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 The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!

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PostSubject: The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!   Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:49 pm

Jr: Well Jbl I heard that we got some new talents here in the MWA

JBL:Jr I can't wait to see who is the new talents are and I think one of them is coming right now

Justin Roberts:

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Hall of Famer Bobby "The Brain" Heenan


Oh my god The brain is here in MWA ?


Heenan is the greatest manager of all times in pro wrestling, Wrestlers who has followed his advice has won alot of championships. As a former wrestler myself if he was guiding my career I would have twice as more championship as I have in my career.

Jr: Your right JBL who ever Heenan is managing they are sure lucky and he doesn't manage just anyone. Here he comes

The Bobby makes makes his appearance on the stage with a mic in hand with a smile on his face making his way down to the ring


Ladies and Gentlemen let me put you all at ease and listen if you have the ability to listen because look where we are a dump that my diseased cat won't even live in. Well anyways the rumors are true I'm here in MWA and I'm not here alone. You see my whole legacy is about managing wrestlers and make them champions and that's what I'm going to do continue my legacy and help this poor lost soul and shape him up to be a champion. Unlike Jr and his hat which I for one will exchange for some commentating lessons I mean god will it kill us to have a good commentator hahaha

The crowd boos


Hahaha he got you good Jr that's a good one talkin about you pathetic cowboy hat and I think MWA is good with just one commentator and that's me!!


I wouldn't be laughing John because your wearing a stupid cowboy hat to. But anyways what I want to know is who is this wrestler that Heenan is managing.


You see it comes a time in society that you think that everyone is out to get ya. Like nothing goes your way and it will cost almost about everything in your life. Sone say it can be a conspiracy? Well I'm here today to tell you all that this man has been beaten down by the system sooo many times that he is willing to get back up and fight back. He use to cater to these fans that are complete MORONS and don't see good talent. He has finally woken up and now he is here to make his own impact in MWA. We all known him for rapping and dancing to everyone around the world!!!


Oh god please don't tell me it's the guy who I'm thinking of


The man who I will take to the top is no other than R-TRUTH!!!!

Jr: Oh Lord

Heenan claps while R-Truth music plays

Jr: Well ladies and Gentlemen R-Truth is here in MWA and it looks like The Brain has decided to mentor him

JBL: This is the last thing that MWA need a nutcase.

R-Truth makes his appearance onto the stage with a mic in hand making his way down to the ring.


Suprise Suprise Suprise!! I'm here in MWA the place to be and lookie here I see alll the Little Jimmys. Which I HATE! You see I ain't the only one who sees the conspiracy going on in the world. Bobby has decided to help me and guide me to the top trying to keep the conspirators away from R-Truth. I'm here in MWA to make an impact and to become the top wrestler here. With Bobby by my side I know full well that the conspiracy is going to get beaten down and squashed like the little spider it is. If you haven't followed my career I have been cheated and under used by my former employers. I had a feeling that there was a Conspiracy in wrestling that kept me from becoming a world champion. Like for instance when I came so close to become a world champion and I got Okie Doke by Little Jimmy! He threw water in my face costing me my World title opprotunity and what did my employers do. Diddly squat!. Then I got another chance but it was a ladder match.. Knowing full well that I have acrophobia meaning that I'm a scared of heights!!!! Bobby and I know that the conspiracy has decided to target me, keeping me from reaching success in my career. And I blame all of the Little Jimmys from holding me back all of these years. It's your fault keeping my eyes close form the conspiracy feeding on me ! The Conspiracy was usin you all as a cover up so I wouldn't suspect little kids that wanted me to rap and dance and be a gooooooooooood R-Truth. Well enough is enough I'm fed up with it and everyone one in MWA R-Truth is here and it's my time and all of you are gonna get GOT ! If you get in my way. And that's the Truth the whole Truth and nothing but THE TRUTH and it has set me free.


You see ladies and gentlemen R-Truth is here and his time is now and he will be the number 1 wrestler here in MWA. And also if I were you all I would watch out because I don't wanna get GOT by the Truth. And I feel sorry for R-Truth's opponents tonight because it looks like they ar gonna be the first two men to get Got.


Wow I can't believe that Bobby "The Brain" Heenan decided to manage the conspiracy nut that is R-Truth and he's here on MWA. Careful Jr you don't waanna get Got hahahaha. Also Jr after the show we should go hat shopping and pick you up a better hat to make sure Bobby won't call you out next time

JR: I like my hat just fine and am I the only one who worried about R-Truth being very unstable.

R-Truth and Bobby Heenan drop there mic and head backstage and Heenan discussing the plan to R-Truth

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The Truth Shall Set You Free!!!
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