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PostSubject: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE IV   Sun Aug 28, 2011 2:53 pm

The camera fades to the door of Matt Striker's office. It opens and somebody walks out but who exactly it is cannot be made out. The door shuts and we see the figure walk down the corridor toward the entrance curtain.
Coming back to ringside, the camera pans around the audience who are all cheering in anticipation of what is about to happen and who they are about to see. There is a sense of mystery throughout the building as the tension builds. Suddenly, the stage lights up with "Wade Barrett" written across the minitron. The crowd boos.

Jim Ross: I recognise that name!

JBL: What the hell is Wade Barrett doing in MWA?

Jim Ross: I believe we just witnessed what was the end of a successful contract signing, John! I know that Mr. Striker has hired a bunch of new talent this week but this is huge!

Barrett makes his way down the ramp, a small and arrogant smile across his face. He raises his arm and looks around at all the fans in the building before climbing onto the apron and slowly entering the ring through the middle rope. He looks, once again, at all the fans in attendence before turning around and punching the air while leaning against the ring rope. "BOOM!". Wade laughs to himself and paces around the ring for a while, taking in all the boos. He leans over to the ringside staff and asks for a microphone which he recieves. Pacing around the ring, Wade smiles to himself for a little longer, twirling the microphone in his hand before raising it.

Were you expecting somebody else?

He chuckles and paces around the ring a little more as the fans boo louder than before.

For those of you that are too ignorant to know already, my name is Wade Barrett. I hail from Manchester, England and I am the most underrated wrestler in this industry. That is, until today. You see I've been good friends with a certain Mr. Matt Striker for a long time, ever since a certain wrestling competiton "reality show".

Barrett makes speech marks in the air as he says this.

Now earlier in the week I heard that Matt was signing new talent to this company. A company that prides itself on being the best pure wrestling company in the world. A place where the talented are treated like the talented - A rare thing for the modern day wrestling organisation. Coincidentally, my contract elsewhere has just expired, I was a free agent. I knew my career was going to go nowhere where I was, even if I resigned. So I flew all the way here to Baltimore and met with Matt in his office, we exchanged ideas, got to grips with a contract that would suit a performer such as myself and now... I am happy to tell you all that I am safely Modern Wrestling Association property as of around five minutes ago.

The crowd boo louder still on hearing this news.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, it's official! Wade Barrett has come to MWA!

Now all that is great and all, but now I'm going to tell you exactly why I chose MWA over some other company that encourages wrestling over pandering to a young audience, say an idie circuit. It's simply because I've already dominated everything else. I've taken down the indies already and built up my precense in the wrestling world. I don't have to go back there and prove myself over, that would be like an English king trying to invade his own castle, it would get me nowhere and I'd end up breaking what I have begun. If you take out the foundation, the rest crumbles. Which leads me to where I went next, the big leagues! ENTERTAINMENT Wrestling! Bright lights, huge crowds... Little pops... Little recognition... Little reward. Believe me when I say it, I'd rather retire then go back there.

Barrett pauses and looks around at the fans who are now silent, listening to what he has to say.

Which leads me all the way back to where I'm standing now. The last place I haven't conquered, the underdog. A place overshadowed by big companies and blinded by the lights. As I said once before, the winds of change are blowing. I'm going to raise this company to supreme greatness, not just for myself, for Matt Striker. For all those that have too been overlooked by the corporate machine. I'm not out here trying to parrot CM Punk, I suppose I'm just agreeing with him. Wrestling will one day be just as it was, as it should be and the company that will be responsible for the justice will be none other than M...W...A.

The fans cheer and start up an MWA chant.

How can I begin? Maybe I could reform The Nexus or The Corre...

There is a huge pop on mention of these two names.

But why would I rebel against a company that I am behind? No, violence against management is not the answer this time... Maybe, maybe I could become the Legends Champion. Yes, that's it. I'll tell you what Christian and I'll tell you what Chris Masters. I don't care which one of you climbs the ladder this evening and takes down that Championship, it's futile. I am coming after that gold and cementing myself rightfully for the first time in my career. I'm done being overlooked at the expense of those that are lesser than me. I'll do whatever it takes, I will give you only one warning. You'd better watch your backs.

