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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE V   Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:05 am


The crowd cheers as the dark-colored fireworks cue. And with the usual more-dimmed-than-normal lighting, the cameras show the Pepsi Arena in Denver, Colorado. It is jam-packed, and selective signs are filmed, mostly Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy and CM Punk signs as they are the absolute fan favorites, per say.

JBL: Good evening people, and welcome to CM Punk's home, Pepsi Cente--

Jim Ross: Bradshaw this ain't Punk's home, he's from Chica--


The crowd has some cheers to give out as the music hits. Most people are confused. Jushin Liger walks down to the ring and jumps onto the apron. He climbs onto the turnbuckle and puts his hands up then takes his jacket off. Jushin jumps into the ring and grabs a mic from one of he anouncers. As Jushin speaks his voice sounds out with a deep Japanese accent.

If you do not know who I am let me introduce myself, I am Jushin Liger and I come from Hiroshima. I have come to MWA to make a name for myself. I had already experienced success at my past federations but I decided to come to MWA where the best of the best come to fight. I come to this federation with an open challenge to anyone in the back who is willing to take me on.

Jushin Liger waits for a while but nobody comes out

Just like I thought nobody is willing to face me...I will be going.

Jushin Liger starts to leave the ring when all of a sudden...

The crowd pop out of surprise for Ted DiBiase appearing on stage, smiling at the audience. The cheers soon turn to boos however as the fans realise what a douchebag DiBiase tends to be. He is dressed in a sharp suit, and strolls down the ramp looking at Jushin with a look of disdain across his face. He reaches the steel steps and spreads out his arms, taking in all the heat from the audience, he smiles as he does so and climbs into the ring. Looking Jushin up and down, Ted paces back and forth. He pulls a microphone from his jacket pocket and pauses before saying anything to allow his music to fade out.

So this is how you welcome me back? I haven't even said anything yet and you all boo me before I even get into the ring! The fans boo some more, seeminly just to anger DiBiase. Well the joke's on you because this is a one-time only thing. Yeah, that's right. Matt Striker couldn't pay me enough to appear on this show as a part of contract, nor to put me on TV! It's true, you're all witnessing the exclusive one night only return of the former World Wrestling Champion, Ted DiBiase right here in Denver, Colorado!

Ted claps his hands and circles the ring, sarcastically grinning at everyone in attendence.

And if I see another one of those red LED lights on your little camera phones I am going to leave this building... He smiles. And then sue you for recording something that ain't allowed to be recorded, didn't you morons hear the guy on the PA at the start of the show?!

There are more boos and quite a few red LED lights conveniently turn off.

Good. Now onto why I'm out here, it's very simple, It's because of this joke. He points at Jushin. I don't know if you understand the English language properly, but I'm pretty sure I read the match card for tonight and you are booked against another guy that isn't good enough to be on TV - Charlie Haas. But now you're out here getting all excited for next week's show? What do you think you're some kind of big shot or something.

Ted does a terrible Japanese accent.

Oh look at me, I'm Jushin Liger, I am from Japan. Sushi, sushi, karate san. Kid if you're not worried about Haas I'll teach you your place right NOW!

Ted removes his jacket but before he can do anything he is cut off...


Jim Ross: Looks like we finally're gonna get som'explanation for this man's actions two weeks ago!

Bobby Lashley walks out in his wrestling attire. The crowd cheers at the fact that they might just see the big man in action. He has a microphone on his right hand, which is seen as he walks down to the squared circle. Ted DiBiase and Jushin Liger both look down from the ring at him.

JBL: And this guy is a former World Wrestling Champion back in EWE...

Bobby Lashley leaps up on the apron as his trademark fireworks blast off each corner of the ring, startling both Liger and DiBiase, he enters the ring, smirking. The music stops and Bobby Lashley proceeds to talk.


The crowd goes wild!!! Lashley smiles as he looks at both of his sides, but then calms down with the crowd.

But I'm back for one night only...The crowd now boos him...Calm down though...Ted, I need to tell you some stuff to begin with. First...We are on air.

DiBiase seems revolted.

Second of all...The match Jushin Liger here has, isn't against Charlie Haas anymore. It's against you.

The crowd cheers loudly! Ted is going nuts, almost throwing a complete tantrum in the middle of the ring.

...I love doing this. And not only it's against you...But it's against me. The Boss...Bobby...Lashley.


Now, now, now...Calm down, everybody. This is officially, my last match. After tonight...Yeah. After tonight I'm retiring from this business. And I thought the best match I could have would be here in Modern Wrestling Association, the successor to EWE, a place that skyrocket both my career, and yours Ted. We are both former World Wrestling Champions from EWE. Remember that? You were the one who beat me for it...But that was a long time ago. Now...I know this isn't the main event or anything, but I don't think I could ask for anything better than a match between a puroresu legend and a former EWE World Champion.

Lashley goes for a handshake with Jushin Liger. Jushin Liger stares at both DiBiase and Lashley before shaking Lashley's hand. Jushin Liger raises the mic to his mouth and speaks...

I accept. Lashley I am honored to fight you.

Jushin turns to Ted and stares him down...Ted stares right back as Liger, he turns to Bobby Lashley and raises his microphone.

That's fine Lashley, I have no problem beating you again. It'll be just like the old days in EWE, cept' this time, you're not the General Manager of anything and I don't have to hold back when putting a beating on you. I'm gonna enjoy pinning you in your last match and sending you home where you belong.

Lashley scowls at Ted, Ted smirks and turns to Jushin.

And you. I believe we haven't met, my name is Ted DiBiase, former EWE World Wrestling and Legends Champion, who are you? Don't answer that, I'm going to show you why I won those titles and why you, just like Bobby should go home, back to New Japan Pro Wrestling and stay the hell away from the big leagues.

Jushin raises his fists as Ted turns to the camera and leans on the ring ropes.

If I'm going, Jushin's going to, one night only folks, that applies for all!

He walks back to the center of the ring and takes off his jacket and shirt, followed by the rest of his suit to reveal his classic ring attire.

And since we're on the air we might as well make this an opener to end all openers, let's do this right now.

DiBiase tosses the mic out of the ring and stands ready to fight.

Jim Ross: And this match is a Falls Count Anywhere Match, so I was told by our General Manager, Jonathan Coachman.

The bell rings as Ted DiBiase kicks his clothes out of the ring. Lashley has a confident smirk on his face. Jushin Liger rolls through the mat and hits Bobby Lashley with a quick Rolling Koppu Kick and Ted DiBiase takes the opportunity to then shove Liger out of the ring, then knee Lashley in the gut and send him shoulder-first into the ring post! Liger makes a quick recovery and pulls Priceless out of the ring, then slaps him across the face before throwing him over the steel steps!

JBL: And we will be right back after this special commercial!


We fade into a special commercial of sorts, where the new EWE: THE GANG DVD is hyped!


We come back to see Bobby Lashley smashing Jushin Liger's head against the steel steps repeatedly as Jushin Liger is starting to get to his feet.

Jim Ross: And we are back ladies and gentlemen, and as you can see the action is still going on on the outside of the ring.

