is it with you and throwing stuff off the window? And where the hell is John!?

Jericho sighs.

John hasn't been signed...yet...and I don't know if or when he'll ever be. Anywho, you guys are both in the Elimination Chamber and both of you have as much chance to win as the other, so stop complaining and hug. HUG!

Matt and Christian reluctantly go for a hug...then stop...then go again and now it works just fine.

I have a replacement for John though...It's in the cupboard...

Christian goes over and opens the cupboard to see a John Morrison cutout. He picks it up and puts it in a corner, then tidily goes back and closes the cupboard. Matt Hardy rubs his chin, as if he was pondering a thought.

You know, even as a cutout, his hair still flows gracefully in slow motion.

Both Chris Jericho and Christian look at the cutout and nod in agreement. Hardy then shakes his head, trying to imitate Morrison's trademark sexy moment. His hair just furiously swings and drops.


Jericho and Christian facepalm. All of a sudden, Jericho starts laughing.

Remember that one time when we left Johnny with ODB?

Christian also starts laughing, Matt does not however.

Speaking of ODB, Matt looks at Christian. you still have her number?

Christian and Jericho look completely revolted. Matt grabs his championship and looks away from the other two. He speaks in an embarrassed tone.

It's been a dry month.

Christian and Chris hold in their laughter. They look at each other and then nod with a grin. Each grabs one of Matt's legs and left hip over upside down. Matt drops his championship and a couple of stuff fall from his pocket.

That's as close of a wild ride as you're going to get.

They drop him on the floor. Matt yells, exhibiting headache pain.

Quick, get a referee!

Jericho just ignores him and walks past him. Matt gets to his feet.

I can't believe you would sink that low, I would never do something like that!

Christian mouths the words "What the Fuck!?".

You already did!

Matt shakes his head in disappointment.

You sure know how to hold a long grudge.

Christian is completely dumbfounded.

It's been two weeks.

Matt shrugs his shoulders.

Tomato, tomato.

Christian facepalms. He puts his hand down from his face with an annoyed expression. Christian looks down at the ground to see the Legends Championship still there. Christian scurries over picks of the championship and puts it around his waist. He steps in front of Matt and does his signature taunt were he slaps his chest. Christian then slowly turns with a smile on his face and a little pep in his step, to Chris Jericho.

So does this mean I'm the champion now?

Chris Jericho, without saying a word, just shakes his head and walks over to Christian. He rips the belt off of Christian's waist and puts it around Matt's waist and raises his hand while pointing at him, with his eyes still locked on Christian mockingly as if he's telepathically saying look at this, bitch.

Screw you too! You're supposed to be my friend as well, but then you do this to me. What ever happened to Canadian patriotism?! I was the first ever TIT Champion! I will not stand for this!

Christian storms out of the locker room, then he quickly returns with his head down and slowly walks over to Matt and Chris.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I can get a little sensitive some times. Matt...

Christian puts his hand on Matt's shoulder looking into his eyes.

You can have the title, you deserve it. I just want you to know, that I love you like a brother, I'm going to abandon my plans to kill you in the Elimination Chamber, I know you'll make a good champion. I will back off and let you bask in the sunlight...even though it should be me that's doing the basking...But nevertheless, you being champion doesn't bother me anymore.

Matt looks at Christian, then down at his belt, then back up at Christian.

If it doesn't bother you anymore, then why won't you let go of my belt?

All three of them look down to see Christian's hand tightly clenched around the rim of the belt. Christian looks back up at Matt.

No can do compadre.

We can hear the crowd laughing loudly. Matt and Chris Jericho grab Christians arm and pry it off of the belt after a few moments of struggle. Christian pulls his hand back up to his body and clenches it at his chest. Christian begins to walk away as he tries to reach out and grab the belt again but is too far away. Christian looks at the belt as he walks out backwards. He talks to the belt while sobbing...

I'll wait for you.

Christian turns around and leaves the locker room. He pops his head back in and with one hand he points at the belt and with the other he puts his thumb to his ear and his index finger to his mouth making an imaginary phone.

Call me.

Christian said while whispering to the belt as he leaves. Once out of the locker room Christian puts his back against the wall immediately next to the door he just came out of, as he slides down to the ground. Christian reaches into his pocket and pulls out a picture of the belt around his waist during the few seconds he held the title. Christian touches the picture with his fingers as they slide down the picture and eventually off of it and onto the ground. Christian puts the picture back into his pocket while he continues to sob. Matt takes a look outside the door and sees Christian sobbing. He goes back inside and walks to Jericho.

Man, I can't believe you'd do that to him, you're supposed to be his friend!

Chris Jericho is completely shocked at this point, which is surprising; considering all the abstract moments he's had with the Gang before.

ME!? You're the one that stole his precious love away.

Hardy looks completely offended at being blamed, as always, acting oh so ever innocent.

What I had with Denise, was just a one time thing.

Jericho's eyes open widely. He looks at the door, expecting Christian to come in, but he doesn't. Jericho sights in relief and looks back at Matt, who's about to finish off on what he was saying.

Besides, you're the one that through the replica out the window.

Jericho facepalms and shakes his head. He then looks back up at Matt.

I rue the day I decided to throw your brain out of the window.

Hardy walks to the nearest bench and sits down, tilting his head upwards a bit to look at Chris.

Brains are overrated, I've been functioning well without it ever since.

Chris chuckles and sits next to his Gang member.