Barrett drops the mic and exits the ring. He walks up the ramp with an angry look upon his face. As he reaches, the stage, he turns around and points left and right, looking straight down at the ring. He mimes a belt shape around his waist before once again turning around and heading backstage.

The scene fades in the backstage area. The camera man is moving down the hall, he turns and stops facing a room with the tag "CM Punk" on it. A sound is heard from the inside of the room.

Yeah, over there.

The camera man opens the door. Inside the lockerroom is CM Punk, wearing his trademark t-shirt, his ring attire and the Pure Wrestling Championship around his waist. A few steps away from him, two men are standing next to a Pepsi vending machine.

You can go now, I'll plug it in myself.

The two men leave the camera's view and most likely the room, as the camera man walks closer to Punk. CM Punk looks at the camera, at the vending machine and then back at the camera.

I guess I could have bought a box of Pepsi, but this is much more fun.

Punk gives a smirk while pausing and then continues.

And fun is what I'll be having while celebrating after my victory in tonight's match. A match versus the two worst wrestlers in the company, Single H and a guy who's name I do not recall. A boxer of some kind, I guess. In other words, it's a handicap for Single H, not that he stood a chance either way. Now some might argue that they're in a better shape. After all Single H has had last week to rest, even after not pulling a sweat in Execution. And Mr. Boxer hasn't been doing much either lately, except for losing. However, those two could never be considered in better shape than I am.

Punk pauses.

So tonight, I plan on showing Striker the difference between me, and those two slackers. And I also plan, on redeeming the humiliation brought to me by that clown, Single H.

Punk pauses once more, this time he ponders for a minute.

Now, I don't know what the future hold for me. Striker hasn't said a word to me after last week, and I do not know what placing me and this match supposed to signify.

Punk walks towards the vending machine, places a coin and presses a button.

But what I do know, is that...

He grabs the Pepsi can and opens it.

I love Pepsi!

Punk takes a sip and then winks at the camera as the scene fades out. We go back to ringside. The fans are cheering softly as they wait for the action to begin. Justin Roberts is stood in the ring, idle and ready to announce the competitors of the upcoming match-up.

'King Of Kings' plays over the P.A system. The fans go crazy as Triple H walks out onto the stage, water bottle in hand as usual and his usual intense facial expression. He pours some of the water over his head and then takes a swig, spitting it out in front of him before making his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Greenwich, Conneticut, weighing in at 255 pounds, The Game, Triple H!

Jim Ross: Well we all know about The Game's opponent tonight and you have to be concerned for the well-being of Eugene.

JBL: Only if you're a total fag. Eugene wants to be a wrestler? He can damn well be treated like a wrestler, getting put into the ring with one of the most powerful men in this business today.

Triple H gets to the end of the ramp, fans cheering him on loudly, he stops in his tracks and looks up at the ring, the camera pans around him full 360 before HHH continues to the ring apron. He climbs onto it and stops once more, looking both left and right, taking a swig from his water and finally spewing it high into the air, he does this once more in front of him and then throws the bottle into the crowd and enters the ring through the ropes. He climbs the turnbuckle and points at his many fans, signalling for them all to bow down before him. Finally, he does his signature taunt upon the turnbuckle and climbs down, pacing the ring awaiting his competition for the evening.

The fans are not a much cheering as they are laughing as Eugene walks out onto the stage, looking slightly confused. William Regal follows behind him, whispering into his ear, offering him advice. Eugene shakes him off and waves at the audience, a retarded smile across his face.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Jefforstone, Indiana, weighing in at 226 pounds, Eugene!

Eugene hastily makes his way down to the ring, smiling as he does so. Regal points at HHH and shouts something but what exactly he shouts cannot he heard through the camera. Eugene runs up the steel steps, almost tripping over in his excitement, he gets into the ring and climbs up onto the second rope, waving at all the fans he can see. He does not get any waves back.

JBL: I just don't understand what a legend like William Regal is doing managing this idiot!

Jim Ross: I hope Triple H goes easy on the poor guy, this is gonna be hard to watch.

The referee checks that both wrestlers are ready to compete, he goes to call for the bell but Eugene stops him. He moves the referee aside so he is face to face with HHH, he imitates the taunt of The Game, almost mocking him, in an innocent way. Triple H smirks and Eugene backs away, he lets the referee know that he is ready to begin. On confirmation, the bell is called to be rung.

