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 The Reel?!

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Eddie Marques
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PostSubject: The Reel?!   Mon Jul 25, 2011 4:23 pm

The crowd goes wild as the lights dim. Chris Jericho is turning his back to the ramp, wearing his trademark vest and tights, and with his arms wide open to each side as the countdown on his Titantron comes to a close. As it reaches zero he turns around, taunting. The crowd cheers him on as his fireworks cue on the Titantron. Jericho grins as he starts making his way down the ramp with a microphone. His theme song stops as he starts speaking while walking.

Well first off there's something I need to get out of my chest...WELCOME...TO MWA...IS...JERICHO!!!

The crowd pops insanely as Jericho smiles, he then rolls into the ring, and gets back to his feet while the crowd calms down. He looks out at the crowd before he speaks...

As you all may know by now, the Extreme Wrestling Empire is now defunct...And to be honest with all of you...I really couldn't care less. The crowd boos... Whoa, whoa...Don't get me wrong, my good Jerichoholics...It was good while it lasted...But now it's time for me to write a new chapter in my career...It's time for me to write a new chapter in this business itself and I'm going to do it here in none other than Matt Striker's MWA. Starting tonight.

The crowd cheers now...

All of this time I've been worried about putting on a good show...And I did...Although Empire went bankrupt three times because there are some fans that can't appreciate a good show, aren't there? Well it's over now, and as I said before I couldn't be happier because I was given a chance to put on a good show without having to rely on anyone!...I can do it myself! For all the Jerichoholics out there, here in the arena AND at home, I am simply back to running the show with a different kind of power, setting in a different set of rules...Putting on a different kind of show. And I'm not here tonight nor will I ever be out here to talk about the past. Although I am the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion...And many many more... The crowd laughs... And I'm not going to come out here to talk about the future like many of the guys do, I can't just make up a future for myself, cross my fingers and hope it happens my way! Oh no...I'm going to come out here to talk about the present! To talk about right now! And later tonight you're all going to witness it when I bring back none other than the Highlight Reel, HERE IN M, W, A!

The crowd goes wild!!! Jericho smiles and nods...

So...Earlier tonight I was backstage and I was wondering who the hell could my first guest be? I wondered and wondered...Maybe CM Punk? THE CROWD GOES NUTS!!! Yes, you heard me. CM Punk, after all the rumors that've gone around about him signing over to MWA WITH the WWE Championship. He's at the arena right now, actually...

Jericho nods as the crowd is blowing the roof off the arena with "CM Punk!" chants.

You just wait...

Jericho drops the mic as the crowd cheers, and we cut to commercial break.

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The Reel?!
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