Liger runs at the steps and finds impulse in them to then get Bobby Lashley in a Headscissors and toss him across the floor!...Jushin Liger taunts and the crowd cheers him on as he goes under the apron to find a weapon he can use. Out of underneath the ring Liger brings a steel baseball bat, and he hits Lashley square on the gut as he stands up. Liger taunts again before striking the Boss right across the back as he is bent down, again with the steel bat.

JBL: I wonder if I should go in there and kick everybody's ass.

Jim Ross: You haven't wrestled for two years, Bradshaw. You need to let that go...


Pin by Jushin Liger on Lashley!

1...2...Ted DiBiase breaks the count.

Liger gets up and starts trading punches with DiBiase. The latter then kicks Liger in the gut and lifts him up! Powerslam on the steel steps!!! The crowd actually cheers! Teddy has a grin as he picks up Jushin Liger from behind. DREAM STREET ON THE STEEL STEPS!!!

JBL: This one's over!

Bobby Lashley is bent down, getting to his feet, DiBiase picks up the steel bat...ACROSS THE FACE WITH THE BAT! AND LASHLEY IS BUSTED OPEN! COVER ON BOTH!


The bell rings! The crowd boos DiBiase as the referee raises his hand after the double-pin!

JBL: This is the shitty career end Lashley's shitty career deserves.

Jim Ross: Aw come on...

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner...TED...DIBIASE!!!

The scene fades to a dark room, nothing but the sound of breathing can be heard, nothing can be seen. Suddenly, a stream of light enters the room as a door slides open, revealing Single H, sitting on a bed and squinting up at the two people that opened the door. Two men, dressed in black, stare at H as he rubs his eyes and stands up, he looks back and there is complete silence for a while.

So what's the deal, are you going to let me go now?

The two men laugh and one of them looks at their watch.

Well you've been here a week, I understand you've got a wrestling show to go and compete in tonight, huh?

Single H nods his head and the two men laugh again.

Well you see you've been imprisoned here for a week now after we got a tip-off that you roofied someone and took them to a foreign country without a visa. Do you realise the seriousness of the offence you commited? It's a good job that Chris Jericho guy handed you in.

Single H looks away and clenches his fist.


Yeah, so make yourself comfortable my friend, you're gonna be here for a long, long time.

The pair laugh again and slam the door, there is once again pitch black, we hear a sigh and then a sudden sound of a chainsaw revving up. Sparks fly and we are able to see the face of Single H, looking confused at the window as a saw cuts it to pieces. When there is a big enough hole in the window, Sean O Haire pokes his head through and beckons him to follow. Single H looks back at the door and then climbs out of the window, it appears that Sean has already taken care of a method of escape. A stylish sportive Corvette is at the gate, already started and ready to be driven out. Sean gets in the driver's seat and Single H clambers into the back.
As they being to drive away, alarms sound and the gates begin to shut, Sean races the car towards it but it appears the gate will shut before they make it out of the prison yard.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!

The car gets closer and closer to making it out at the same rate as the gate gets closer and closer to the floor. Sean steps on it and they speed ever closer, the front end makes it out but the trunk is completely ripped off, leaving Single H screaming in the back seat, looking out of the now non-existant back part of the car, he scrambles into the front passenger seat and looks at Sean.

Are you nuts? We nearly just died! Why are you here anyway, I didn't know you were such a huge fan!

Not at all, you don't know this but you and I are in a tag team match tomorrow night. Me and you taking on Christian and Rob Conway. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't be able to handle it without you, but I don't fancy a handicap match for my debut in MWA. Be thankful you were booked in a match with me or this would not be happening.

Well you made the right decision, I'm the EWE Tag Team Champion, we'll win that match with ease. I guess a thank you is in order for breaking me out of jail... Thanks.

Sean doesn't say anything, there is silence for a while before Single H pipes up again.

Y'know this reminds me of the time me and Muhammad Hassan were driving to the airport to get our belts back over in Africa. I just hope you don't have the same fate as he did, I'm pretty sure he's still doing time over there as we speak. Poor bastard!

There is once again silence.

Where's the show this week?

The Pepsi Center in Denver... Miles from where we are now, all thanks to you.


Suddenly, sirens can be heard from behind them and both Sean's and Single H's faces go pale.

Well, fuck.

He swerves to the left and starts driving through the woods.

Oh! I remember shagging here before...I know where we are, dude!

O'Haire makes a disgusted look...

Shagging? Seriously? That's a word in your vocabulary, huh?...Look I have no time for this shit. I'm going to drive, you're gonna shut the fuck up and listen to the radio or something. I don't want to put up with you, now or ever.

The scene fades out as O'Haire speeds up. A graphic cues, it shows Riggins posing, with "THE RIGGINS CHALLENGE, Brought to you by GloboGym" underneath.

Jim Ross: Well, the Riggins Challenge was postponed to tonight due to unconfirmed circumstances.

JBL: Shit ton of unconfirmed circumstances around here lately.

We go back to ringside...

Rob Conway and Riggins both walk out. Conway has his wrestling gear on and Riggins has his usual football jersey with the "RIGGINS #33" on the back, and sponsored obviously by GloboGym. They both raise each other's hand and start walking down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, up next is the Riggins Challenge!...The worker to "chug" down more beer at the end of one and a half minutes, is the winner. If the participant does lose, they have to work for a year under GloboGym, unpaid!

Rob Conway and Riggins take the opposed steel steps to the apron and both enter the ring at the same time. They taunt again, this before the table that is full with beer cans on it. The theme music stops as Rob Conway and Riggins both get a microphone.

Hello ladies...and lonely, lonely men. I'm Rob Conway, not that you don't know that already... Rob chuckles. But anyway, last week...I didn't get to have a match, so I'm debuting right after the Riggins Challenge tonight. And by the end of this night, I will...And oh trust me I WILL, have a new worker on my corner. His name is Kerwin White...Also known as Chavo Guerrero, before he stopped being a wetback!

The crowd boos.

But that's beside the point. What really matters is that...I'm gonna show you people how you do things like the Con-Man does things, in this very ring. Tonight, me and my partner Christian...Not that he likes to admit it but he is one of us...Me and my partner Christian are going to dominate this ring...We're going to dominate the whole match, hell...we're even gonna dominate the ringside! Simply for the fact that we are going to do things my way...GloboGym's way...The Con-Way.

Conway grins and drops his microphone on the mat. Riggins takes a step forward...

Rob...I'm sorry...But that was the worst pun ever.

The crowd laughs.

But hey, I'm leaving your own way of saying things, to yourself. But right now you're not the one in action, I am...Riggins Challenge means Riggins. And I'm Riggins. And throughout the week I've been asked if I like being with the GloboGym Corporation, if I do In-Ring Work, if I'm...He air-quotes..."So untalented that I have to align with GloboGym". I'll tell you what, GloboGym isn't an alignment, it isn't a group, it's a worldwide corporation and I'm one of it's biggest influences, I'm one of the heads of department in said worldwide corporation. You can love me or hate me, by judging me for it, I don't really care what people think about me. All I know is that my bud here, Rob Conway, has more talent in the ring than most if not ALL of the other Wrestlers in this company. And tonight he's gonna step into this ring, and prove it to everybody. And I'll be here watching with none other than the first participant and loser of the Riggins Challenge, Kerwin White, and the chairman of GloboGym Corporations, who I want to bring out here...White Goodman! Round of applause for White!

