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 Curt Hawkings?

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PostSubject: Curt Hawkings?   Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:28 am

As 'Dirty Walls' rocks the PA System, Curt Hawkins struts out onto the ramp, much to the dismay of the crowd. Curt is dressed in his red ring attire and suit jacket with the initial "C.H" printed on the front pocket. He also has a mic in his right hand, and as his theme song dies down, the crowd let him have it. He shrugs it off and raises the mic.

Oh man! You all look so excited to see me! It's great to be back in... Where the hell am I? Hey! Can someone tell me what hick-ass town I'm in tonight?

The crowd boo wildly as Curt laughs like a total fucking asshole.

So apparently, in the main event tonight... The MWA Heavyweight Champion, Raven is tagging with this new dude on the scene... A guy by the name of Curt Hawkings. Man, that name sound awfully similar to someone else's! Honestly, that's the most disrespectful shit I've ever heard. He can't be serious. He doesn't know who I am? I'm the man who single-handedly removed Sheamus AND Finlay from the active roster! I sidelined them indefinitely and Raven has the audacity to talk down to me? Y'know what Raven? I've got a present for you buddy.

Curt lowers his mic and flips up the middle finger to the camera, mouthing the words "Fuck you".

Now tonight I'm tagging with that jackass against... Chris Jericho and CM Punk? Wow. Two overrated guys who've been fighting over the spotlight since MWA's inception. Here's a little piece of advice for you two... Stop fighting. Stop trying to draw attention to yourselves... Because after tonight... All the attention is going to be on me! Raven can just stand on the apron and watch as I pick the both of you apart! Then... I'll be challenging him for that world title! In a matter of weeks... I'll have gone from being the hottest free agent on the independent circuit to the face of this company, and there's nothing any wrestler, or any of you can do about it!

Curt drops his mic and laughs as the crowd boo. The scene fades.
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Curt Hawkings?
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