You know, we haven't had the chance to celebrate you winning that thing.

Chris taps on Hardy's championship. The latter just nods. Matt suddenly explodes with joy, as if he just found out the cure for fatness.

I just remembered why I love these things... SEX!

Jericho slides away from Matt.

Look, Matt, I enjoy being champion as much as a next guy, but having a sexual relationship with your championship is just wrong.

Not that, I mean that the other gender loves the company of a champion... So does that same gender, but that's a wh-- DAMNIT! This bench is very uncomfortable.

Jericho has a concerned look on his face.

Do you by any chance have ADHD?

Matt nods.

Yeah, I have Anal Devourer on High Definition. What does that have to do with anything? You're being completely random, you should go to the doctor; you might have one of those things, I think it's called ATC or something like that.

Jericho doesn't even bother to facepalm at this point, he just dips his head down and starts shaking it.

I miss our old comfy sofa.

Hardy frowns. Jericho then sighs...

Don't worry, I brought it back...CHRISTIAN!

Matt looks at Chris like he's Jesus Christ.

You brought back our sofa?!

Jericho smiles.

I kind of brought back everything...Including out pool table. Christian enters the room again, head down... Chin up Christian, great news. Remember the glorious Gang locker room? It's back now...WITH a Jacuzzi...All I have to do is win the Tag Titles, and God knows that's gonna be easy as pie.

Christian seems to be looking on the bright side now.

Well that's positive...Does that mean we're going partying tonight?

Jericho looks at Hardy, Hardy looks back, they both look at Christian

Oh hell yeah!

The scene fades out as the camera films Christian, now grinning like a total dick.


The scene fades to John Laurinaitis standing on camera and talking like a fucking asshole in his fucking asshole voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen... My guest at this time, Curt Hawkins.

The crowd boo as Hawkins is shown on-screen next to John. Curt is dressed in his epic red pants ring attire and jacket. He smirks and nods as he hers the negative reaction from the fans.

Curt, how do you feel about being involved in the GloboGym Warm Up tonight?

Curt shakes his head and snatches the mic.

I don't care. In fact, I've never cared less about something in my entire life. You see, John, I have one goal and one goal only... And that's destroying Raven at Victorious, and leaving with the MWA Championship around my waist. People might say I'm too inexperienced... People might say I don't have a chance against a veteran like Raven... But the fact is, Raven can't wrestle any more.

The crowd boo wildly and Curt shakes his head in disbelief.

Jesus... Just face the facts! The guy can barely move around in that ring! Up against a fresher, younger opponent like me... Raven is gonna get torn to shreds in that ring! It's simply impossible for him to leave Victorious as the Champion. That being said, I think I'm gonna pull a 'Raven' here tonight!

The crowd continue to jeer Curt, who ignores it like a total boss.

Remember when Raven left me high and dry in the ring to get beaten down by Jericho and Punk? Well maybe I'll do the same thing to Triple H here tonight... That'd be fun to watch, wouldn't it? Anyways, this interview is over. I've got a 'match' to prepare for.

Curt walks off-screen, leaving Laurinaitis alone once again. Tears well up in John's eyes as he stares at the camera.

... Forever alone.

The scene fades. The bell rings as we come back to ringside.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a Tag Team Match scheduled for one fall!

The crowd cheers! Rob Van Dam walks out. He spins around, pointing at his back with his thumbs, before making his way down the ramp and towards the ring.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, weighing in 237 pounds!...From Battle Creek, Michigan...THE WHOLE...FUCKIN'...SHOW!...ROB...VAN...DAM!!!

He slides into the ring, then does the exact same taunt he did on stage, but now with the crowd yelling along as he stops, "R...V...D!". The theme song fades out as he reaches the corner, climbs onto the first rope and points at himself.

Chris Jericho walks out as the crowd goes even wilder, he has his back turned as the lights dim and his countdown reaches the symbol "Y2J". Said Y2J turns around and does his signature taunt as his fireworks cue. He then walks down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, weighing in 225 pounds!...Y2J...CHRIS...JERICHO!!!

Jericho walks towards the steel steps which he climbs to get on the side-apron, on which he spins around and bounces on the ropes, doing another trademarked taunt. He gets in the ring and shakes the ropes up and down.

The crowd cheers! Triple H walks out on stage as the colored spotlights focus randomly around the arena except for one, shining right on him. He walks, focused, down to the ring.

JBL: Look who decided to show up...I bet he was taking a steroid exam last week!

Justin Roberts: And their opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in 255 pounds!...THE KING OF KINGS...TRIPLE...H!!!

Triple H takes a sip of water as he stops at the end of the ramp, then spits it out and tosses the bottle away.

The crowd boos as the Number One Contender for the MWA Heavyweight Championship walks out on stage, wearing his typical leather vest and sunglasses. He walks down the ramp almost if dancing.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Queens, New York, weighing in 236 pounds!...RAPID FIRE...CURT...HAWKINS!!!

Hawkins takes off his entrance clothing, and points at both the wrestlers in the ring, as Triple H remains focused and motionless.

Josh Mathews: And this promises to be a hell of a bout! Which you will all see as we come back!


We come back to see Curt Hawkins dominating, with RVD in a Grounded Headlock. He keeps the pressure before giving up the hold, leaving Van Dam stunned. Hawkins walks over and tags out to the Game. The crowd cheers as Triple H gets in the ring for the first time in two weeks, he gets the Whole Fuckin' Show to his feet and Irish Whips him to a corner, Spinebuster! No! RVD manages to roll over Triple H, and land on his feet. The Cerebral Assassin turns around to meet a Spinning Kick by Van Dam, followed by a Wheel Kick!