White Goodman is applauded by Riggins and Rob Conway as he walks out wearing his shiny ass vest. With him walks the once-again-not-in-action "Zeus" Jack Jones. The crowd boos. Much to the faction's displeasure.

Once again...Ladies and Gentlemen, WHITE GOODMAN!

The crowd boos. And Goodman starts throwing a tantrum, but he walks down to the ring with Zeus, then they both slide into the ring with "style".

Hold on a second, cut the music! The music stops. You people, you nobodies!...You think you can disrespect White Goodman? I don't know what the hell you have going on your minds to do such a barbarity, as to boo, White, Goodman.

The crowd boos as White takes the mic off of Rob...

Let them boo, Robbie. I'll soak it in. The crowd boos as Goodman opens arms, and closes eyes...then gets a bit full of it. Ah shut up!...Some fans now laugh a bit...but the boos and ignoring are continued. You all boo and boo but at the end of the day, most of you are regular members of GloboGym! And I don't blame you if you don't hate yourself enough to become a thinner, better you, that you could never become without us, it's your own damn choice, and it's your own damn loss. But remember...At GloboGym...We're better than you! And we, oh we know it!

Some fans now laugh a bit...but the boos and ignoring are continued.

The crowd cheers as Chavo Guerrero comes out, once again acting like "Kerwin White". White Goodman quickly interrupts the theme song.

Hey wetback!...It's gonna be nice having someone else called White working for me!

Kerwin walks down the ramp quickly as Riggins, Conway, Zeus and Goodman all laugh loudly in the ring like total assholes. Kerwin enters the ring and White Goodman, Jack Jones and Rob Conway step out to ringside as Kerwin White and Riggins stand behind the covered table. As soon as the bell rings, after they share a quick staredown, they throw themselves over the ring to open up different beer cans. Surprisingly, Kerwin White goes to open two to chug two beers at the same time. Riggins chuckles as he "slowly" drinks down his.

Jim Ross: Maybe Riggins was a little bit overconfident there.

JBL: There's no such thing as overconfident, Ross.

All of a sudden, Riggins is already opening his second beer, whilst White is still chugging his both at the same time, mostly trying to look cool more than trying to win. And the third one Riggins opens. And the fourth, 10 seconds later. White is still opening the third as the bell rings. Riggins wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and laughs as the crowd is cheering, surprisingly. Rob Conway enters the ring with White Goodman and they both raise Riggins' hand.

Justin Roberts: And here's your winner...RIGGINS!!!

White Goodman snatches the microphone from Roberts' hand as Kerwin White leans back on the corner, trying to recover a bit.

Well, "Kerwin"...Seems like you work for me now, huh?

The three of them laugh.

Alright let me get you a serious job though...Next week you'll know when you come out here with Robbie and Riggins.

He chuckles and drops the mic. He leaves the ring and sits at ringside with Riggins and Kerwin White as Rob Conway stays in the ring and the ringside workers clean up the mat.


Both Christian and Rob Conway stand in the ring, trading strategies, albeit there's no love lost between the two. Single H is finishing his entrance at the end of the ramp.

The crowd gives a very loud, yet mixed reaction as none other than the Devil's Advocate, Sean O'Haire walks out on stage.


Justin Roberts: And Single H's partner, from South Carolina, weighing in 270 pounds!...SEAN...O'HAIRE!!!

JBL: I can't say I'm not surprised...I saw how he looked like last year...He was more out of shape than Mr. Kenderson! And trust me, that's saying a lot!...But well, he looks great, and I always said and I will say it again, if there's anyone who needs a true shot that has ridiculously never been given to him, it's this man...KENDERSON!!!

The crowd boos as Sean O'Haire obviously ignores the extended arms at ringside and makes his way to Single H's side, and the Controller offers him a handshake, to which O'Haire just chuckles and ignores. He enters the ring with no fear, and gets in the face of both Christian and Rob Conway. Single H slides into the ring... He lunges at Conway with speed, and Christian attacks O'Haire. The bell rings! Sean O'Haire counters a Christian Irish Whip into an Irish Whip of his own, that sends Captain Charisma to the apron, followed by a devastating Clothesline by O'Haire, dropping Christian flat at ringside. Kick to the gut by Conway now, who then tosses Single H out of the ring. Conway and O'Haire meet up in the center of the squared circle.

JBL: Newbie vs Newbie, check it out.

Rob Conway attacks first, with a bunch of quick jabs to O'Haire, but the latter knees him though, and drops Conway with a Mat Slam, followed by a Knee Drop. He then kneels beside the Conman, and delivers a bunch of strikes to his forehead. O'Haire gets up and taunts as the crowd boos. He then tags in the Controller, Single H, who was begging to get in the ring, almost. Single H springboards into the ring and hits a Springboard Elbow Drop on Conway, followed by a cover.


Single H kips up...Just for the heck of it, and gets Clotheslined by Christian, who is then ejected to the apron of the ring by the referee after some harsh words from the latter, to which Christian pretends to care hearing.

JBL: Haha! I love it!

Jim Ross: Why's that, John? Christian had no business entering the match as an illegal man

Rob Conway and Single H stand up at the same time and the latter gets slapped across the face by the former. Conway then knees Single H and Irish Whips him to the opposite ropes than the ones they're turned to. Single H bounces back and hits a Sunset Flip to counter a Back Body Drop.


Single H tags back out to Sean O'Haire, who slowly runs at Conway and kicks him in the chest, making him bounce almost to the other end of the ring. The big man picks up Rob Conway and forearms him to the face, repeatedly. Irish Whip, and Sean O'Haire runs at the Conman as the latter bounces back from hitting the ropes. BIG BOOT! ROB CONWAY DUCKS UNDER! Kick to the gut! DDT!!! He tags in Christian.

JBL: And here comes Colonel Swagger!

Jim Ross: Or so Zeus calls him.

Christian drops down and locks in Sean O'Haire in an Inverted Chinlock, Sean O'Haire, though, reaches the lower rope with his right foot. Christian releases the pressure and pulls Sean O'Haire up to his feet, Elbow to the gut, Headlock Takedown, and a Headlock on the mat.

Jim Ross: Christian is resorting to the basics tonight!

Christian once again releases the Devil's Advocate and stands up, then runs towards Single H and drops him down at ringside with a shoulder thrust. He turns around...SPINNING POWERSLAM BY SEAN O'HAIRE! COVER!


Christian is pulled to his feet by O'Haire, and then suffers a European Uppercut, Irish Whip to the opposed ropes....BIG BOOT BY SEAN O'HAIRE!!! The crowd lets out a huge "OH!!!". Sean O'Haire is now applauded as he taunts, with a grin. Behind him attacks Christian! With a forearm to the back of the head. The referee starts counting Christian out, but Colonel Swagger simply ignores those orders, forcing the referee to order for the bell. Christian gets O'Haire on one knee and Single H rushes in for the save.

JBL: Seems like this match ain't over until they say it's over!

