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 Wade Barrett is here in MWA.

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Wade Barrett
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PostSubject: Wade Barrett is here in MWA.   Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:57 pm

The camera fades to the door of Matt Striker's office. It opens and somebody walks out but who exactly it is cannot be made out. The door shuts and we see the figure walk down the corridor toward the entrance curtain.
Coming back to ringside, the camera pans around the audience who are all cheering in anticipation of what is about to happen and who they are about to see. There is a sense of mystery throughout the building as the tension builds. Suddenly, the stage lights up with "Wade Barrett" written across the minitron. The crowd boos.

Jim Ross: I recognise that name!

JBL: What the hell is Wade Barrett doing in MWA?

Jim Ross: I believe we just witnessed what was the end of a successful contract signing, John! I know that Mr. Striker has hired a bunch of new talent this week but this is huge!

Barrett makes his way down the ramp, a small and arrogant smile across his face. He raises his arm and looks around at all the fans in the building before climbing onto the apron and slowly entering the ring through the middle rope. He looks, once again, at all the fans in attendence before turning around and punching the air while leaning against the ring rope. "BOOM!". Wade laughs to himself and paces around the ring for a while, taking in all the boos. He leans over to the ringside staff and asks for a microphone which he recieves. Pacing around the ring, Wade smiles to himself for a little longer, twirling the microphone in his hand before raising it.

Were you expecting somebody else?

He chuckles and paces around the ring a little more as the fans boo louder than before.

For those of you that are too ignorant to know already, my name is Wade Barrett. I hail from Manchester, England and I am the most underrated wrestler in this industry. That is, until today. You see I've been good friends with a certain Mr. Matt Striker for a long time, ever since a certain wrestling competiton "reality show".

Barrett makes speech marks in the air as he says this.

Now earlier in the week I heard that Matt was signing new talent to this company. A company that prides itself on being the best pure wrestling company in the world. A place where the talented are treated like the talented - A rare thing for the modern day wrestling organisation. Coincidentally, my contract elsewhere has just expired, I was a free agent. I knew my career was going to go nowhere where I was, even if I resigned. So I flew all the way here to Baltimore and met with Matt in his office, we exchanged ideas, got to grips with a contract that would suit a performer such as myself and now... I am happy to tell you all that I am safely Modern Wrestling Association property as of around five minutes ago.

The crowd boo louder still on hearing this news.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, it's official! Wade Barrett has come to MWA!

Now all that is great and all, but now I'm going to tell you exactly why I chose MWA over some other company that encourages wrestling over pandering to a young audience, say an idie circuit. It's simply because I've already dominated everything else. I've taken down the indies already and built up my precense in the wrestling world. I don't have to go back there and prove myself over, that would be like an English king trying to invade his own castle, it would get me nowhere and I'd end up breaking what I have begun. If you take out the foundation, the rest crumbles. Which leads me to where I went next, the big leagues! ENTERTAINMENT Wrestling! Bright lights, huge crowds... Little pops... Little recognition... Little reward. Believe me when I say it, I'd rather retire then go back there.

Barrett pauses and looks around at the fans who are now silent, listening to what he has to say.

Which leads me all the way back to where I'm standing now. The last place I haven't conquered, the underdog. A place overshadowed by big companies and blinded by the lights. As I said once before, the winds of change are blowing. I'm going to raise this company to supreme greatness, not just for myself, for Matt Striker. For all those that have too been overlooked by the corporate machine. I'm not out here trying to parrot CM Punk, I suppose I'm just agreeing with him. Wrestling will one day be just as it was, as it should be and the company that will be responsible for the justice will be none other than M...W...A.

The fans cheer and start up an MWA chant.

How can I begin? Maybe I could reform The Nexus or The Corre...

There is a huge pop on mention of these two names.

But why would I rebel against a company that I am behind? No, violence against management is not the answer this time... Maybe, maybe I could become the Legends Champion. Yes, that's it. I'll tell you what Christian and I'll tell you what Chris Masters. I don't care which one of you climbs the ladder this evening and takes down that Championship, it's futile. I am coming after that gold and cementing myself rightfully for the first time in my career. I'm done being overlooked at the expense of those that are lesser than me. I'll do whatever it takes, I will give you only one warning. You'd better watch your backs.

Barrett drops the mic and exits the ring. He walks up the ramp with an angry look upon his face. As he reaches, the stage, he turns around and points left and right, looking straight down at the ring. He mimes a belt shape around his waist before once again turning around and heading backstage.

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Wade Barrett is here in MWA.
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