Josh Mathews: And that's typical Van Dam right there.

JBL: Thank God you don't say vintage.

Rob Van Dam tags out to Chris Jericho, who leaps in as Triple H is standing up, double kick to the gut... Double Hip Toss! Double Elbow Drop! And a cover by Y2J.


Triple H, albeit groggy, gets up at the same time as the King of the World, who then Irish Whips him to a corner, before running right at him...Corner Dropkick! Jericho stands and tosses Triple H over the top rope, he takes a few steps back and taunts, then runs to Springboard for the Triangle Dropkick, but Hawkins "casually" pushes down the middle rope with his foot, making Jericho slide right through to ringside. Unfortunately for Hawkins, Jericho lands on his feet, then goes over and pulls down Hawkins' legs, making him fall back first on the apron and roll down to the concrete. With the referee distracted with the count, Rob Van Dam runs and lays out Triple H by smashing his head against the ring post twice, and then tossing him over to ringside. RVD taunts...

Josh Mathews: Here we go!

Spinning Leg Drop from the apron all the way onto the floor! The referee reaches a count of 7 as Chris Jericho rolls in and out of the ring, then walks over to Triple H. Restarting the count. Jericho gets the Game to his feet, and then goes to smash his head on the steel steps, failing hard as HHH manages to grab his head instead and smash it against the steel steps on his own.

Josh Mathews: And the tides turn.

JBL: Hahahah, stop comparing wrestling to oceans you silly goose.

Triple H rolls Jericho into the ring, then slowly rolls in himself, he puts his arm over Jericho's body.


Triple H tags out to Curt Hawkins, who walks over to the Man of 1,004 Holds, and stomps him repeatedly, while holding the top rope. RVD walks over on the apron and pushes him away, warning him, the referee holds Rapid Fire back as RVD goes back to his place. Jericho starts getting up but the Party Crasher runs at him and kicks him right across the gut, sending him tumbling out of the center of the ring and onto the apron. Chris Jericho is laid out basically with his head and left arm out of the apron, looking down, as Curt Hawkins climbs up the turnbuckle...

JBL: Shit shit shit shit shit!

HEAT-SEEKING ELBOW, ON THE CONCRETE!!! JERICHO ROLLS BACK IN! Hawkins rolls around screaming in pain and agony while holding his elbow. Jericho leaps over the top rope and then Springboards as Curt Hawkins is starting to get up...SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!!! The crowd goes wild!!!

Josh Mathews: Chris Jericho is by far one of the most unpredictable wrestlers in the history of the business.

JBL: How 'bout me?

Josh Mathews: But of course!

JBL: Thought so, fist bump...

The camera shows them fist bump in the background, as Chris Jericho gets up and leans back on the security barrier to rest, to the pleasure of the many women on the front row. Cool...Y2J steps over Hawkins on his way to the ring which he slides into. He rests and hypes up the crowd at moments as Rapid Fire is starting to stand up at the count of 7...8!...9! HAWKINS REACHES THE RING!

The bell rings!

Justin Roberts: And here are your winners, Curt Hawkins...and Triple...H!!!

HHH and Hawkins get their arms raised as the scene fades out.

JBL: I laugh at Jericho and Van Dam's lack of chemistry.

The scene fades in to show John Laurinaitis backstage wearing a crappy ass suit. He seems about to interview some irrelevant asshat backstage worker, and we see that is true as the camera zooms out.

Good night ladies and gentlemen, I'm here backstage with...Stan... Stan how's it going?

Stan: I am pissed off! I am terribly pissed off because just a while ago, this asshole hit me with a headbutt for no reason!

Laurinaitis seems confused and awkwardly interested...

Who did that?

Stan: Jesus Nails.

Jesus Nails is filmed by the camera, standing there all cocky and shiz.

Who the fuck are you?

Jesus Nails: Jesus Nails, nice to meet ya'.

Laurinaitis punches Nails out of nowhere! Then high fives Stan.

Back to you, Jo--

ACE CUTTER ON STAN OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd cheers! Laurinaitis gets up and shows off a cheesy grin as the scene fades out.


The ring has a purple velvet mat, two Adonis statues next to each corner, a small round table is in the middle of the ring, with a white table cloth, and a bottle of Moet French champagne surrounded by five glasses.

JBL: Seems like Chavo won't be getting any.

We can hear him laugh...

The crowd boos as Riggins, "Zeus" Jack Jones and Rob Conway all walk out wearing black suits, followed by White Goodman who's wearing his own white suit and his shiny shoes.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome...White Goodman, Riggins, Rob Conway and Zeus, Jack Jones!...GLOBOGYM...CORPORATION!!!

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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They all walk down to the ring and walk up the steel steps in line before they all enter the ring. The theme song fades out as Riggins picks up a microphone from Justin Roberts, and Conway holds the icy champagne bottle.

Boys and girls feel welcomed to the official presentation of GloboGym's new member, one of the best wrestlers in the history of this business...Single H!

The crowd boos as the GloboGym Corporation applauds. Rob Conway seems wanting to say something. Riggins hands him the microphone and Conway hands him the champagne bottle. The Model of Excellence takes a step forward.

