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 Generic RP Name

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PostSubject: Generic RP Name   Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:40 pm

The scene fades to John Laurinaitis standing on camera and talking like a fucking asshole in his fucking asshole voice.

Ladies and Gentlemen... My guest at this time, Curt Hawkins.

The crowd boo as Hawkins is shown on-screen next to John. Curt is dressed in his epic red pants ring attire and jacket. He smirks and nods as he hers the negative reaction from the fans.

Curt, how do you feel about being involved in the Globo-Gym Warm Up tonight?

Curt shakes his head and snatches the mic.

I don't care. In fact, I've never cared less about something in my entire life. You see, John, I have one goal and one goal only... And that's destroying Raven at Victorious, and leaving with the MWA Championship around my waist. People might say I'm too inexperienced... People might say I don't have a chance against a veteran like Raven... But the fact is, Raven can't wrestle any more.

The crowd boo wildly and Curt shakes his head in disbelief.

Jesus... Just face the facts! The guy can barely move around in that ring! Up against a fresher, younger opponent like me... Raven is gonna get torn to shreds in that ring! It's simply impossible for him to leave Victorious as the Champion. That being said, I think I'm gonna pull a 'Raven' here tonight!

The crowd continue to jeer Curt, who ignores it like a total boss.

Remember when Raven left me high and dry in the ring to get beaten down by Jericho and Punk? Well maybe I'll do the same thing to Triple H here tonight... That'd be fun to watch, wouldn't it? Anyways, this interview is over. I've got a 'match' to prepare for.

Curt walks off-screen, leaving Laurinaitis alone once again. Tears well up in John's eyes as he stares at the camera.

... Forever alone.

The scene fades.
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Generic RP Name
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