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 The Riggins Challenge

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Rob Conway
Forever Alone Guy

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PostSubject: The Riggins Challenge   Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:15 pm

A graphic cues, it shows Riggins posing, with "THE RIGGINS CHALLENGE, Brought to you by GloboGym" underneath.

Jim Ross: Well, the Riggins Challenge was postponed to tonight due to unconfirmed circumstances.

JBL: Shit ton of unconfirmed circumstances around here lately.

We go back to ringside...

Rob Conway and Riggins both walk out. Conway has his wrestling gear on and Riggins has his usual football jersey with the "RIGGINS #33" on the back, and sponsored obviously by GloboGym. They both raise each other's hand and start walking down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen, up next is the Riggins Challenge!...The worker to "chug" down more beer at the end of one and a half minutes, is the winner. If the participant does lose, they have to work for a year under GloboGym, unpaid!

Rob Conway and Riggins take the opposed steel steps to the apron and both enter the ring at the same time. They taunt again, this before the table that is full with beer cans on it. The theme music stops as Rob Conway and Riggins both get a microphone.

Hello ladies...and lonely, lonely men. I'm Rob Conway, not that you don't know that already... Rob chuckles. But anyway, last week...I didn't get to have a match, so I'm debuting right after the Riggins Challenge tonight. And by the end of this night, I will...And oh trust me I WILL, have a new worker on my corner. His name is Kerwin White...Also known as Chavo Guerrero, before he stopped being a wetback!

The crowd boos.

But that's beside the point. What really matters is that...I'm gonna show you people how you do things like the Con-Man does things, in this very ring. Tonight, me and my partner Christian...Not that he likes to admit it but he is one of us...Me and my partner Christian are going to dominate this ring...We're going to dominate the whole match, hell...we're even gonna dominate the ringside! Simply for the fact that we are going to do things my way...GloboGym's way...The Con-Way.

Conway grins and drops his microphone on the mat. Riggins takes a step forward...

Rob...I'm sorry...But that was the worst pun ever.

The crowd laughs.

But hey, I'm leaving your own way of saying things, to yourself. But right now you're not the one in action, I am...Riggins Challenge means Riggins. And I'm Riggins. And throughout the week I've been asked if I like being with the GloboGym Corporation, if I do In-Ring Work, if I'm...He air-quotes..."So untalented that I have to align with GloboGym". I'll tell you what, GloboGym isn't an alignment, it isn't a group, it's a worldwide corporation and I'm one of it's biggest influences, I'm one of the heads of department in said worldwide corporation. You can love me or hate me, by judging me for it, I don't really care what people think about me. All I know is that my bud here, Rob Conway, has more talent in the ring than most if not ALL of the other Wrestlers in this company. And tonight he's gonna step into this ring, and prove it to everybody. And I'll be here watching with none other than the first participant and loser of the Riggins Challenge, Kerwin White, and the chairman of GloboGym Corporations, who I want to bring out here...White Goodman! 'Round of applause for White!

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Eddie Marques
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PostSubject: Re: The Riggins Challenge   Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:20 am

White Goodman is applauded by Riggins and Rob Conway as he walks out wearing his shiny ass vest. With him walks the once-again-not-in-action "Zeus" Jack Jones. The crowd boos. Much to the faction's displeasure.

Once again...Ladies and Gentlemen, WHITE GOODMAN!

The crowd boos. And Goodman starts throwing a tantrum, but he walks down to the ring with Zeus, then they both slide into the ring with "style".

Hold on a second, cut the music! The music stops. You people, you nobodies!...You think you can disrespect White Goodman? I don't know what the hell you have going on your minds to do such a barbarity, as to boo, White, Goodman.

The crowd boos as White takes the mic off of Rob...

Let them boo, Robbie. I'll soak it in. The crowd boos as Goodman opens arms, and closes eyes...then gets a bit full of it. Ah shut up!...Some fans now laugh a bit...but the boos and ignoring are continued. You all boo and boo but at the end of the day, most of you are regular members of GloboGym! And I don't blame you if you don't hate yourself enough to become a thinner, better you, that you could never become without us, it's your own damn choice, and it's your own damn loss. But remember...At GloboGym...We're better than you! And we, oh we know it!

Some fans now laugh a bit...but the boos and ignoring are continued.

The crowd cheers as Chavo Guerrero comes out, once again acting like "Kerwin White". White Goodman quickly interrupts the theme song.

Hey wetback!...It's gonna be nice having someone else called White working for me!

Kerwin walks down the ramp quickly as Riggins, Conway, Zeus and Goodman all laugh loudly in the ring like total assholes. Kerwin enters the ring and

|| Win: 4 | Loss: 2 | Draw: 1 ||
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The Riggins Challenge
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