Well, for starters...I think it's pretty obvious that GloboGym now has the two best current wrestlers in the world. Single H and Rob Conway? We are going to shine, mark my words, baby!... Next Sunday, Single H and Rob Conway are gonna win the EWE/MWA Tag Team Championship title belts, and nobody can stop us...Sure as hell not two washed up, post-peaked "wrestlers like Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. They all share a laugh. But the point is...We're not only gonna be champions...But we're going to dominate the whole industry. It's like a two-man personified domination!...WE...are a personified domination...And we'll show that to you tonight.

Conway takes off his sunglasses.

Now without further ado, let me introduce to you the Controller, the Creator of Chaos, the Excellence of Revolution, the Washington D.C. Rattlesnake! The Most Acidifying Man in Sports Entertainment!...The King of Blings...SING--

White lowers Rob's arm and takes his microphone. Rob turns to White and raises his eyebrow as White smiles and nods at him. The GloboGym founder places his hand on Conway's shoulder and raises the microphone.

Sorry to cut you off there, Rob... I've got some things I need to say. Ladies and Gentlemen, let's give a big round of applause to The Conman, Rob Conway for that excellent introduction!

White raises Conway's arm as the crowd shower GloboGym Corp with boos. White shakes his head and raises the mic again.

Typical. I knew the moment I stepped out here tonight that all you fat, insecure rednecks would boo me... I know why. It's because we're better than you, and we know it! Deep down, you all know it too! So keep booing and jeering the clearly superior beings standing before you... Because after tonight, you'll all be back in your miserable lives working in dead end jobs and we'll be at the top of the world! Now do me a favour and shut up! I've got some important business to discuss! Now for those of you who watched from home last week, you saw that 'Kerwin White' failed to earn victory in The Riggins Challenge! That means that he's now under a personal services contract to yours truly. Let's bring him out here, shall we?

'Kerwin' steps out to a nice pop from the crowd, he's also wearing a white suit that's extremely similar to Goodman's. As he struts down the ramp and enters the ring, White looks on with a furious expression on his face. 'Kerwin' enters the ring and walks right up to White.

One of us is going to have to change.

Goodman shoves Kerwin and Conway holds him back. White raises his mic and lets out a fake laugh.

Oh haha! How funny! Well Mr. Comedian, you're under contract to me now... And you'll do what I say! So how about you do your first job for me and shine my shiny shoes!

Kerwin looks down at Goodman's shoes and shakes his head.

I don't think so.

Goodman lets out another fake laugh then nods at Kerwin. He motions down the entrance ramp and a group of men in suits start to walk to the ring. At the front is a tall, lanky ginger man with extremely pale skin. The suited men step into the already crowded ring and stand next to White.

I do think so! You see 'Kerwin'... These are my lawyers! They've brought with them my carefully laid out contract, which clearly states... Uh... Mr. Lane, what does it state?

The ginger man steps forward and removes a clipboard from his jacket, flipping through various pages. He stops, then takes the microphone from White.

The contract clearly states that one Kerwin White will partake in whatever activities my client demands. These guidelines must followed for a period of at least six months. If the contract is violated, my client may sue Kerwin White for whatever sum he deems acceptable.

Mr. Lane hands the mic back to Goodman, who is smiling like a trollface.

That's right! Whatever amount I deem acceptable! That means I can take your money... Your home... All your possessions! Where is it that you live, Kerwin? Maybe I should have your place bulldozed so I can build a new GloboGym Facility! Now I'm not going to ask again... Shine my shiny shoes.

White motions for Riggins to step forward, who pulls a small white rag out of his pocket. Riggins throws the rag at Kerwin. White motions to Conway, who steps forward and knees Kerwin in the stomach, causing him to drop to his knees. Goodman puts his foot right in Kerwin's face.

Get started now. I want to see my reflection in these shoes by the time I'm done!

The crowd boo wildly as Kerwin shines Goodman's shoes. Goodman laughs arrogantly then turns to Conway, Riggins and Zeus, smirking like a total fucking asshole.

While Kerwin is busy... Let's pick up where Rob left off! Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the GloboGym family... SINGLE H!

Everyone turns towards the entrance ramp and the crowd boo wildly.

The crowd boo louder than ever before as Single H slowly walks out onto stage wearing a suit and shades, the same suit and shades featured on his latest t-shirt which happens to be raised on a flagpole on one of the turnbuckles in the ring. The rest of GloboGym cheer, clap and point at Single H as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle and raises his arms, arrogantly, getting more boos from the audience. He jumps down and high fives every other member of GloboGym... Except of course Kerwin White. White Goodman hands H a microphone.

Everybody give it up for my new associates and friends, GLOBOGYM CORPORATION! White Goodman! Riggins! Zeus Jack Jones! ...Kerwin...... And of course, my partner at Victorious, the man that's going to share the EWE Tag-Team championships with me and help me defend them for many many years to come, my main man, Rob Conway!!!

The crowd boo at hearing all the names of the stable they hate oh so much.

And trust me, it is so nice to finally have a group of people that I can relate to. These people know what's up. It's been a hard road of wrong-doings and being treated badly by previous management in other companies, I've been called boring, I've had championships taken away from me, I've even been arrested... But here I stand, your future Tag-Team Champion, hell, with the help of these guys I'm a future MWA Champion... A future Legends Champion, a future Pure Wrestling Champion, let me tell you that my time has only just begun and with my help, The GloboGym Corporation will reach an all time high.

The GloboGym Corporation clap loudly, almost too over the top.