Single H approaches Christian only getting back kicked in the gut. European Uppercut by Christian, who then turns to a standing Sean O'Haire and delivers a Dropkick WHILE pushing Single H against the ropes for aid! Rob Conway runs and hits Single H with a powerful knee to the gut! He smirks at the frenzied by the action fans, who boo him anyway. He puts Single H with his feet rope-hung on the top rope, in a Suplex position...EGO TRIP!!! The camera shows White Goodman applauding, as Riggins and Jones are both drinking a beer, with Chavo Guerrero just standing there. Christian grabs O'Haire for the Unprettier.

JBL: And here it comes!

Jim Ross: Unprettier!

NO! Sean O'Haire twists him around and kicks him in the gut! Fireman's Carry...THE PROFECY!!! Rob Conway and Riggins both pull Christian out of the ring and help him to the back, walking backwards, followed by White Goodman, Zeus and Chavo Guerrero. Sean O'Haire has a grin and is now cheered as he taunts.

The scene fades out as Sean O'Haire has his arms raised in the air. We cut to a vignette. The setting is in a golden and black room with gold lighting with a figure with long blonde hair.

A new age is coming, one yet done before but just as prestigious as it was once born. An age that reigned fear, intimidation, controversy--and an age yet at the same time was oh so

He takes a deep breath in, and then out.


Goldust turns around to face the camera stroking his blonde hair as he begins to speak again

I have been looked at as many, an inspiration, a parasite, and the most brightest. Shiniest star in the night sky... I have been made a joke, I have been humiliated several times and at the age that wrestling has came to, I have reached the deepest and darkest areas of my own mind many, many moons ago, where people looked at me with fear and looked at me and they seen something special, they knew that I was the most cunning manipulative and oh so...He takes another breath in and "violently" out. Bizarre.

He bites the air towards the camera.

...of any time in professional wrestling I have made my mark and left the remains of the old... Goldust. Behind I am now one with my old self the man who got close to holding gold even more prestigious than me, a World Championship... And as the grains of sand in this big hourglass unfolds and age comes more and more everyday there isn't too much time left for me to rightfully take what's mine, A World Championship--so now more then ever I will do anything and everything to take what's mine no matter man, woman, or child. If you interfere in my own personal destiny, then I can't be held responsible for what happens to you and your mind in the forthcoming future...MWA a new era is coming and it's coming sooner then you think a new era, a new legacy, a new icon, and more importantly a new Champion, and his name is one I guarantee you will NEVER forget the name of, his name is... Another deep breath in and out. Goldust...Yet another bite.

The scene fades out.

The crowd cheers loudly as Walk by Pantera hits the PA system. After a few seconds of waiting RVD makes his way out onto the stage with two crutches, obviously faking some kind of injury.

JBL: What the fuck is this?

Jim Ross: Well it seems Van Dam may have injured himself back stage.

JBL: Bullshit, he's faking it!

Rob slowly makes his way down the ramp, using the crutches for support that he doesn't need. Carefully going up the steel ring steps and with the help of some ring crew he enters through the top and middle ropes, he hobbles his way to the middle of the ring and is handed a mic by the announcer.

JBL: Oh this is going to be good.

Jim Ross: Maybe he has a legitimate injury.

JBL: Do you see a cast? No, he's faking.

As some of you may have noticed last week, I was off my game, which should be obvious to everyone because I lost to...Curt Hawkings? Hawks? Hawkins? Whatever, his name isn't important. The fact of the matter is, I am off my game, and felt the need to go see a doctor.

The crowd doesn't cheer or anything, they watch with interest to see where RVD is going with this.

He ran some tests, and it appears that my Coolatine levels are very low and my Whateverin levels are at an all time high. I asked him what could have been the cause of this, and he concluded the cause is a severe case of "The Munchies".

Some of the crowd starts to laugh, seeing now he is putting on an act for the crowd, the rest of the crowd is still confused.

JBL: I knew he was faking it.

Jim Ross: The Munchies can be quiet serious Bradshaw.

JBL: You would know.

The Doctor then proceeded to tell me that I will require no surgeries whatsoever and will not need to take time off to recover. Stating there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and I will be able to keep wrestling for many years to come.

More of the crowd joins in with laughing or cheers as he continues to hobble about the ring with the mic and crutches.

JBL: Oh theres something wrong with you alright.

Because of the seriousness of my condition, I cannot compete tonight against Raven, and I would like to give my express and sincere apologies to all of you fans. And that I hope a proper replacement for me can be found for Raven to beat up on tonight for your enjoyment.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

Jim Ross: Looks like these fans really wanted to see RVD in action tonight.

JBL: No, they wanted to see him get his ass kicked.

It is also way I have come out here to retirement from the business. Crowd boos. The paperwork is being filled out and come the PPV I will be officially retire from professional wrestling.

A large wave of boos break out across the arena as RVD nods his head sadly at the news he delivered. He then coughs to disguise a chuckle.

What we can take away from this, is that the Munchies are a terrible disease that can affect anyone, and if you're not careful in monitoring your Coolatine and Whateverin levels, this can happen to you.

JBL: Should have known this guy would pussy out on us.

Jim Ross: Why? He's obviously joking around.

Thank you all for your time and understanding, and I hope you all can enjoy the rest of the show without me.

JBL: Oh we will, now hurry up and leave already.

RVD starts to hobble to the ring ropes as the crowd boos. RVD starts to hobble to the ring ropes as the crowd boos, ring crew helps him get through the ropes leaving him to hobble his way towards the stage. The scene starts out showing CM Punk walking down the hall, looking somewhat angry, while wearing his trademark t-shirt and track pants. The cameraman is trying to catch up, causing the camera to shake a lot. Punk turns to his right and starts knocking on the door rather hard. The door has a golden plate on it, that says "Matt Striker". He keeps knocking, but no one answers. Punk then tries to open the door, but it's locked. He starts to shake the handle in a furious manner.

He's not here.

The camera zooms out a bit and turns a little to the left, revealing Jonathan Coachman unlocking the door opposite of Striker's. He swings the door open.

But since you're here, we need to have a talk.

The Coach enters his office, followed by Punk and the cameraman. Coachman sits on his chair behind his desk, but Punk just stands in front of the desk.

You can go now.

The scene is cut off.

The bell rings.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for One Fall!

Raven walks out on stage, with his Heavyweight Championship draped over his right shoulder, wearing his usual jean shorts and leather boots, a t-shirt and a leather jacket over it. He looks at both sides of the confused crowd before starting to make his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Introducing first, from the Boweries of Short Hills, New Jersey, weighing in 245 pounds...He is the MWA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...THIS...IS...RAVEN!!!

The crowd cheers!

JBL: Looks like he finally decided to show his ass!

Raven rolls into the ring and gets to his feet, then holds the championship title belt on his right hand as he does his usual taunt, spreading his arms.

The crowd pops! An "E C DUB!" chant begins. Rob Van Dam walks out on stage and does his trademark taunt, pointing at his back with his thumbs as the crowd yells "R! V! D!". He smiles and starts walking down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in 237 pounds...THE WHOLE FUCKIN' SHOW...ROB...VAN...DAM!!!

The crowd goes wild! RVD rolls into the ring but asks for a microphone before the match has a chance to begin. The music stops and the crowd is still cheering, now not as loud as before. RVD turns to Raven to address some words.

