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 Interview with Jushin Liger

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PostSubject: Interview with Jushin Liger   Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:47 pm

John Laurinaitis seen on the titantron

John Laurinaitis
"Hello I am here with Jushin Liger who will compete in a six man battle royal where the winners will be contenders for the legend's championship."

The camera spreads out to show Jushin

John Laurinaitis
"Jushin can I get your thoughts on that match?"

Jushin Liger
"yeah sure. While I will not say I will win I will say that I have the highest chance of winning. Sure my opponents are all talented in their own way but I have the advantage with my speed, strength, and unpredictability. Each one of my opponents can only be classed into one of those groups. Do I think that I will win without the shadow of a doubt? No but I do think I have the advantage."

"John Laurinaitis
"So who are you most worried about in the match?"

Jushin Liger
"I would have to say Wade Barrett cause of his strength he can just throw everybody around the ring and he allso weighs the most so it will be harder to lift him over the ropes. Of course his size could always make him the first target and everyone gangs up on him and we eliminate him easily. Hopefully my other opponents are smart enough to do that otherwise wade barrett will just pick us off one by one."

Jushin Liger walks off camera
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Interview with Jushin Liger
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