And we're going to make our first step to dominance September 18th, The Victorious Pay-Per-View in Dallas Texas. Me and Rob Conway will be facing Chris Jericho and RVD in a ladder of Hell match for the EWE Tag Titles. Now if you've been watching this show for the past few weeks you'd know that Chris Jericho has been cruely keeping those titles away from me, titles that belong to me. I shouldn't have to put my career on the line in a ladder of hell match to get them back and neither should Rob... But being the courageous people that we are, it's no problem.

Rob Conway and Single H do a SUPER BROFIST before H continues with what he was saying.

Now Chris Jericho... He fakes a confused look. Well I'm not sure if you noticed but earlier this evening, the famous GANG got back together. The Gang, a name that Jericho of all people would wear with such pride... Yet in Dallas he's teaming with RVD. Forget Christian or Matt Hardy, Rob Van Dam. I mean what's up with that, Chris? Don't you want The Gang to hold Tag Team gold for the first time? ... No I know what it is, it's simply because you're too egotistical to let either one of your friends hold the gold with you, you always have to be the centerpiece right? The leader of the pack, you're the boss! Maybe RVD should realise he's just being used, GloboGym would be a great place for him, right guys?

Single H turns to the rest of The Corporation and they all nod their heads and yell "YEAH!"

Who am I kidding, it's not like they're going to win. At Victorious, the EWE Tag-Team Championships will not only fall into the hands of their rightful owner, but they will fall into the hands of GloboGym and that my friends is the way the cookie crumbles.

Single H laughs and celebrates with Riggins, Goodman, Jones and Conway in the middle of the ring. Conway pops open the Champagne bottle and sprays it everywhere. Goodman, Riggins, White and Jones lift Single H up onto their shoulders and do laps around the ring. The fans boo as Single H raises his arms in confidence, the rest of GloboGym celebrating beneath him.

Not even.

The GloboGym Corporation steadily stops partying and drop Single H carefully on the mat, they all then look down the ramp at Chris Jericho who walks out, wearing a suit.

Congratulations, Single H, you finally find yourself a group of virgins to ally with, I'm proud of you, boy! The crowd laughs. Seriously now...Are you seriously calling the Y2J Problem out? Because the Ayatollah, of Rock N' Rollah will not hesitat...olah to knock your teeth down your throat-ah!!

The crowd laughs and cheers again.

I think you're forgetting the elephant in the room here...You see I WAS an EWE Tag Team Champion before, a shitload of times no less, and two of which I DID hold the gold with a Gang member. John Morrison, does that name ring a bell to you, bud?


That's right, remember the name? Kings, of Sexy. The crowd starts a loud "K. O. S.!" chant! ...A Tag Team formed by John Morrison and me...With me obviously outshining him in every way but that's beside the point.

The crowd boos.


The crowd laughs... Jericho raises the mic but is interrupted.

Woah, woah, woah, hold on a second there Chris Jericho. Who the hell are you to come out here and interrupt this celebration?! A celebration that everybody wants to see!

Single H points around the building at all the fans who are booing.

I think everybody's had enough of you coming out here week in week out, getting yourself all fired up, adding "Olah" onto the end of everything you say-OLAH!

The GloboGym Corporation laugh loudly, Jericho smiles.

You come out here trying to make a point, trying to tell me that you're not trying to be the face of this company and more importantly a faction you built from the ground up. You said yourself that nobody gave a crap about John Morrison back when you two tagged, I'd hardly call that equal rights. And that's why I'm part of this corporation, these people aren't trying to be any better than I am. Unlike you, we are a unit. These people care about my health and well-being, they encourage me as an athlete.

Jericho laughs to himself, Single H scowls at him.

Oh you want jokes? I've got one, here's a joke... You!

GloboGym laugh exaggeratedly as Jericho stands on the stage facepalming.

In all seriousness Chris, when me and Rob beat the living hell out of you and RVD at Victorious, I'm sure Kelly Kelly will be waiting for you in the back to 'relieve you of your duties' just like befo--

Jericho cuts Single H off, looking slightly more angry.

DON'T. Go there!...She was John's bitch, not my bitch, bitch!...I never had anything to do with her other than a threeway sex-tape with John, Kelly and your Uncle Elvis H, Single H!

The crowd laughs.

...And I never...EVER-AH!...Said I was the face of the Kings of Sexy...EVERYBODY knows Alicia and John's baby...erm...Alicia and Batista's baby is the true face of the Kings of Sexy... Jericho whispers as the crowd laughs. It's John's...everybody knows it... His tone of voice goes back to normal. Now Single H, you might think going into a Ladder of Hell match is gonna be a piece of cake then trust me, it won't. I'm one of the only four men to ever partake in a Ladder of Hell match, and lemme tell you, I'm scarred for life. Does that mean I won't go in there again to kick your skinny ass? No!...I will break. Your. Back.

White Goodman tries to interrupt but Y2J cuts him off.

No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!...White, shut up, sit down, and shine your own damn shiny shoes!

The crowd laughs and cheers.

Trust me though, over all the faith you have on your boys over there...They're nothing! Compared to my bronies in the back...Me, Christian and Matt...We can kick all your asses around the arena and back to the ring, through the announcers' tables and the catering tables, hell, we'll put you through Matt Striker's shiny ass desk!...Without even breaking a sweat.

