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 Interview with Goldust

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PostSubject: Interview with Goldust   Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:38 am

*Maria is backstage with Goldust*

Maria: This Week Goldust, you will be in a four man battle royal for the Legends Championship can you give me your thoughts on the match?

Goldust: I need you to move your sexy little behind out of my spotlight please....

*Maria moves out of the camera view, Goldust slaps her ass as she moves away*

Goldust: Keep it Golden Baby....Now on a more serious note....This will be a big match for me and I think everyone knows my lust for Gold and this week I will prove my how much I crave it and how much I need it when I go out there and I win me my first championship my first scent of PHOOOOOOSH Gold....I will Qualify for the match at the Pay Per View Now Liger I heard your words in the back and I didn't hear any mention of The Prince of Perversion however you did mention Wade Barret, I can see why you didn't mention me

*Goldust rubs himself why he breathes in deep*

Goldust: PHOOOOOOOOOOSSSH It's because once you think of me, I burn in your brain like Dark Frightful Nightmare, and what happens in Nightmares Liger? You tremble in a deep pile of your own fear and sorrow and this week when I get my first taste of many Championship Belts to win and I become the Legends Champion at the Pay Per View I will make sure you, Barret, and anyone who dares to watch will NEVER Forget the name of PHOOOOOOOOOSH Goldust

*Looks in Maria's face and bites near her face, then walks away*
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Interview with Goldust
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