Scott, you and I both know there's a better way to have this match. So let's give these fans a treat, and face each other like we used to in the old days, not an EWE or MWA style match...But an E, C, W kind of match. No holds barred! No countouts...Chairs and tables galore.

THE CROWD GOES INSANE! Raven smiles...

I'm gonna have to take that as a yes...That's cool, let's do this, then.

RVD and Raven stand closer to each other but the referee refuses to order for the bell to ring. Well that's too damn bad because RVD now attacks Raven, hitting him with the microphone to the forehead! Raven falls down on the mat and RVD goes on a stomping spree. He then taunts before hitting a Spinning Leg Drop! He rolls out of the ring and reaches under the apron to get a steel chair, as Raven is getting to his feet, he raises the steel chair in the air as the crowd pops once again. He slides himself into the ring and swings the steel chair at a now standing Raven Warrior, who dodges it by ducking under, Van Dam turns around and gets laid out with a title belt shot to the face! The crowd cheers!

Jim Ross: I don't think this match is even officially on!

JBL: I don't care! As long as Paul Heyman stays the hell out!

Raven drops down next to RVD and locks him in a Side Headlock while punching him repeatedly in the head. He gets to his feet and taunts. The referee is seen being handed a piece of paper from Justin Roberts, which he reads, and then orders for the bell to ring, and it does. The crowd cheers Raven on as he stomps RVD in the midsection and picks up the steel chair. He looks at it then pulls it up and takes a huge swing at a lying RVD!!! And another one! He now unfolds the chair and sets it up next to RVD before picking the latter up.

Jim Ross: I think we all know what's coming next!

Raven slowly gets a hurting Van Dam to his feet, then Irish Whips him to the ropes opposed to the steel chair...DROP TOE HOLD! NO! RVD ROLLS THROUGH! They both get up...SPINNING HEEL KICK!

JBL: I have to admit, that was a helluva counter right there.

The crowd cheers in excitement as the Whole Fuckin' Show now simply tries to stay up with the aid of the ropes, while holding his back. He goes over to Raven and stomps him before running to the ropes and hitting a Rolling Thunder! Cover!


Jim Ross: Having their careers boosted up from ECW, these guys are tough, and they won't lose before being put through an enormous amount of pain!

Rob Van Dam walks to the corner and taunts as the crowd cheers. He climbs up the turnbuckle... FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! AND HE HITS IT!!! COVER!


RVD holds his gut as the bell rings. He sits on the mat, holding his midsection with one hand and raising the other in the air as the crowd cheers!



Jim Ross: Here come Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy...wait a second--

Matt Hardy walks out wearing a suit with a long coat over him, and with his arms not in the sleeves, and with a red rose on the chest pocket, while wearing a wig that resembles Wade Barrett's hair a lot. Chris Jericho walks out wearing a wig with black braided hair. Wearing a bulletproof vest and jeans. The crowd is laughing loudly!

Jim Ross: It is them! They're dressed as their opponents for tonight.

R-Jericho and Wade Hardett walk on down the ramp. Jericho has a microphone on his right hand, and he raises it up while they walk down to the ring.

Thtop the muthic! Thtop...the muthic!

The music does stop as the crowd laugh at Jericho impersonating R-Truth's speech impediment.

I'M THERIOUTH. You thouldn't be laughing at me! I'm a victim...of a company wide conthpiracy!!

Matt Hardy cuts Jericho off, impersonating himself a very deep voice with a fake British accent.

Whoah, Ron...Wait just a second. Actually...Wait one second at a time.

Crowd laughs again as Hardy mocks Wade Barrett's promo from earlier. They both enter the ring.

It was because of being a victim of a company-wide conspiracy, that you came here, to MWA...Is this correct?

R-Jericho turns and looks at Wade Hardett...

Yeth..Yeth that'th correct!

Then you agree with me when I say, that Matt Hardy was a victim of a company wide conspiracy, before you were?

R-Jericho turns and looks at Wade Hardett again...

Yeth that'th right.

R-Jericho looks back at the camera with a serious look.

So you believe me when I say...That Matt Hardy did not, I repeat, DID NOT, have sexual relations with those young grapes.

R-Jericho looks at Wade...

That'th whath'up!

The crowd continues laughing. Hardy let's out a slight sigh, that's not heard over the laughter, shrugs his shoulder to drop his coat and takes off the wig.

Enough, I must come clean, it is I!

Hardy has an ashamed look on his face. The crowd laughs and Jericho is also seen chuckling.

Matthew, Moore, Hardy! The Legends champion!

The crowd cheers.

Now, as you can see, I don't have my championship with me. Don't worry, I haven't lost it. I hid it in my bag, in the locker room, no one will ever find it there!

Jericho facepalms, while the crowd laughs.

And I'm glad that we have a great manager like Jonathan Coachman, who understands that I'm exhausted after winning my championship.

Hardy holds his back, pretending he's in pain and once again, the crowd laughs.

Thank you, Coach, for placing me in an easy match up so I ca-- UGH! EEEEHHHH!... So I can heal myself.

Hardy continues pretending to be in pain. The laughs are much less; Hardy is obviously over doing it. Jericho cuts in to stop Matt

R-Truth and Barrett are mere insects in comparison. I can probably take them both on in a handicap match.

Matt quickly takes the chance to say something.

I'm glad you said that, Chris. I don't want to risk my newly one championship, maybe you should take them on by your own.

The crowd boos as Jericho and Hardy's comedy segment is cut short by the music of Single H. Single H walks out onto the stage, a smile across his face. He is wearing his new t-shirt, newly stocked to Chris Jericho looks confused, after all he had got Single H arrested the week earlier. Little did he know that a certain Sean O'Haire had aided him out of that situation. Single H has a microphone in hand, he waits for his music to fade down before speaking.

Happy to see me back so soon, Chris? Looks like I was in competition tonight after all, thanks to a certain Sean O'Haire breaking me out, boy, the road trip was insane... But that's beside the point. Y'see I talked to Matt Striker and he was kind enough to pay a hefty sum to the law to... Let's say let me off for the foreseeable future.

Jericho scowls at Single H who laughs, Matt Hardy attempts to calm him down a little.

Yeah that's right, you're scheme to get rid of me and keep MY EWE Tag-Team Championships for you and your buddy there has been foiled. I'm still here and there is nothing you can do to stop me, you just wait, they'll be back in my hands sooner than you think...

Single H notices that Jericho is carrying both EWE Tag-Team Championships in either hand.

You know what? I was going to save this until another episode of The Highlight Reel, but I notice you have my belts as we speak. You say that I'll never E-E-EVAH get those belts AGAIN-AH? Well, consider this an R.S.V.P.

Single H turns on his heel and points at the entrance curtain.


|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||

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As the intro of the music begins playing, there is an awkward silence as Single H stands to the side, a huge grin across his face. Jericho and Hardy look at eachother, confused. When the main riff kicks in, none other than Big Dick Johnson appears on stage, dressed in his usual... Outfit. BDJ dances his way down the ramp and gets into the ring, Single H follows him, doing a kind of awkward over the top dance. Johnson begins to get real close to Jericho who drops the belts out of pure disgust. Matt Hardy laughs and gets out of the ring faster than ever before. In all the confusion, nobody notices Single H snag the tag-team championships and run away. Jericho rolls out of the ring, leaving BDJ dancing on his own, much to the distaste of everybody watching around the world. Single H laughs as he runs up the ramp, carrying both belts with him. Just as he reaches the curtain, he is kicked in the face by a familiar designed boot, CM Punk walks out, laughing at Single H who is on the floor holding his head in pain. Punk picks up the championships and walks down to the ring, he hands them back to Jericho. Punk, Matt and Chris all get into the ring and get on separate turnbuckles, celebrating with the fans.