Ding Ding Ding!!!

HHH walks toward Eugene and goes for the lock up, Eugene sets it in wrong and as a result is easily backed into the corner. HHH holds him there for a while and eventually the referee has no choice but to start counting, at 3 The Game releases the hold and puts his hands in the air, showing that he is not going to do anything else. As Eugene starts walking forward, Triple H hits a gut kick and Eugene falls to the floor. The fans all "Ohhhh" in sympathy for the retard known as Eugene. Triple H laughs and shrugs his shoulders, looking around at the audience. He picks Eugene back up who was previously rolling around on the floor, holding his gut. He irish whips Eugene into the ropes, Eugene manages to hold onto the ropes and stop himself from rebounding into a high knee from HHH, as HHH lands from jumping into the air, expecting to connect with the high knee, Eugene runs at him and hits a small dropkick to the shin. Triple H goes down on one knee from pain.

Jim Ross: Well he may not be the most technically sound, but Eugene can hold his own somewhat in the ring!

JBL: Are you kidding m--- You know what, just don't talk to me.

Eugene laughs loudly and claps his hands like a child, he runs over to the corner where William Regal is standing and excitedly points at HHH who is on his knee. Regal nods and then points back to HHH, trying to get Eugene re-focused. Eugene runs over to Triple H and grabs his head, he swings back and hits a snap DDT although with not much impact. Eugene in fact hurts himself doing the move more than he hurts Triple H. They both lay there on the mat for a while before HHH gets himself up and rubs his forehead, trying to relieve the small amount of pain that is surging through it. He picks Eugene up and slams him back down to the mat, hitting the Spinebuster. Eugene yells out and the fans once again "Ohhh" in sympathy for him.

Jim Ross: I think from here on out it could be elementary people!

JBL: You don't mean to say that you actually gave Eugene a chance did you? Come On Jim!

HHH waits for Eugene to get up which takes an extremely long time, eventually Eugene uses the ropes to pull himself up and walks slowly over to The Game, holding his back as he does so. He hits a backhand chop but it doesn't affect Triple H in any way. Regal shouts words of encouragement but it does no good. Eugene is once again kicked in the gut, his head is placed in between the knees of Triple H. All the fans get their cameras out and get to their feet, they know what is about to happen. HHH hooks the arms and looks like he is about to hit the pedigree but suddenly, William Regal climbs up onto the apron with the brass knucks, before he can connect however, HHH gets there first with a huge right hand to the face, sending Regal flying down to the outside.

JBL: William Regal there, trying to save his... Counterpart.


Eugene, taking advantage of a distracted Triple H, grabs the leg of The Game and rolls him up into a schoolboy pin...


Jim Ross: That could've been the biggest upset in wrestling history right there!

JBL: It also would've been the end of me being an employee of this company, god damn it.

Triple H gets back up along with Eugene, Eugene runs at him but HHH once again gets a gut kick in, he gets him into position for the Pedigree and jumps, landing back on his knees and planting Eugene's face into the mat, the ring shakes and HHH springs into the cover...


Justin Roberts: Here is your winner, Triple H!!!

Triple H laughs to himself as he climbs the turnbuckle and taunts once more for his many fans who are all cheering, he looks down at Eugene and shakes his head before exiting the ring and walking back up the ramp, slapping the hands of the fans in the front row as he does so. William Regal climbs into the ring and tends to Eugene who is on his front still, unmoving.

We go to the backstage area and see a door with a sign placed on the front. The sign reads: "Jack Jones personal locker-room and gym." The camera pans out only for Single H to become visible in the frame. The audience boo loudly as SH looks the door up and down and knocks. He waits and after sometime White Goodman opens the door and frowns at H.

What are you doing here?

What do you think? I'm here to discuss the match I have with your buddy Jack Jones... You know, so we can win. I suppose he's forgotten what that's like right?

Single H laughs as Goodman reluctantly allows him into the room. Jack Jones is sitting on a steel chair, cracking his fists and looking down at the floor. White Goodman watches on as Single H walks over to the chair and pulls it out from underneath Jones, Jones falls on his ass and quickly gets up, looking angrily at H.

