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 Picking apart the path to legend status

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Wade Barrett
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PostSubject: Picking apart the path to legend status   Thu Sep 08, 2011 6:09 pm

We fade in to see Wade Barrett looking into the camera, smiling. The camera zooms out to reveal Maria, standing with a microphone in her hand. The two are standing in front of a interview set-up, complete with small screen and curtains, as usual.

I'm here with a man that has been dead-set on becoming Legends Champion ever since debuing in MWA, Wade Barrett. Wade, tonight you ---

Before you continue, I would appreciate being addressed, 'Mr. Barrett'. Informalities are not a privalege you get when talking to a man such as myself.

I apologise, Mr. Barrett, tonight you are in a 6-man battle royal to determine the first to qualify for the 4-man elimination chamber match for the Legends Championship. How do you like your chances?

Wade takes a deep breath and looks into the distance, an epic look across his face.

The very fact that I have to qualify for said elimination chamber match sickens me. Matt Striker has some nerve placing me in a battle royal with such common filth. Now Maria, if there's one thing you'll ever learn about me, it's that I don't mix with the type of people I'm involved with tonight. The only reason I'm even going to go to the ring is because winning earns me a place in a match for the Legends Title, a title that I've had my eyes on since the beginning of my career in MWA. Although, this whole idea is completely ridiculous due to said title being under 24/7 rules, I suppose it does help my chances in winning the belt fairly and in a dominant way. Steel walls will surround me, Matt Hardy and two others that need not matter. Nothing will be able to hinder the pain I am going to deal out to win myself legendary status. Nothing.

Maria buts in, awkwardly.

Sorry to cut you off Wa- Mr. Barrett, but I have to remind you that in order to get into that match, you have to win the battle royal tonight!

Wade looks at Maria like she is a complete and total retarded idiot.

Are you sick in the head, Maria? Do you honestly believe that there is a chance of me losing tonight's match? A match against people like Goldust, people like The Highlanders. The whole thing would be a freak show if it wasn't for me being involved.
In fact, while I'm here, let's take an in-depth look at my opponents tonight...

Maria sighs softly, she still holds the microphone up to Barrett though. Barrett looks at her with fierce anger and swipes the microphone away.

Don't wanna stand through it, huh? Fine, go find a camera and shoot some Playboy.

Maria's eyes light up and she walks away from frame, leaving Wade, talking into the camera.

So first up, a man that goes by the name of Goldust. Dustin Rhodes, son of The American Dream! He comes from a family of strange, common weirdo's but I believe he got the worse part of this obvious faulty gene. Goldust, a man that paints his face gold and wears latex suits. He walks around with a blonde female wig upon his head, acting, to put it simple, like a total faggot.
That's all I have to say about him, his half-brother's like it too, I don't know what Dusty did wrong, but it was definitely something.

Wade laughs and clears his throat.

Moving on, another new-comer, Jushin Liger. Yet another bizzare individual, or I guess you could argue that he's Japanese, and they're all fucking weird. He laughs again and we hear the fans booing. He came all the way from New Japan Pro Wrestling to be here in MWA. Last week he got his ass kicked by Bobby Lashley and Ted DiBiase, this week he's gonna get his ass kicked by 5 other men. Y'know maybe if he took that stupid mask off he'd actually be able to see what's going on and execute moves properly. Sure you could say he was amazing in NJPW, but that's only because you're comparing him to the other members of the NJPW roster, and that would make Kelly Kelly look good.

Wade develops a look of confusion.

Come with me, we'll go check the match card and see who else I'm going to have the pleasure of meeting in the ring this evening.

The camera follows Wade down the corridor and into a large area, we see the entrance curtain and a large whiteboard next to it, displaying all the matches for the night. Wade looks in it and smiles.

Ah of course! How could I forget! R-Truth. The very same guy I was forced to tag with last week and the very same reason that I lost last week. R-Truth clearly doesn't have any brains whatsoever. I suppose that's why he uses Bobby THE BRAIN Heenan right? Of course it is. Tonight I don't have to rely on Truth or protect him, I can treat him the same as anyone else and trust me, I will. Just because you all boo him as well as me doesn't mean we're automatically friends alright? It's not black and white like that... So to speak.

Wade looks back at the match card quickly.

Ah, and finally Robbie and Rorie McCallister, The Highlanders. These two might be British, but for that soul reason I am not going to go easy on them. To be honest though, I have nothing to say about these two, they are literally too stupid to insult. I have nothing to worry about where they're concerned.

Wade looks down at his watch, removes it and places it on a steel chair next to the entrance curtain.

You've heard me run my mouth, now watch me back it up. It's time to walk a little bit further along the path... To Legend status.

We go back to ringside, Justin Roberts is standing in the ring.

OCC: This should be placed directly before the battle royal for it to make sense. If it is not I will be disappoint.

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Picking apart the path to legend status
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