Oh so you want to start talking about putting people through tables huh? Well I have my own story when it comes to that, now let's see here... Oh yes, I put YOU through the announce table a couple of weeks back to seal my place in the main event of MWA Execution. I challenged for the MWA championship, have you ever challenged for the MWA championship? No, you haven't.

Single H laughs and high fives White Goodman.

So don't go saying you could put me through a table, coulda woulda shoulda but you didn't, I've heard it all before Chris. And as for The Gang being back... Well, do you honestly expect me or anyone else to believe this friendship, brothers crap!? You walk around like some kind of mid-life crisis party goers making out to the world that you're a bunch 'a' care free, fun loving guys that just love to have a good time? That's what you do right? Well maybe it would've worked back in 1999 when you were all the right age for that image but unfortunately it's 2011 and you're all way past your sell by dates. You're scripted bullshit makes me sick to my stomach, you're not a faction, you're the people that provide the comedy up in this house. I just can't wait for when you all need reading glasses to see the telepromter in front of your egotistical asses.

Some of GloboGym chuckle at this remark but Jericho looks serious as shit.

Now there's a good reason why Triple H and Shawn Michaels don't keep re-forming D-Generation X all the time, it's because they know when to stop with a gimmick that makes them seem like rebellious teens. There's a good reason why Shawn Michaels doesn't even wrestle anymore and that's because, in the nicest way possible, he's getting old. You three however don't care about any of that, you don't know when enough is enough and it's time to call it a day. Especially you, Chris Jericho.

Single H points up the ramp at Jericho.

I said earlier that this can't go on between me and you, Single H and Chris Jericho just don't mix, neither does GloboGym and The Gang. What do you say we add a small stipulation to this ladder of hell match, Chris, after all, you seem pretty confident that you're going to win so you shouldn't mind too much. You say you're not trying to be the face of The Gang and you're not trying to hog the spotlight from young talent such as myself and Rob Conway? What say you stick to that. What say we make our match at Victorious.... Career threatening.

There is a large gasp throughout the entire arena. Jericho seems quite taken aback too. GloboGym crowd round Single H, shaking their heads and telling him not to go ahead with it.

MWA Victorious, EWE Tag Team Championships, Ladder Of Hell. You and RVD win, I leave and never come back to bother you or The Gang ever again... But if Single H and Rob Conway win, Y2J Chris Jericho... Retires.... For good this time. September 18th, one of us will walk out with the Tag titles, one of us will walk out, go home and never come back to an MWA arena ever again. Me or you, Chris. All or nothing, what do you say?

Jericho chuckles...

Oh you got it...Albeit I do doubt Matt Striker would allow one of us to leave MWA just like that so I have a counter-proposal...If I lose, which I won't, I'll leave, for good!...If you lose...You're gonna kneel down, and shine. My shiny. Shoes!

GloboGym seem shocked!...But Single H just stares on with a grin and nods in agreement...


The crowd cheers loudly as the Pure Wrestling Champion comes out of the backstage area and onto the stage. Punk is wearing his ring attire and his championship around his waist, without his usual t-shirt. Justin Roberts is in the ring, waiting to announce. Punk starts walking towards the ring after shortly taunting.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a 6-man tag team match. Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois, weighting in two hundred and twenty two pounds. He's the Pure Wrestling Champion, C...M... PUNK!!!

Punk places his right foot on the apron, grabs the ropes and places his other on the apron just as Roberts finishes announcing him. The crowd let's out a huge pop. Punk pauses and looks to the stance on his left, then his right, before entering the ring. Punk walks closer to Roberts and immediately extends his right hand, gesturing that he wants the mic. Roberts hands the mic to CM Punk and leaves the ring. Punk first starts pacing around, while twirling the mic in his hand, before stopping and lifting the mic to speak.

Seems like CM Punk has been sent to the bottom of the food chain. The crowd boos. Punk nods. Apparently, my words don't shake the foundation of this company anymore. I didn't get to have a talk with Striker, nor was I placed in a match of my choosing.

The crowd boos once again and starts a "CM Punk" chant.

But I'm not shutting this mouth anytime soon. The crowd let's out a large pop. There is more than one way to prove a point. If I can't prove that I'm the best by beating the best. Then I'll prove I'm the greatest by showing that there's no one else worthy of that title.

Punk pauses.

Now, as Tony Chimel here mentioned, Punk looks at Roberts and then back at the crowd. I'm in a six-man tag team match against GloboGym. Two weeks ago, Single H left Jack Jones for me and Jericho to prey on. Last week, Hale decided to join GloboGym and they're best friends now. Well, I guess steroids cleanse bad blood.

The crowd laughs. Punk paces a bit before speaking again.

When I first showed up in MWA, I gave Striker a list of names. Names like, Charlie Haas, Colt Cabana, Chris Masters. The crowd cheers with every name Punk mentions. Instead, he decides to sign people who overdose on steroids. Two weeks from now, we might see The Big O and David Otunga maineventing this show.

The crowd laughs.

Single H, Jack Jones and Rob Conway aren't wrestlers, the only thing they are is childish. And once again, it is up to CM Punk to keep this place from being on Comedy Central.

Some of the crowd laughs while the last cheers.

I am speaking for the voiceless and wrestling for those who dedicated their lives to this business. People who have never given up hope on this sport even when their jobs were taken by football rejects, boxer wannabes and male supermodels.

The crowd cheers once more, and their voices rise when they realize that Punk is finished. Punk handing the mic to Roberts who was standing on the steel steps.


