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 Shattered Dreams Productions Presents...

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PostSubject: Shattered Dreams Productions Presents...   Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:57 pm

The setting is in a golden and black room with gold lighting with a figure with long blonde hair.

A new age is coming, one yet done before but just as prestigious as it was once born. An age that reigned fear, intimidation, controversy--and an age yet at the same time was oh so

He takes a deep breath in, and then out.


Goldust turns around to face the camera stroking his blonde hair as he begins to speak again

I have been looked at as many, an inspiration, a parasite, and the most brightest. Shiniest star in the night sky... I have been made a joke, I have been humiliated several times and at the age that wrestling has came to, I have reached the deepest and darkest areas of my own mind many, many moons ago, where people looked at me with fear and looked at me and they seen something special, they knew that I was the most cunning manipulative and oh so...He takes another breath in and "violently" out. Bizarre.

He bites the air towards the camera.

...of any time in professional wrestling I have made my mark and left the remains of the old... Goldust. Behind I am now one with my old self the man who got close to holding gold even more prestigious than me, a World Championship... And as the grains of sand in this big hourglass unfolds and age comes more and more everyday there isn't too much time left for me to rightfully take what's mine, A World Championship--so now more then ever I will do anything and everything to take what's mine no matter man, woman, or child. If you interfere in my own personal destiny, then I can't be held responsible for what happens to you and your mind in the forthcoming future...MWA a new era is coming and it's coming sooner then you think a new era, a new legacy, a new icon, and more importantly a new Champion, and his name is one I guarantee you will NEVER forget the name of, his name is... Another deep breath in and out. Goldust...Yet another bite.

The scene fades out.
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Shattered Dreams Productions Presents...
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