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 Just Look At Me

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Rob Conway
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PostSubject: Just Look At Me   Mon Aug 22, 2011 3:11 am

The crowd seems confused as they hear Rob Conway's theme song. None other than the Con-Man himself, walks out, wearing brown boots, jeans, sunglasses and a black towel draping over his shoulder... Followed by a long-haired man drinking a beer, in a white and maroon football jersey advertised by GloboGym Corporations. They walk on down the ramp and then step over to the apron via steel steps, before entering the ring. On the back of the jersey we see the name "RIGGINS" and number 33. The latter points at Conway as he taunts. The theme song dies down as they both get handed microphones.

Hello ladies...The female demographic can be heard cheering as the men boo. What's up, jealous men?...

He gathers more heat, but just chuckles and moves on.

My name, in case you forgot...Is Rob...Conway. I've been taking a break from Pro Wrestling until none other than Riggins here... He pats the other man on the shoulder. And White Goodman came to me and said " need to go back, man, there's this place" and I said, "Say no more.". I've been long time friends with White Goodman, and I know I can trust someone like him. After all, he is the founder of the most successful fitness corporation on Earth, but that's another subject. So I came, I'm right here, just look at me, huh?...And before walking out here before average-looking people, I decided to bring Riggs with me.

Riggins chuckles after taking another sip of beer, then signals for Rob to let him talk, and Conway steps back.

'Sup Baltimore...?

The crowd cheers wildly!...

Wow, you guys really seem to like this place. Anyway, uh...I'm here representing Rob Conway and the GloboGym Fitness Corporation. At GloboGym, you can get the treatment you want, uh...Jack Jones and Rob here are living proof of it--and that's about all I remember from what White wrote for me to say here. Well--I graduated, and I know what I'm doing out here. I'm not gonna come in with some cheap and shameless plugs, alright? I'm gonna tell you right here and now that if it's fitness that you're looking for, search no more, you've found a home in GloboGym. You, sir, over there!

Riggins reaches for the ropes, then leans forward to talk to a man in the front row, who actually looks like Chavo Guerrero a lot.

Would you be willing to challenge me in the Riggins Open, a beer drinking contest, just you and me, later on, for a free year subscription on a GloboGym facility?

The crowd encourages the man to say yes as he turns around for opinions. He looks back forward.

JBL: That's Chavo Guerrero, damn it!

Thing is, if I win... You have to sign in.

The man nods and mouths "Let's do it right now!" before getting interrupted by Rob Conway...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a second, wait a damn second...Kerwin?

Kerwin White smiles at his past WWE-colleague.

You owe me a hundred bucks you piece of shit! Com'ere!

The crowd laughs and cheers for a bit. Kerwin reluctantly hops over the security barrier and rolls into the ring, then stands in front of Conway.

First time I see you hanging around after I kicked your ass for a hundred bucks last time. You've been avoiding me. Who in the hell avoids me?!...I am the REAL Mr. Perfect, Rob Conway! I told you I was gonna win that and I won that, so you ran away without paying your debts, 'bout time you showed your damn-ugly face though. But hey you know what...I'll make you a deal...

Kerwin White snatches the microphone.

I'm not sure I should be accepting a deal from the Con-Man himself.

Conway angrily snatches the mic back.

Don't you EVER take the microphone from me again!...I'm offering you the easy way out here. In case you do lose to Riggins...You are going to become the official unpaid...erhm...Janitor of Rob Conway! Now it's not like you have much of a choice...But what do you say anyway?

Conway hands the mic over to White...

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Just Look At Me
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