The crowd cheers loudly as Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho are both finishing their entrance in the ring as we come back from a commercial break. Wade Barrett and R-Truth are both outside the ring, trading strategies with Bobby "The Brain" Heenan...

Jim Ross: And here we go for another match with extremely high expectations after all we've seen earlier tonight out here.

JBL: It was epic! All of it! Jericho and Hardy are going to eat their words big time, though, I can't lie, my money's on Barrett!

Wade Barrett gets on the apron and so does Chris Jericho. Matt Hardy, the Legends Champion, is about to make his proper in-ring debut in Modern Wrestling Association. Hardy and R-Truth lock up, but Hardy, getting the advantage, Side Headlocks him, and hits now a Headlock Takedown! V-1 gets to his feet and ignores the fact that he was putting pressure on R-Truth. He taunts him to get up and so he does. Truth goes for a Hip Toss but gets kneed in the gut, Hardy with a Front Facelock, quickly turned into a Double Leg Takedown by Truth, who then pulls himself up and hits a flurry of stomps to Matt Hardy's midsection before tagging with Barrett.

JBL: Truth was quickly irritated by Hardy's shenanigans, I say.

Jim Ross: I agree, and we can't forget, he also has Wade Barrett on his corner, and Wade Barrett used to be Chris Jericho's protege for whoever does--


Wade Barrett knocks Matt Hardy down right after the latter had gotten to his feet with a powerful Big Boot. And he goes for the cover.

1...2...Matt reverses!

1...2...Kickout by Barrett!

Both wrestlers get up at the same time, but Matt tags out. Chris Jericho walks into the ring and takes the initiative with a Collar and Elbow Tie-Up, with which he pushes Barrett all the way to the corner, until the referee orders for the hold to break. Barrett overpowers Y2J and pushes him, sending him across the ring tumbling. But Jericho quickly gets to his feet and runs back at Wade...Spinning Wheel Kick!

Jim Ross: What a turn by Jericho, in a split second he went from rumbling on the mat to getting back into control!

Jericho gets Wade Barrett in a Headlock almost in the corner of the ring and yells at the referee, Jimmy Korderas "ASK HIM, REF! ASK HIM!" as the crowd laughs. It is easy enough, though, for Wade Barrett to reach the lower rope. The ref counts to 4 before Y2J releases the hold. R-Truth is stretching his arm out for the tag. Barrett crawls over and finally tags him in, as Jericho just lets him be. R-Truth runs in, goes overboard with a failed Clothesline, and turns around only to get hit with Chris Jericho's Codebreaker!!! Pin!


R-Truth kicks out of the pinning attempt.

Jim Ross: We haven't seen many people kick out of that one.

JBL: Of course! It's an epic ass move...Not as epic as the Walls but still epic.

Jim Ross: Did Jericho pay you for this?

JBL: Uh--what?

Jericho leans back on the ropes as R-Truth takes almost around a minute to get up. Matt Hardy is laid out on the apron, pretending to sleep, as the crowd laughs. Truth is up...RUNNING ENZUIGIRI, NO! R-Truth ducks under and Jericho falls!...Jericho gets up, kick to the gut by R-Truth, he runs and hits the ropes...CORCKSCREW SCISSORS KICK--NO! R-TRUTH IS TOO SLOW AND JERICHO AVOIDS IT! DOUBLE LEG TAKEDOWN AS TRUTH GETS UP...WALLS OF JERICHO!!! THE WALLS ARE LOCKED IN!!!

Jim Ross: HERE WE GO.



Straight Out Of Line blasts through the Public Announcement system as Jericho goes over to "wake up" Matt Hardy. The crowd goes wild as they raise each other's arms.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here are your winners...CHRIS JERICHO...AND THE LEGENDS CHAMPION, MATT...HARDY!!!

The scene fades out.


There is quiet in the building, the fans are ready for the main event to begin, suddenly, the theme music of Single H takes everyone by surprise and loud boo's once again echo throughout the arena.

Jim Ross: Single H? What's he doing out here again?

JBL: Maybe to do some more dancing for your entertainment, JR. C'mon we all know you loved seeing Big DICK Johnson here in the Pepsi Center!

Single H walks out onto the stage looking extremely sheepish. He holds his head in pain after the events of earlier which ended in him being kicked in the skull by CM Punk. The crowd continues booing as he heads down the ramp and gets into the ring, he asks for a microphone and is handed one. Single H stands in the ring, looking around at the many fans in attendance. His music dies down and he begins to speak.

I'm gonna cut to the chase here... Chris Jericho come on down here would ya?

Single H looks down the ramp to the entrance stage. There is silence for a while, just when it looks like Jericho is not coming out, the famous countdown begins and the fans cheer loudly.

Jericho comes out of the curtain, holding the EWE Tag Team Championships in either hand. He smiles at Single H and begins to make his way down the ramp. Single H claps as he waits for Jericho to get down to the ring and enter it through the ropes, Jericho is handed a microphone. The music fades out and Chris looks like he is about to say something but Single H cuts him off.

Woah woah woah. Before you say anything, I just want to make it clear. I'm not here to try to steal those belts, I'm not here to try and make a fool out of you, for once I'm going to be serious and try to work out an agreement between you and I. You see after what happened earlier, I sat in the locker room and I watched your match, I thought to myself, this thing between you and I, it can't go on. Me and you, we're not all that different, in fact you are a lot more like me than you'd like to be, do you remember WCW Chris? You were the guy that did whatever they wanted, nobody ever knew what they were going to get with you, just like me Chris. Why can't you see that?

The boos die down as the fans become interested in what Single H has to say.

Now I don't want a relationship that could be so great going to waste between you and me, we could be the best in the world, I could learn a lot from you Chris, you're a veteran... So no, I'm not going to try and prise those belts from you any longer, I can never get the 1-up on you, I've learned that. I have to commend you on getting me arrested, that was a pretty good idea, Jackass.

Single H chuckles to himself.

Look, all I'm asking is for you and I to bury the hatchet and in my eyes the only way that's ever going to happen is if you come clean and hand me the EWE Tag-Team Championships right here, right now. Be the bigger man Chris, I'll be willing to forgive you if you just do what's right and give me what rightfully belongs to me.

Chris looks down at the two belts as Single H holds out his hands, an excited look across his face. Chris holds the belt up to the audience, trying to get a decision from them. Chris lowers the belts and drops one on the ground so he can talk into the mic...

Well...Single H-ah. For starters, you haven't proved yourself good enough to be an EWE Tag Team Champion, now have you? So nope, I'm not gonna hand over either of these.

Single H almost speaks but Y2J cuts him, the fuck, off.