Well well well, if it isn't my partner for tonight's match. Glad to see your mindset is 100% focused on the task at hand as always!

That's me! I am after all the rightful EWE Tag Team Champion, trust me, you might actually have a chance at winning this one!

Single H takes a seat, Jack Jones does the same.

Now there's one thing I have to tell you. After I main evented Execution a couple of weeks back and came so close to winning the MWA Championship, I got pretty banged up, hence me not being booked on the show last week.

White Goodman chuckles.

Are you sure it wasn't just because you suck and Striker had better people to put on the show?

SH cuts him off quickly.

Say, I don't recall either of you main eventing a PPV, nor being Tag Team Champion... Funny.

There is a long pause.

As I was saying, as much as I'm sure we'd all like it to be, this can't be a handicap match, I'm afraid you're going to have to tag in every once in a while and stall them while I regain my composure. Now does that sound too strenuous for you Jones?

Alright wise guy, I see what you're doing. Don't sit there and call me a bad wrestler for losing one match, need I remind you that you couldn't get the job done either on two separte occassions against Raven.

...Ok, ok, fine. Tonight, we face Chris Jericho and CM Punk. Two people that have stated they are going to bring pure wrestling back. Jack, I'm going to be blunt with you. I fear that if I don't re-claim my EWE Tag Team Titles from Jericho soon, bad things are going to happen to them... And I don't want anything bad happening to championship gold that belongs...

SH takes a deep breath through his nose.

...To me!

Well what do you want me to do about it? It's not my problem!

All I ask is that you help me to victory in this match. For I'm adding myself a little stipulation if Jericho chooses to accept. If we win, next week on Saturday Nightmare, I will once again be guest star on the Highlight Reel and just like Chris said he would before... I'm going to have him hand me those belts personally. Now, I have other business to attend to, you and your buddy here get working on those abs, they need a little oomph.

Single H points at the chest of Jack Jones as he backs out of the locker room. Jack Jones looks down at his abs and shrugs at Goodman who does the same.


Single H and Jack Jones are already in the ring. Chris Jericho is also in the ring and is arguing with the other two.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following is a tag match set for one fall. Introducing first, in a combined weight of 467 pounds, JACK JONES AND... SINGLE H!!!

The crowd boos.

Justin Roberts: And their opponents, first, from Winnipeg, Canada. Weighting in 226 pounds... Y2J... CHRIS JERICHO!!!

The crowd cheers, while Jericho smirks.

The crowd goes wild as CM Punk comes out, wearing his championship around his waist. He makes his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his partner, from Chicago, Illinois. Weighting in 222 pounds. He is the PURE WRESTLING CHAMPION... CM PUNK!

Punk reaches the bottom of the ramp and uses the steel steps to get into the ring. He takes of the championship and hands it to the time keeper, as Justin Roberts leaves the ring. Jericho leaves and stands on the apron, so does Single H, leaving CM Punk and Jack Jones to start this match up. A referee slides into the ring and the bell rings. Both wrestlers lock up and they struggle to get the upper hand. CM Punk twists his waist and does a hip toss. CM Punk quickly runs back to the ropes, while Jones is getting up, and hits him with an elbow to the chest, causing him to lose balance and falls back down.

JBL: Dis is funny!

Jim Ross: CM Punk is shooting for wrestling, not for comedy.

JBL: Punk is wrestling, Jones is failing. I can't help but to laugh.

Jim Ross: Let's not forget, Jack Jones is the first graduate of the MWA Wrestling School. In due time, he'll turn this match around.

JBL: Are we even sure that's a thing? I never even heard of that school, he could have made it all up for all we know.

Jones gets up and is treated to a clothesline. Jack Jones hits the rebound and gets hit by a clothesline! No! He ducks under it, hits the ropes again and goes for a flying clothesline. However, Punk drops on his chest, causing Jones to fly over him. Jack Jones rolls to his feet and so does Punk. They stare at each other for a moment, then Jones turns to tag in Single H. Punk grins and tags in Chris Jericho. Both wrestlers enter the ring, as their partners leave. Single H smirks and waits for Jericho to approach him, but the later just taunts him with words instead. Single H walks slightly towards Jericho but then pretends he's feeling pain in his stomach and head. He turns back around and tags in his partner. Jones looks angry and shouts some stuff at Single H, who just ignores him and gets on the apron. Jones gets into the ring.

