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 Mr. Pay Per View

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PostSubject: Mr. Pay Per View   Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:21 pm

The Crowd erupts into a frenzy as Walk by Pantera hits the PA system. Shortly afterwards out steps Rob Van Dam, looking around at the crowd smiling as he walks down the ramp, pausing in the middle to do his taunt as the crowd chants "ROB, VAN, DAM!".

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, from Battlecreek Michigan, he is The Whole Fuckin' Show, Rob...Van...Dam!

Jim Ross: Well it looks like busy is about to pick up here tonight.

JBL: JR how many times have you said that in your life?

Jim Ross: I suppose I've said it here and there, why?

JBL: Find something else.

Making his way up the steel ring steps and onto the apron, followed by a quick jump over the ring ropes into the ring, making his way to the middle of the ring and doing his taunt one more time, finishing it off with a jumping spin kick. Walking over to the ropes, grabbing a mic from one of the ring crew.

Jim Ross: Looks like Rob has something to say to us tonight.

JBL: Really? I thought he was looking for a pepper shaker.

RVD: Before my match against Jack Jones, I thought I'd like to explain to everyone why I did what I did this past Sunday at the PPV. Hunter, Masters, no offense to you guys, it was nothing personal. Christian, I didn't do it to help you win the match, my beef for getting involved was to get the Miz to shut the hell up for once!

The crowd cheers loudly for RVD, a sign of their hatred for the Miz.

RVD: You have no idea how annoying it was for me, to be sitting at home, and see him get on camera, wherever he was, and brag about how awesome he is. Seriously dude? If your that much in love with your self then rent yourself a room and grab a tube of ointment and do what you got to do, but don't make these people and everyone else watch it!

A wave of laughter would break throughout the arena.

Jim Ross: I don't think the Miz is going to like this.

JBL: Well I sure as hell am JR!

RVD: Miz, you may be awesome -sarcasm rolling off each letter in the word as he said it- but do you know who I am? I'm the Whole...Fuckin'...Show! And I'm going to show each and everyone of the guys in the back that I am here to make an impact and to bring attitude here to the MWA!

The crowd would once again cheer loudly for RVD as he started to hand the mic back, before bringing it back to his mouth.

RVD: Oh and, uh....Whatever and Cool.

Smiling as the some of the crowd laughed he would hand the mic back to the ring crew and get to his corner as he waited for his opponent.

JBL: Bout time he got done pandering to the crowd.

Jim Ross: And what would you do when you were wrestling?

JBL: I'd do just that, wrestle!

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Mr. Pay Per View
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