UNLESS. Single H now seems ready to listen. You beat me and someone for it. Someone who can...get his boot...polish it real nice...twist it sideways and stick it, straight up! YOUR CANDY ASS!

The crowd goes wild!!!

I'm just kidding, Dwayne's old news! The crowd boos. SHUT UP, YOU HYPOCRITES! The crowd now laughs. Let's just say he thinks he's a bit of the whole show...Even though he's going to be teaming up with the Highlight...of the Night!...Chris Jericho--And he's gonna be outshined no less. But that is beside the point. You're going to have to get a partner, Single H. You're gonna have to get a really good partner if you think you can beat Chris Jericho, and Rob. Van. Dam! The crowd cheers loudly! No, no, don't bother yourself thinking of a comeback. Why don't you immediately forfeit this match?...I talked to Coach earlier, and I'll tell you this...NOT ONLY it's gonna be a Tag Team Match for the EWE Tag Team Champions, yes I convinced them to keep the name, but it's going to be the painful, the excruciating, the amazing, the fagbag demolishing...Ladder! Of Hell! Match-ah!

The crowd goes absolutely insane!!!

And you especially are in such trouble, young man!...Especially due to you! Being the biggest fagbag in MWA History, and then some more!

Single H starts throwing a bit of a tantrum! Jericho gets cut off before he gets the chance to even speak.

The crowd boos as Rob Conway walks out, wearing his usual attire, followed by Riggins and White Goodman. Riggins is wearing his usual jeans and GloboGym jersey and White Goodman his tanktop. The former is drinking a beer and the latter and Conway both are holding microphones...

Hold on...Hold on one second. H, H...You know... If there's someone back here who deserves a shot at those titles, it's me. Rob Conway, and you, Single, H. We can create greatness together, we can go into that match and do things our way week in and week out...Doing things the Con-Way, with the Con-Man, Rob Conway. You and I, ho-ho...We have a future, man, let's embrace it.

Single H seems understanding of Conway's speech, even though Jericho looks like he doesn't know whether to laugh his ass off or just call security.

Oh it's true! Rob Conway has been trained and put back to shape by none other than GloboGym. What else? GloboGym and Single H together? We'll be unstoppable. How about you just call 555-GloboGym right now, RIGHT NOW, IN THAT RING. PULL OFF YOUR CELLPHONE AND CALL US. He lets out a fake laugh. You saw earlier in your match, Rob can get the job done, and we, at GloboGym, we all know YOU can get the job done. Just join up for a 7-days free trial! What do you say?

Jericho is facepalming. Single H looks at the GloboGym Corporation standing on the stage, making their way up to the ring, they each get it one by one, then back to Chris Jericho and the EWE Tag Titles. He looks at White Goodman and smiles to himself before raising his microphone.

Well y'know, I might just have to take you up on that offer, GloboGym and Single H, it was meant to be. Yeah that's right ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at the newest member of The GloboGym Corporation right here!

Loud boos echo throughout the arena. The GloboGym Corporation clap loudly and point as Single H like he's some kind of wrestling legend. H then turns back to Jericho.

And as for you, you can take my offer of friendship and stick up your ass, because I accept your challenge for a Ladder Of Hell Match, with the EWE Tag-Team Championships on the line, after the Victorious Pay-Per-View on September 18th, those belts will be rightful property of the facility that's going to change this company for the better, GLOBOGYM BABY.

White Goodman raises Single H's hand up in the air and the Corporation exit the ring, leaving Chris Jericho standing, nodding his head on confirmation of the Ladder Of Hell match at 'Victorious'.

The Corporation walk up the ramp, Rob Conway picks Single H up above his shoulders and Single H raises his arms arrogantly.

Jim Ross: Oh my god! S-Single H is part of the GloboGym Corporation!?

JBL: That's sure what it looks like, JR. I think those Tag Team Titles could finally be coming to the hands of Single H in due time!


On the Titantron we see Bobby Lashley sitting on a leather chair, in a nice looking room, with Elijah Dinero in the chair across from him. He has the World Wrestling Championship title sitting on his lap.

Five and O, baby, couldn't feel any better!

He gives an arrogant grin.

Actually... Maybe it could. Hell, it's going to feel much better after tonight!

He begins rubbing his championship a little bit, before giving it two strong pats.

Hell Elijah, even some of our dumber fans can call this one! If I don't win my match tonight, then I don't know what I'm going to do with myself! I mean... damn!

He sits up, and begins licking his lips.

That match on XPlosion, it didn't even matter! I could easily, and I mean easily, destroy anybody in that match! But hell, for that one particular time, in his life, my number one contender won a match. I could even go as far as to say that he got lucky, but, the competition wasn't too good to begin with. The outcome will surely be different tonight!

Lashley stands up, and stretches his legs out, holding the title in his right hand.

You know, I haven't even trained since my match with Randy? This guy I'm facing here tonight, well... He'll be a cake walk!

Lashley has a weird look on his face, as if he was thinking.

I don't really understand Jericho's choice here. I mean hell, this is a big match. On the card, it isn't, but considering I'm in it, you might as well call it, the main event of the evening! So what does he set up for this main event? Bobby Lashley vs... Some chump!

Lashley and Elijah both break out in some soft laughter for a short amount of time. Lashley turns around to look at an official standing in the door way. He cuts him off before he can speak.

Match time?

The official nods his head.

Alright, I guess I'm going out there. Be rooting for me. I guarantee you, I'll be coming back in here, with this title in hand.

He bumps fists with Elijah before heading out the door. A graphic that reads "BOBBY LASHLEY'S PRO WRESTLING CAREER: 2005-2011" is shown as we come back to the present show. We come back to ringside, Justin Roberts' is once again in the ring as usual, ready to introduce the competitors of the upcoming main event match. The fans are cheering as the camera pans the building until the theme music of Curt Hawkins plays over the PA.

The cheers soon turn to boos as Curt Hawkins appears on stage wearing his usual entrance outfit, shades and jacket. He smiles as he looks around, taking in all the heat from the audience.

Justin Roberts: The following non-title match-up is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Queens, New York, weighing in at 236 pounds,...CURT...HAWKINS!

Curt starts to make his way down the ramp in a very cocky manner, fans booing him all the time as he does so. Eventually, Curt makes it to the ring and climbs up onto the apron, he spins round and taunts, arms stretched out, leaning back on the ropes. He smiles and stays in this pose for a while before lowering his shades to look at the audience properly and entering the ring.

Jim Ross: Well there he is folks, the number one contender to the MWA Championship, some might say he is undeserving of that privilege however.

JBL: What makes you think that? Hawkins proved he's the number one contender in last week's match, the way in which he went about winning it doesn't matter, he won the match and now he's going to face Raven and in my opinion, become the new MWA Champion.

Hawkins climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms, expecting boo's which he receives. He jumps down and begins to warm up.

The boos soon turn to loud cheers as Cult Of Personality plays, CM Punk comes out of the curtain and the fans go crazy. Punk points to the left side of the arena and walks to the latter side of the stage, claps his hands then walks all the way to the opposite side, taunting on both. The cheers grow louder as Punk once again comes to the center of the stage, gets down on one knee and looks at his wrist, he nods his head, gets up and yells his classic pre-match phrase: ''It's clobberin' time!''