Jim Ross: Why did Single H do that?

JBL: Why not? Why fight a losing battle?

Jack Jones rushes towards his opponent. Jericho gets out of the way and Jones slams into the turnbuckle. CM Punk grabs Jones's head and swings it towards the ringpost. The referee argues with Punk, Jericho takes the chance to poke Jones in the eyes.

Jim Ross: What happened to pure?

JBL: Dirty works well.

Jones turns around, trying to cover his eyes. Jericho grabs him in a rear waist lock and hits a belly to back suplex. Jericho looks at Punk and they both chuckle. Jericho approaches his downed opponent and starts stomping on him limb by limb. He then gets down on the mat and starts punching the mat, taunting Jones to get up. Jones slowly does, RKO! NO, JONES STANDS STILL!

JBL: Has he ever successfully copycatted someone?

Jericho gets up, SPINNING BACKFIST! Pin!


Jones gets up, holding his limbs and looking frustrated. He approaches Single H, but just as he's about to tag him in, Single H drops from the apron and walks away. Jones curses Single H. Jericho approaches Jones from behind, turns him around, CODEBREAKER! Jericho drags him to the center of the ring. He's about to go for the pin, but hears Punk asking for a tag and tags him in. Punk gets into the ring, ANACONDA VICE! Jericho stands over them watching and laughing. Jones can't take it anymore, he taps out!

Jericho continues laughing, Punk soon gets up and joins him. The referee gets in between them and raises their hands in victory, as Jones leaves the ring.

Justin Roberts: Your winner... CM PUNK... and... CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Jericho leaves the ring and starts making his way up the ramp. CM Punk grabs his Championship and then does the same.


The scene fades in to show Chris Jericho, sitting on a leather stool on the Highlight Reel set in the middle of the ring. He has both the EWE Tag Team Titles draping from his both shoulders and a microphone on his hand. He raises it and starts speaking.


The crowd pops.

And tonight as always Chris Jericho will live up to his promises. I promised Single H that I would gladly hand him back these title belts and get this over with. So without further ado let me introduce to you my guest at this time...Single H!!!

The crowd boos as Single H comes out...jumpy and all happy. He starts walking down the ramp taunting Jericho...all of the sudden a black van comes from the side of the stage and down the ramp, it stops and about five men in ski masks grab Single H and toss him inside the back of the van, they thumb Chris up as the crowd is going wild! They all get in the truck and leave.


Jericho is seen breaking out laughing.

This song is pretty good though...The song stops. Aw up yours too, PA guy!

The crowd laughs.

Shit's not even funny!...Anyway... Now that we got that over with I would like to say something for Single H to watch see these, assclown? Jericho shows off the titles to the camera...You are NEVER...EVER-AH...Seeing these...AGA--

The crowd blows the roof in excitement. Matthew Moore Hardy comes out standing on the stage with the MWA Championship on his shoulder. The crowd gasps, but the cheers go on for the all time favorite. Hardy makes his way down the ramp, wearing red cargo pants and a black tanktop. Jericho is completely astonished, as Hardy gets on the apron. He pauses, blows Jericho a kiss and then enters through the ropes. Hardy gets on the top rope and lifts the MWA Championship, the crowd cheer through their confusion. Hardy drops down, places the championship on his shoulder and walks towards Jericho.

What the hell, Matt?

Matt shrugs and tosses the fake championship to ringside. Matt asks for the mic from Jericho and he hands it to him.

I don't know, thought it would've been a cool way to make a comeback.

Jericho mouths the words "What are you doing here?". Matt nods in disapproval.

Now Chris, is that a way to greet a former tag team champion partner of yours?

Chris laughs and then says "We were never tag team champions together!".

Really? Well, we should have been.

The crowd starts a "Matt and Chris" chant.

Now to answer your question, Chris, I have to tell a story. It all started on September 23rd, 1974 when a future champi--

Jericho grabs Matt's hand and drags the mic closer to him.

Mind fast forwarding?

Jericho releases Hardy's hand.