We come back to ringside to see all participants of the next match gathered in each corner of the ring. Matt Hardy is about to begin the match as Christian and CM Punk are instructing him some strategies on facing Jack Jones, who is also starting the match on the other side. Conway and Single H hit the "GloboGym High Five" on Jack Jones who turns around to stand eye-to-eye with the Sensei of Mattitude. The bell rings.

Josh Mathews: And here we go, with what I firmly believe is the first 6-Man Tag Team Match in MWA History!

JBL: It's GloboGym vs Two members of The Gang, along with CM Punk.

Matt and Jones run at each other and lock up. Matt begins to push Jones into the corner and manages to do so. He hits several back hand chops on Jones before turning around and walking to the opposite corner of the ring, taunting as he does so. The crowd get behind his back and he uses this momentum to run at Jack Jones, jump and attempt to his a corner leg drop, Jones moves out of the way leaving Matt Hardy sitting on the second rope. Jones comes back, grabs the head of Hardy and slams it downwards, Hardy holds his head as he helplessly dangles from the second rope. Jones watches as Matt eventually manages to roll out and land on his front on the canvas, he laughs.

Josh Mathews: And that would've badly hurt Matt Hardy there, the back of the head bounced off the mat!

JBL: GloboGym have control so far, but The Gang, as much as I don't like them, are veterans. They'll find a way back.

Jones grabs the head of Matt Hardy and drops back, placing Hardy in a triangle submission hold. The fans cheer and stamp their feet, trying desparately to encourage Hardy into getting out of the hold and getting the tag. Hardy scrunches his face up in pain as Jones tightens the hold as much as he can, Hardy stamps his feet and somehow manages to grab the legs of Jones and force them from around his neck. Hardy slowly gets to his feet but Jones is there first, attempting for a dropkick. Matt grabs the feet of Jones and pushes them to the ground. He stumbles over to the corner and tags in Christian. The fans cheer as Christian smiles and climbs into the ring.

JBL: Christian is so arrogant with that face, he should look into a place in GloboGym...

Josh Mathews: And leave The Gang? I don't think so, not everyone is like you, John.

JBL: SHUT UP! How dare you talk to me like that...

Christian walks over to Jack Jones who is slowly getting to his feet, he punches the back of Jones sending him into the ropes. Jones leans on the ropes and Christian grabs his arm, shifting the weight and whipping Jones into the opposite side of the ring. Jones re-bounds and comes back at Christian who catches him in an atomic drop. Christian goes for a suplex but the move is blocked by Jones who straightens his legs out, preventing the move from taking place. Jones swings Christian over his shoulder and hits a suplex of his own, he lands the suplex in a pin...


Jones gets up immediately along with Christian, Jones goes for a side kick but Christian reverses it, hitting a leg whip. Jones falls onto his back, gets back up and is clotheslined by Christian. The fans cheer as Christian taunts. Jones once again pulls himself up, Christian runs at him again but Jones hits an enziguri. Christian drops down onto his hands and knees which gives Jack just enough time to crawl over to his corner and tag in Rob Conway. Rob gets in and flexes his muscles. Christian also gets up and looks slightly intimidated by the size of Conway. Christian runs at him and hits a gut kick, he follows it up by running into the ropes, re-bounding and and... Getting clotheslined hard by Rob. Christian is hit so hard he falls to the mat and rolls over backwards. Rob gets back to his feet from a kneeling position and laughs, along with the rest of GloboGym.

Josh Mathews: Rob Conway is just a dominant human being.

JBL: Of course he is! He trains with The GloboGym Corporation, silly!

Rob eventually stops posing and goes back to work on Christian, hitting some stomps on him before bending down and picking him up from the floor, he irish whips Christian into the turnbuckle and runs at him, attempting to crush him. Christian luckily moves out of the way just in time and rushes over to his corner where he tags in CM Punk. Punk raises his arms as the fans cheer him and chant his name. He jumps the ropes and stands face to face with Rob Conway. Conway steps back, he then runs at Punk and goes for a big boot which Punk ducks. Punk runs at the ropes and comes back at Conway, hitting a modified dropkick to the face. Conway falls and tries to edge his way over to the corner to tag in one of his team mates but Punk grabs his leg and drags him back into the center of the ring.

JBL: What's Punk gonna do here?

Josh Mathews: He's looking at that turnbuckle, I think he's gonna fly!

JBL: Lawl, people can't fly, do-mass.

Punk climbs the turnbuckle and straightens out on top of it, he raises his arms high above his head as Rob slowly gets to his feet. When Rob gets up, Punk jumps, attempting to hit his signature flying clothesline. Conway hits the spear! He goes for the pin...


Conway is pushed off and runs to the turnbuckle, tagging in Single H. Punk crawls over to his turnbuckle and makes a tag of his own, to Matt Hardy.

Josh Mathews: Tags happening left and right!

JBL: Two fresh people into this 6-man tag team match!

Single H and Hardy run at eachother, Hardy grabs H under the arm and hits the side-effect! Rob Conway runs into the ring and spears Matt Hardy, this angers Christian who runs into the ring to try to break the two up and send Conway back the Con-Way he came. Punk gets in also and side kicks the head of Rob.

JBL: Pandemonium! I love it!