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 222 pounds...HE IS THE MWA...PURE...WRESTLING CHAMPION!!!...C...M...PUNK!!!

JBL: And you're not going to believe this but I am really looking forward to this match and have been ever since I saw it was booked this week!

Jim Ross: Well you're not alone, I've also been excited for this one, it's the Pure Wrestling Champion going against a possible future MWA champion, expect a classic match-up, folks, it's going to be great!

Punk makes his way down the ramp, arms outstretched and a grin upon his face, the fans are still cheering loudly as he reaches the ring, climbs the steel steps and gets on the top turnbuckle, he looks around and nods his head before jumping into the ring and doing some warm up kicks, preparing for the match to be rung. The music dies down and the referee checks that both wrestlers are ready to begin the match, on confirmation of this he calls for the bell. Though the bell is rung, neither Punk nor Hawkins make their move, there is an intense staredown and the electiricity in the building can be felt in full force. Punk and Hawkins move closer to one another, neither one of them taking the eye of the other. Hawkins makes the first contact of the match, shoving Punk away, Punk runs right back and the two lock up. Hawkins pushes Punk into the ropes and Punk gets his arms around the head of Hawkins, side headlock. Hawkins pushes Punk off, sending him into the opposite ropes, he rebounds and kicks the face of Curt Hawkins who is bent over, attempting to fling Punk over his shoulders, Hawkins reels back into the ropes, holding his face in pain, Punk grabs him from behind, Back Suplex!

Jim Ross: And now this match has really begun!

JBL: I guess some could say that business is about to pick up, right?

Hawkins gets up and Punk wrestles him into the corner, he goes for a Dropkick but Hawkins pushes him away, Punk rolls through and runs straight back to the turnbuckle, attempting to hit his signature high knee move but Hawkins gets out of the way just in time. Punk stays on the top rope and springs back, going for the Crossbody but yet again, the move is reversed by Curt Hawkins who catches him mid-air and Samoan Drops him down to the mat. Neither wrestler get up from this for a while and the referee begins to count, on reaching 4, Hawkins gets up and helps Punk to his feet also. He goes for a Suplex and nearly hits it but Punk lands on his feet and hits a back kick straight to the gut of Hawkins who falls over out of surprise.

JBL: This is classic wrestling at it's finest, both are so technically sound, neither one of them wants to let their opponent get any sort of move.

Jim Ross: This could definitely go either way, and that's why it's such an interesting match!

Curt Hawkins backs over to the ropes and pulls himself up, Punk runs at him and tries to Clothesline him out of the ring, Hawkins pulls the ropes down and Punk trips, falling out of the ring himself. Hawkins jumps over the ropes and lands on the apron on the outside, he jumps onto the second rope and springs back, hitting a Springboard Moonsault to CM Punk on the outside, the move connects and both wrestlers stay down, the referee begins the outside count...


Hawkins gets up and picks Punk up too, he rolls Punk into the ring and slides in himself, he rolls Punk over and goes for the first pin of the match...


Jim Ross: I don't think you're going to be able to put the Pure Wrestling Champion away this early in the match...

JBL: You never know JR, you can get the win at any time, it doesn't matter how long the match has gone on for, it's the moves that count.

Jim Ross: What got you all matter-of-fact tonight?

JBL: Nothing, I just like correcting people!

Hawkins gets up with a sort of irritated look on his face, he stomps on Punk's chest before looking back at the turnbuckle and walking toward it. He takes his time climbing the turnbuckle, almost savoring it, when finally on the top rope he stands up straight and measures up his opponent, CM Punk before jumping, elbow first and attempting to hit a Heat-Seeking Elbow, however Punk kips up and hits a kick to the side of Curt Hawkins' head. The fans go crazy and Punk flops down to the mat along with Hawkins after hitting such an amazing move. Punk flings his arm over the chest of Hawkins and the referee begins to count the pin...


Jim Ross: OH BAH GAWD!

JBL: That was 2 and 7/8ts J.R, what a match this is!

Punk sits up with his head in his hands, he looks back at Curt Hawkins and grabs his arm, locking in the Anaconda Vise! Hawkins looks like he is about to tap, he screams out and stretches his arm as far as it will go, he desperately tries to reach the ropes so the referee will break up the hold but he cannot. Punk strains harder and harder with the submission hold and Curt Hawkins grows ever closer to tapping out and losing the match, he does not give up however and somehow manages to roll over and cause Punk to break up the hold. Both wrestlers get up and run toward each other, Punk goes for the high kick once more but Hawkins goes for an Atomic Drop! Hawkins lifts Punk up and brings him down, Punk's legs buckle and he begins to fall to the mat but Hawkins is there first with a Neckbreaker!

Jim Ross: The tides have turned again!

JBL: AGAIN!? They've been turning all DAMN MATCH!

Hawkins gets up and once again runs to the turnbuckle, he climbs it a little faster this time but still not fast enough, CM Punk gets up and comes rushing at him, jumping up and hitting his signature corner high knee from the top rope in high angle with unusual speed! Both wrestlers spill to the outside as the fans get on their feet. The referee looks shocked, shakes his head and begins to count the two out.


Jim Ross: This one could very well end in a double count out! But what a shame if it does!


Punk gets to his feet and drags Hawkins to the ring, he rolls him in and then quickly slides into the ring himself, there is a collective sigh of relief throughout the building. Punk gets up and shouts, firing both himself and the crowd up, Punk stretches out his arms and waits for Hawkins to get up, when he finally does and turns around, Punk lifts him up onto his shoulders, smiles at the camera and... Hawkins counters! Curt Hawkins gets down from the shoulders of Punk and hits a side kick. Punk falls down to his knees and Hawkins runs to the ropes, he climbs out of the ring and waits on the apron for Punk to get to his feet. Time seems to go in slow motion, Punk gets back to his feet and Hawkins jumps to the top rope and then Springboards from it, he flies through the air, in the position to hit a Flying Clothesline only to be caught once again on the shoulders of CM Punk. Punk stands their for a while as the fans go insane then finally pushes Hawkins off his shoulders and connects with a knee to the face, Go To Sleep connects!


Punk rolls Hawkins over and hooks the leg...


JBL: He did it!

CM Punk gets up and raises his arms while shouting in victory, he climbs the turnbuckle and taunts, celebrating with his many fans. The cheers throughout the building are so loud Cult Of Personality can hardly be heard. Hawkins lays on the mat, holding his face, unmoving.

Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, THE PURE--WRESTLING...CHAMPION!!...C...M...PUNK!!!

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us in Denver, Colorado for what has been another amazing edition of Saturday Nightmare! This has been Jim Ross and John "Bradshaw" Layfield, see you next week!

The show fades out to CM Punk celebrating with his music still playing, the end of show logo appears marking the show has ended...

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE V   Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:29 pm

THAT WAS SO DAMN FUCKING EPIC! The mainevent is one of my favorite matches in EWE/MWA. I also enjoyed my little nap, the apron is rather comfortable.
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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE V   Sat Sep 03, 2011 7:53 pm

CM Punk wrote:
THAT WAS SO DAMN FUCKING EPIC! The mainevent is one of my favorite matches in EWE/MWA. I also enjoyed my little nap, the apron is rather comfortable.

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