Sure... On the 24th of September that very year, our hero made a mess in his diapers.

The crowd laughs. Jericho mouths the word: "Further".

FINE... As some of you might know I was driving under the influence of alcohol and crashed into a tree. In my defense, that tree looked a lot like my brother. So I got sent to jail, not sure if it's for drinking and driving or the murder of a tree. Nevertheless, TNA decided to fire me.

The crowd boos.

I know, what the fuck, right? And you'd be surprised on how big MWA is in prison. Which reminds me, Jamarcus sends his regards and says that you should have been MWA Champion.

The crowd laughs and Jericho nods in approval.

Long story short, four days and one prison break later and here I am!

Jericho asks for a mic and is handed one by an outside official.

So, since you're here... What are you planning to do here in MWA?

Hardy grins.

Well, I'm glad you asked, Chris. I plan on winning my first championship here in MWA, maybe the Legend's Championship, that thing is nostalgic. After that, I'll shoot for Punk's Championship. Then I will introduce Striker to a girl which he will marry and have kids with. He then will feel compiled to give me a MWA World Heavyweight Championship match. And once I become champion, I will ask the hand of his four yearold daughter in marriage. He will give me stocks as my wedding gift and at some point, I will lead an anarchy against him and become CEO of this place. After that I will host a show, deep in a forest. However, it won't be a show, it will be a trap. I will capture all those people and force them to breed, then kill them all, except the children. I will raise those children, feed them and teach them. They will think that I am their god. And then, and only then, will I lead them into the world and conquer nations. I will be, the ruler of the world!... And then I'l legalize drinking and driving.

The crowd laughs, while Jericho has a "what the fuck" look on his face.

That sounds hard...

Hardy leaves the ring.

Which is why I have no time to waste...

Hardy throws away the mic as his music hits.


The bell rings as we come back from a commercial break. It is time for the finals of the Legends Championship tournament. Christian and Chris Masters are in the ring, walking in circles, not taking their eyes off one another. Christian lunges at the Masterpiece only to get pushed away with impressive force against a corner of the ring. He runs at Masters and ducks under a Clothesline thrown by the latter, and tries to go for the Unprettier in the beginning of the match, only to get elbowed in the back of the head and pushed away again.

JBL: Christian is a do-mass.

Jim Ross: What the hell is a do-mass.

JBL: I said dumbass!...Idiots who try to finish a match against a man twice as big in one minute.

Christian turns around only to become the victim of a devastating Clothesline by the Masterpiece. Christian gets up and Back Body Drop by Masters, who then rolls out of the ring, to pick up a ladder. Christian, albeit groggy, takes the opportunity to fly out of the ring with a Suicide Dive, falling on top both Masters and the ladder. Both wrestlers lie down on the outside.

JBL: Well... That was ridiculous.

They both get up at the same time once again, this time taking longer, though. Christian shoves Masters against the security barrier and then repeatedly hits him with forearm blows. Then with a Headlock Takedown. Captain Charisma gets up and jumps for a Knee Drop, Masters rolls out of the way and gets up. He then drops down on a laid Christian with an Elbow Drop that also misses! Both wrestlers get up at the same time.

Jim Ross: This match is seeming a bit too technical for a Ladder match.

JBL: I don't think these idiots know it's a Ladder match.

Christian rakes Masters' eyes! The Masterpiece angrily attacks Christian with a powerful Clothesline but with the loss of eye sight and Christian's recovery, leading to gain of agility, Colonel Swagger easily sidesteps Chris Masters and hits a Drop Toe Hold, with Masters falling flat face-first on the ladder. Christian picks up said latter and slides it into the ring, then slides himself onto the mat.

Jim Ross: Christian is going to take this opportunity to try and reach for that championship title belt!

Christian sets up the ladder, and starts climbing up, but the Masterpiece rolls into he ring and pulls him off the ladder, following it with a Polish Hammer! Masters mounts Christian and starts delivering a bunch of strikes repeatedly, until Christian successfully manages to push him away. They both get up at the same time and Christian lunges with a Clothesline, barely moving Masters, Christian runs back, bounces off the ropes, and another Clothesline!...Masters does not go down, Christian goes back, Masters with a powerful Clothesline! Christian ducks under, they both turn around...DROPKICK! Christian kneels and gets Chris Masters in a Headlock, then delivers a bunch of elbows to the latter's neck.

