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 Who likes short shorts? I LIKE SHORT SHORTS! (Title not related to rp)

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PostSubject: Who likes short shorts? I LIKE SHORT SHORTS! (Title not related to rp)   Sat Sep 03, 2011 8:02 am

Backstage at the arena a door flies open as Christian quickly walks in hunched over a bit with his arms at his side, nose flaring, while he is in his ring gear and a black jacket with a large gold C on the front. Christian walks up to a backstage worker grabs him by the shirt and pins him against a wall.

Where is Matt Hardy!?

The worker just nods his head and shrugs his shoulders. Christian drops him and storms off. He sees a worker who has a megaphone in his hand, he sneaks up behind him, grabbing the megaphone and pushes him out of the way. Christian stands on a table with a couple dozen workers out in front of him for about 30 feet. He puts the megaphone up to his mouth and presses the button. Unfortunately Christian doesn't know how to use a megaphone and the siren goes off, which catches the attention of everybody. He smacks the megaphone for a bit until it finally goes off, this time Christian presses the right button and begins to speak.

Attention idiots! Where is Matt Hardy. I demand one of you incompetent gofors brings him to me now! I did not defeat 4 different superstars to get the Legends Championship, only to have it ripped away from me by that little bitch Matt Hardy! And Matt, if you can here me, I say it's time you be a man, and face me in a real match. Last time we faced I was caught off guard, wasn't ready, and nobody even told me there was going to be a match. As far as I'm concerned I am still the true Legends Champion, and I demand that you come to me, and hand me MY title. If you don't, then I'm just going to have to find you myself, and trust don't that. And another thing...

Before Christian could finish two security guards grab him off the table and bring him down. Christian wiggles free and escapes, only to return a few seconds later to grab the megaphone out of the security guards hands, and takes off again. Christian turns back while running and speaks into the megaphone again.

This is all unfair bullshit and you know it! Not doing anything is just being part of the damn problem!

Christian turns forward and hurries off.

Christian reaches a production truck and heads inside. There are a few guys sitting on chairs while looking at large screens in front of them. Christian grabs the headset off of one of the guys and puts it on his head.

Hello? Hey, assholes in the back, also known as the MWA management. How dare you send your little pet Matt Hardy to wrongfully take my legends championship. I am the rightful Legends Champions, I'm better then the World Champion, better then the MWA Champion, and hell of a lot better then your stooge legends champion Matt Hardy and you should treat me with the respect and honor that I deserve. I demand that you forcefully strip Matt Hardy of the title and give it to me.

Christian steps back and relaxes for a minute.

You know what? I don't even want that tainted Legends Title. Here is what I want you to do, first retire that strap of leather Matt Hardy has so it's worth even less then that crap he calls pants. Then I want you to take a brand new belt, but this time I want you to go to a jeweler and get it plated with diamonds, the carat size is up to you, just keep it above three you can try to be classy at least. After you do that I want you to go to the most expensive high end store you can find and get it wrapped in the fur of a snow leopard. Then finally I want you to hire Steven Segal to personally deliver it to me on all fours like a little bitch.

Christian steps forward again closer to the monitors peering at them individually.

In all seriousness, I don't know where you are, what you are doing right now, and who you are doing it with. All I know is that until my demands are met, not only am I officially going on strike, but I will make your lives, along with the lives of every single backstage worker and superstar that doesn't agree that I was treated unfairly, a living hell. You think running a company is hard? Try doing it with one of your top superstars on your bad side.

Christian stands there for a few seconds waiting for a response. He looks over to a worker next to him.

No answer. (Christian turns back to the monitors) So you really want to try me? Well listen to this.

Christian takes off the headset and holds it up with one hand. He brings up the megaphone with the other and smashes it into one of the various monitors in front of him. He drops both the megaphone and the headset and walks out.

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Who likes short shorts? I LIKE SHORT SHORTS! (Title not related to rp)
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