Rob falls out of the ring. Punk, Hardy and Christian all start beating on Single H, the referee tries to break them apart but can't. Jack Jones jumps up onto the top rope, slips and falls straight out of the ring in a very over-the-top fashion. The referee begins the count which forces Punk and Christian back to the apron, while the referee checks on Single H, Rob Comway sneaks over to Punk and Christian, steel chair in hand. He hits both of them in the back with it, they both fall down in a lot of pain. The referee doesn't notice. Hardy runs at Single H who hits a front flip kick. He scales the turnbuckle and smiles at the audience.

Josh Mathews: It's gonna be over!

Single H hits the 270 splash! Pin...

1...2...3!!! The bell rings!!!

Justin Roberts: Here are your winners, Single H, Rob Conway and Jack Jones, The GloboGym Corporation!

Matt rolls out of the ring as Single H raises his arms in victory, White Goodman, Riggins, Rob Conway and Jack Jones both get into the ring to congratulate him, they each get on separate turnbuckles and celebrate as the fans boo loudly, Single H stands in the center of the ring, looking to look like the "centerpiece" of the faction.


The scene fades to Raven just finishing up his entrance, he sits against a turnbuckle and looked up at the ramp, waiting for his surprise opponent.

Justin Roberts: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... From the Bowery of New Jersey... He is the MWA Heavyweight Champion... THIS IS RAVEN!

The crowd give a heavily mixed reaction for Raven as the lights all shut off in the arena. The fans pop in anticipation as red lettering starts to form on the titantron. Raven continues to stare coldly at the text forming on the screen. The fans pop once again as the lettering is now readable: "WHEN DARKNESS FALLS, WE ARE REBORN".

Josh Mathews: Is that- No... It can't be!?

JBL: Yes! It's him! He's back! Blackout is back! The shit is about to hit the fuckin' fan ladies and gentlemen!

The crowd go absolutely nuts as Blackout walks out onto the ramp in his ring attire and back trench coat. He smiles a twisted smile, then points down to the ring at Raven and nods. With that, he adjusts the coat, then walks down to the ring, not breaking eye contact with Raven the whole time. He climbs the steel steps then enters through the ropes, removing his coat and handing it to the referee.

Justin Roberts: Introducing his opponent... From Sydney, Australia... BLACKOUT!

The bell rings and both men start to circle each other in the ring. They lock up and Raven quickly gains the strength advantage, pushing Blackout to the corner. The Raven Warrior throws a right hand into the face of Blackout, and another, and another! The Sadistic Artist shoves his opponent back and moves out of the corner, connecting with a Spinning Heel Kick right after. Raven recoils back as Blackout bounces of the ropes, sprinting towards him and connecting with a clothesline. Raven pops back up and gets hit with another clothesline!

JBL: There's so much history between these two men!

Josh Mathews: Blackout is rolling right now!

Raven pops back up, but this time he ducks the clothesline and counters with a shoulder block. He drops down onto Blackout, punching him in the repeatedly. After he's satisfied with his work, Raven pulls his opponent to his feet by the hair, then walks towards the ropes. He tosses Blackout over the top, but the Artist holds on! Raven turns back around and Blackout leaps over the ropes with a crossbody! Pin!


Raven kicks out with authority as both men get to their feet.

Josh Mathews: Raven isn't done just yet!

Both men lock up again... Kick to the gut from Raven! He has Blackout in position! EVENFLOW- NO! Blackout holds onto Raven's leg and spins him out onto his head! BLACK RESOLUTION!

JBL: There it is!

Blackout bridges for the pin attempt!


The bell rings as Blackout gets to his feet and ref raises his hand.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner... BLA-

Blackout snatches the mic from Justin Roberts hand. The crowd cheer wildly as he raises it, breathing heavily after the match that just took place.

It'd be best if you all stopped cheering... Yes, I just defeated Raven... But no, I'm not back...

The crowd start to boo, but Blackout raises his hand to quieten them down.

It's true... I've found work elsewhere... I'm doing well for myself... I wouldn't even be here tonight if I wasn't personally contacted by Matt Striker to show up... At this point in time... I can't say when I'll be back for good... But not even the feeling of finishing a masterpiece compares to the feeling of walking out here into this arena... It feels like... Home...

Blackout smiles half-heartedly, his facepaint is now slightly smudged by the sweat dripping down his forehead.

I'll be back for good someday... I can't say when, but know this... It's going to be when you least expect it... Now, there's one more thing I need to address... I'd like to talk about my old rival, the MWA World Champion, Raven... I stand by what I said all those months ago in EWE... I still think he's worthless... Past his prime... I don't think he's fit to hold that world title... You know, I thought maybe after I mercilessly picked him apart at 'The End', he would have started to take things more seriously... But look at him.

Blackout points to Raven, who is still dazed and on the ground, clutching his neck.

Once again, he's been underestimating his opponents... It's the most pathetic display I've ever seen... He can throw the blame around all he likes... He can say he wasn't prepared to face me tonight... He can say he's been having a bad week... He can say whatever he wants... But the fact remains, it isn't anyone else's fault... It's his. Management didn't screw Raven. The fans didn't screw Raven. Blackout didn't screw Raven. Raven screwed Raven... Maybe... Just maybe... If this worthless sack of garbage is man enough to call me out in the future... I'll answer it... Until then I'll be in the shadows... In my element... Waiting for the perfect time to come... Home.

Blackout drops the mic as Burn hits the PA System and the crowd erupt. The MWA logo shows in the corner of the screen as we fade to black.


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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Plus, I really like the womens magazine concept, that has me more excited for future episodes of Nightmare lmao *perv face*
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