Jim Ross: He's trying to wear down the neck of Chris Masters, so the Masterpiece can't put as much pressure IF he manages to lock in the Masterlo--


Christian pushes away Masters and rushes up the Ladder, but easily Masters pulls off the strength of will to stand up and shake up the ladder, making Captain Charisma fall back on top of him! Crossbody counter by Colonel Swagger himself, Christian! Captain Charisma gets up and taunts for the Unprettier! Masters slowly gets up and Christian grabs him from behind...UNPRETTIER!!! The crowd goes wild! Christian starts climbing up the ladder.

Jim Ross: He has this one done!

Christian stands atop the ladder as the crowd is going wild! He reaches the top and unstraps the Championship title belt, retrieving it. Then holds it up and shows it off to the crowd.

JBL: It's official! This is the worst Ladder match I have ever witnessed.

Christian drops down to the mat to see Chris Masters bleeding profusely from the nose... He ignores it and has his hand raised by the referee and lifts the Legends championship title belt with his other hand.

Jim Ross: He has this one done!

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen here is your winner...AND THE NEW...MWA...LEGENDS...CHAMPION!...CHRISTIA--

The crowd cheers loudly as Matt Hardy comes out for the second time tonight, he rushes to the ring and hugs Christian, who has his hand raised by Hardy! They share another hug and then Hardy applauds him as he raises up his title belt on the top turnbuckle while standing. He drops back down only to get hit with a kick to the gut...TWIST OF FATE!!! PIN!


The crowd goes wild!!! Matt Hardy gets up, picking up the title, and raises it in the air as if he just had the longest and hardest match in his entire life. He acts exhausted. The crowd cheers and laughs loudly.

Justin Roberts: And here is your NEW...MWA...LEGENDS...CHAMPION...MATT...HARDY!!!

Hardy rolls out of the ring and celebrates with the fans at ringside as the scene fades out.


The scene fades to the ring where Robbie McAllister is pacing back and forth looking up at the entrance ramp.

'Angry Chair' hits the PA System as Raven steps out slowly and methodically with the MWA World Championship draped over his shoulder. He takes his time walking to the ring as he stares at The Highlander who lays in wait. He walks up the steel steps and enters through the ropes.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first... From Scotland, Robbie McAllister!

Robbie throws both hands into the air and yells as he receives a small pop.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent... From the Bowery of New Jersey... He is the MWA World Champion... THIS IS RAVEN!

Raven raises his belt then hands it to the referee and backs up into his corner. The bell rings!

JR: I feel like this one is awfully one sided...

JBL: What's the matter JR? You don't have any faith in Raven as the champ?

JR: I was talking about Robbie McAll-

JBL: Shut up!

Both men circle each other for a moment and lock up. Raven gains the strength advantage and pushes McAllister back to the corner, where the ref breaks them up. Raven complies and backs up to his corner, but McAllister seizes the opportunity and charges his opponent, attempting to his a body splash in the corner! Raven dives out of the way and McAllister's jaw collides with the turnbuckle post! He dazes around groggily and Raven kicks him in the gut! EVENFLOW DDT! HE LOCKS IN THE NEVERMORE! MCALLISTER TAPS! The bell rings!

JBL: I told you, JR, you need to have more faith in Raven as the world champion!

JR: Alright John...

Justin Roberts: Ladies and Gentlemen... Your winner... RAVEN!

The ref hands Raven his belt and he raises it in the air. Suddenly, the lights cut out in the arena.

JR: What the hell is this?

A picture of Raven appears on the tron, and it slowly warps into a deformed, twisted visage. Raven stares at the tron with an emotionless expression on his face as the picture contorts into nothingness. A short clip of a black bird sitting atop the cross of a cathedral is shown, but it cuts to black immediately. The lights switch back on in the arena and the audience are dumbfounded. Raven however, remains stoic and cold in his expression. He simply leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp nonchalantly. The scene fades.


The crowd boos, as the Rock Star, Curt Hawkins, makes his way down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall. Introducing first, from Queens, New York, weighting in two hundred and thirty six pounds... CURT HAWKINS!!!

Hawkins places on foot on the apron as soon as he reaches the bottom of the ramp. He then places his other foot on the middle rope and continue to climb the turnbuckle. He lifts his hands in the air, the crowd boos him and he reacts by sticking his tongue out and then droping down to the mat.

The boos suddenly turn into cheers as the high flyer, high risker and high Rob Van Dam makes his way running down the ramp.

Justin Roberts: And his opponent, from Creek, Michigan, weighting in two hundred and thirty seven pounds...

RVD slides into the ring and raises his hands in a v-shape.

Justin Roberts: ROB... VAN... DAM!

The crowd goes wild.


Justin Roberts leaves the ring. RVD starts hoping in his place, warming up, while a referee gets into the ring. Hawkins starts mimicking RVD, trying to taunt him, yet RVD doesn't show a care at all. The bell rings and the match is underway. Hawkins immediately charges at RVD once he heard the bell. RVD evades and locks in a rear-waist lock. Hawkins pulls one of RVD's fingers, until the later releases the hold. Hawkins swerves and gets a headlock locked in. RVD grabs Hawkins leg and lifts him up, following it with a suplex.

Jim Ross: Great chain wrestling right there!

JBL: MWA is a whole different world! Wrestlers are brawlers, brawlers are high flyers and high flyers are wrestlers!

Hawkins rolls out of the ring.


RVD taunts Hawkins to get into the ring, but Hawkins just shouts and gestures at RVD to get out.


RVD runs towards the ropes and places his hands on the ropes to stop himself, faking a dive, which leads Hawkins to get into the ring.

JBL: Oh, druggy is smarty!

RVD gets a headlock, but Hawkins grabs the ropes. The referee separates them. Hawkins walks closer towards RVD and gives him a slap across the face then starts shouting some words at him. RVD furiously charges at Hawkins, who gets behind him and dropkicks RVD from the back.

JBL: Maybe he isn't so smart.

Rob Van Dam is kneeling chest first on the ropes. Hawkins runs towards him, HOT SHOT! Hawkins lands on his feet outside and flicks his hair as the crowd boos, while RVD is laying on his back on the mat.

Jim Ross: Great athleticism from Curt Hawkins.

Hawkins climbs the top rope from the outside. He taunts, leaps...

Jim Ross: This could be it!

ELBOW DROP! NO! RVD ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! The crowd cheers. Rob Van Dam starts taunting, ROLLING THUNDER! Van Dam wastes no time, he climbs the top rope.


Before RVD could even jump, Hawkins gets to his feet. Hawkins is still groggy. FLYING CLOTHESLINE! HAWKINS DUCKS! RVD HITS THE REFEREE! Hawkins rolls out of the ring.

JBL: YES! Faggot is down!

RVD doesn't bother with Hawkins, he checks up on the ref. Meanwhile, Hawkins digs under the ring and grabs a steel chair then gets on the apron. Van Dam gets up to check on Hawkins, STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD!

JBL: Why is it always a steel chair?

Hawkins throws the steel chair into the ring and gets into the ring. He takes the steel chair and sets it up. Hawkins then helps RVD to his feet, puts him in a headlock, CHECKMATE ON THE STEEL CHAIR!


The steel chair is bent badly. Hawkins notices the referee getting himself together, so he quickly tosses the evidence outside of the ring. Pin!


The crowd boos louder and louder.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, here's your winner and the number one contender for the MWA Heavyweight Championship, CURT HAWKINS!!!

All of a sudden, instead of celebrating, Hawkins is climbing the top rope. ELBOW DROP!

JBL: Do a job and finish it well.

Hawkins gets up and shouts words at RVD as the show fades out.

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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE IV   Sun Aug 28, 2011 3:04 pm

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PostSubject: Re: SATURDAY NIGHTMARE IV   Sun Aug 28, 2011 4:55 pm

Forgot to thank V4Gz and Blackie for offering their help in the limited window of time.
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Thanks guys.

Just one note, Raven didn't RP, nor did Triple H. Raven not RPing was something planned and the match wasn't supposed to happen but this way works anyway and he wins because it was his week off

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I didn't know the Legends Championship was 24/7 rules... Interesting.
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